Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cell Phones Expose Consumers To Radiation Levels Higher Than Manufacturers Claim

Data Indicates Cell Phones Expose Consumers To Radiation Levels Higher Than Manufacturers Claim, Says The French Government

The Environmental Health Trust published “Cell Phone Radiation Scandal: More Exposure Than Manufacturers Claim ‘PhoneGate’  In France, government data release reveals 9 out of 10 phones tested exceed regulatory limits” [1].
The French ANFR published online on June 1, 2017, a listing of cell phone data “details of make, model and test results for each cell phone that was tested, after months of legal action by French physician Dr. Marc Arazi.”
According to Environmental Health Trust,
Popular brands such as Apple, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia were among the cell phone models tested. When tested in contact with the body, some phones have test results as high as triple the manufacturer’s previously reported radiation levels.  [1] [CJF emphasis]
Here’s something that for the life of me, I cannot understand parents permitting or allowing their toddlers to play with!
Source [1]
Dr. Arazi replied with the following statement as a result of a French court order to publish the results of cell phone radiation exposure when used next to the human body, as most cell phones are handled, even worn “live” in women’s bras, men’s trouser pants pockets, on belts, or anywhere on the body:
As a physician, I am deeply concerned about what this means for our health and especially the health of our children. People have a right to know that when cell phones are tested in ways people commonly use phones – such as in direct contact with their body – the values exceed current regulatory limits. This is a first victory for transparency in this industry scandal.
Here are Dr. Arazi’s less than 2 minute comments about the French court’s decision on cell phone radiation dangers.

Thank you, courageous and committed, Dr. Marc Arazi!
May you always be held safe from microwave and cell phone industry harms.  You had the courage of heart and professional commitment to go where no one would go and, thank God, you prevailed in a court of common sense, and not like the courts, FCC and public utility commissions in the USA when it comes to vested-interest microwave technology pseudoscience!  Wake up, USA!
“SAR” levels refer to “Specific Absorption Rates” from electromagnetic energies, e.g., EMFs/RFs/ELFs.
Source [1]
What should be the next logical step regarding microwave emissions, especially in the USA?
Now and as soon as possible, the next and certainly most logical step for protecting human health is to tie into the cell phone and microwave industry deceitful ‘consensus science’ as promoted by industry shills, utility company AMI Smart Meters, which utility companies equate with the safety of cell phones, as I experienced and is documented in the Transcript of my Pro Se hearing and ongoing legalistics involving my refusal of a PECO AMI Smart Meter in what just may be an apparently microwave-industry-lobbyist-run PA PUC of Pennsylvania.
After the above legally-honest disclosures regarding AMI Smart Meters, then proceed on to Wi-Fi and Gigahertz damage and then on to exposing G5 and Google’s “Wi-Fi in the sky.”  Fried brains, anyone?