Saturday, April 5, 2008

The S. E. Asian financial crisis of 1997 – what happened?

Why did George Soros and others attacked South East Asian currencies back then?

Is it a coincidence that after ASEAN admitted Burma in as a member that these problems began?

Soros is an Illuminist, a high ranking member of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati did not like Burma as it was and still is a Non Integrating Gap nation – meaning the Illuminati cannot integrate with and have no influence over. And as ASEAN have by admitting her in and thereby consolidating and strengthening that country, the Illuminati is not happy and such sent G, Soros and others to teach ASEAN countries a lesson by attacking the SEA countries' currencies thereby affecting their economies greatly.

So Malaysia – the Asian financial tiger became a pussycat.

Indonesia under control by IMF (debts).

Thailand and Philippines plagued with Muslim insurgents.

Only Singapore is not affected much.

The trouble is that all this is not over - we can expect more to come in current and in near future.

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