Sunday, July 6, 2008

V. Rome has just invented "Prayer Pills"!

From: Cutting Edge Weekly Newsletter

The Roman Catholic Church continues to invent purely pagan ways in which to deceive their followers straight into an eternal Hell!

NEWS BRIEF: "Brazilians in need, physical or spiritual, seek St. Galvao's pills", The Georgia Bulletin, May 15, 2007

"SAO PAULO, Brazil (CNS) -- The Brazilians stood quietly in a line, waiting for the nuns at the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception of Light to open the door and start handing out "Frei Galvao's pills." Normally, the nuns distribute packets containing three pills to be taken within a nine-day period. The pills are tiny rice papers inscribed with a prayer, ingested by those in need."

What nonsense! Roman Catholics have always practiced a specialized form of traditional paganism dressed up in Christian garb. Cutting Edge has proven that the worship of Catholicism is nothing more than a practice of White Magic Witchcraft -- Read full details in NEWS1334, "Traditional Roman Catholic Church Proven To Be A Practice of White Magic Witchcraft - Words and Symbols Tell The Story".

Thus, Catholics are led astray by a great number of pagan practices:

1) Worship of Relics, especially the Cross and of Images -- Instituted 788 A.D.

2) Fasting on Fridays and observance of Lent -- 988 A.D. -- Lent is a totally Pagan observance

3) Forced Celibacy of Priests -- 1123 A.D.

4) Praying the Rosary -- 1090 A.D.

5) Sale of Indulgences -- 1190 A.D

6) Purgatory Proclaimed -- 1438 A.D.

7) Invention of Scapulars, Medals, and Edible Religious Stamps -- 1600 A.D. -- to assure guillable people that they are saved and headed for heaven

8) Infallibility of the Pope -- 1870 A.D.

9) Transubstantiation - Teaching that the bread becomes the body of Jesus in your mouth and the wine becomes His blood. Just like that, the Catholic Church has the human sacrifice so required by paganism, and it occurs daily!

10) The Mass - the daily re-crucifixtion of Jesus. This is THE essence -- the heart and soul of Witchcraft. In Roman Catholicism Witchcraft, the priest is the Wizard, and his primary ritual is the Mass. Remember, there are many different Masses for different things the witch wants the demon to accomplish.

And now, to this sorry list, you can add "Prayer Pills" which are supposed to answer a person's prayer simply by being ingested into the stomach. Jesus warned against "vain prayers", but this one certainly takes the trophy!

No Catholic has to worry about a pure heart before the Lord, or salvation, in order to have his prayers answered. No, all he or she has to do is to swallow three of these pills per day! Rome never ceases in her efforts to deceive her people right into Hell.

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