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Hadi Awang VP of a ‘terrorist’ body

Organisation, of which Hadi Awang is VP, declared ‘terrorist’ body KUALA LUMPUR: An international Muslim organisation, of which PAS president Hadi Awang is vice-president, has been declared a “terrorist” organisation by the Anti-Terror Quartet. According to a report in Arab News, the quartet has included the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) on its list of organisations and individuals who disseminate or support terrorism . The quartet – which consists of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, and Bahrain – said the IUMS was “working to promote terrorism through the exploitation of Islamic discourse”. The IUMS is one of two new entities and 11 individuals that have been added to the list. The other is the International Islamic Council “Massaa”. The 11 individuals were not identified by country. The Qatar-based IUMS was formed in 2004 and is headed by the influential Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi.
Most of those who formed the council are said to be members of the Muslim Brotherhood which le…

The joke's now on us M'sians

The joke's now on us M'sians Published: Today 10:14 am     Modified: Today 10:27 am COMMENT | There was a time when the jokes were on African states, their leaders and how they ran their governments. We despised the apartheid regime in South Africa and laughed at Idi Amin in Uganda and other kleptocrats who stole money and precious metals from their own people. Now, the joke seems to be on us. Former Kenyan premier Raila Amolo Odinga’s not-so-flattering remarks on corruption in Malaysia made during a 2013 conference at the Wilson Centre in Washington DC, was uploaded to YouTube on 10 days ago. He spoke as if he was an authority and had full knowledge of Malaysian affairs. Not surprising as a year earlier, he had been conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Leadership in Societal Development by the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. How long can Malaysians go on hearing all kinds of hurtful things being said of the country and it…

Harmful nanoparticles found inside baby formula

Harmful nanoparticles found inside baby formula Six popular types of infant formula were recentlytested for additives, and all six showed the presence of harmful nanoparticles. This is a major cause for concern, as these engineered particles posea serious threat to personal health and safety. The baby formula brands included Gerber Good Start Soothe, Gerber Good Start Gentle, Similac Advance OptiGRO (powder), Similac Advance OptiGRO (liquid), Well Beginnings Advantage and Enfamil. The Enfamil company is owned by Mead Johnson, Gerber is owned by Nestlé, Well Beginnings is owned by the Walgreens corporation, and Similac is owned by Abbott Laboratories. Nanoparticles in food: An innovative nutritional ‘enhancement’ or scary science? The nanoparticles detected included silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide. Hydroxyapatite was also found in three of the six baby formulas; it is a calcium-rich but poorly soluble mineral. At high magnification, these particles look sharp and menacing. However…

Operation To Save ISIS In Raqqa By U.S.

BBC Reveals Operation To Save ISIS In Raqqa By U.S. And Its Kurdish ProxiesTOPICS: NOVEMBER 15, 2017 ByBrandon Turbeville After years of obvious collusion between the United States and ISIS, the U.S. continues to deny that America created and/or supports the terror organization in any way. But there is one story regarding the cooperation between the U.S. and ISIS so glaringly obvious that even the BBC couldn’t avoid addressing the issue. In the article entitled “Raqqa’s Dirty Secret,” Quentin Sommerville and Riam Dalati detail how an agreement was made between the SDF and ISIS with the oversight and support of the United States in which ISIS fighters would be ushered out of Raqqa where they were surrounded and funneled to safe locations within ISIS-held territory. It was, in effect, a massive operation to save ISIS from extermination in Raqqa while allowing the Arab/Kurdish terrorists in the SDF to take over the city before the Syrian military could reach it. …


OCCULT WORSHIP – HOLLYWOOD’S OTHER DIRTY SECRET THAT EVERYONE KNOWS OF BUT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT The avalanche of revelations about the perverted and predatory sexual underbelly of Hollywood and the entertainment industry is long overdue. It has always been an open secret of sorts, but the whole house is coming down right now as more people are suddenly feeling empowered to speak out, and the media is finally ready to listen and take seriously to the stories of victims. But what if pedophilia and the sexual harassment of women in entertainment is only a symptom and not actually the disease? Just below the surface, hidden in plain sight in Hollywood is the overwhelming influence of the occult and the esoteric schools of ancient black magic. It has always been present in this industry because those who seek power in our world have long recognized that television, film and music are the most efficient and important roadways into the public psyche and the collective conscience. Many have wa…