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4 nutrients to combat kidney disease

4 nutrients to combat kidney disease

(Naturalhealth365) Chronic kidney disease – in which waste products accumulate in the body due to the kidneys’ inability to properly filter them – currently affects 30 million Americans. Aging adults are particularly at risk for this potentially life-threatening condition, and scientists expect rates of the disease to rise steeply over the next ten years.
However, four nutrients – CoQ10, B-complex vitamins, vitamin E and lipoic acid – are proving their value as safe, low-cost and effective interventions to minimize the risk of kidney disease. Let’s talk about how these four key nutrients can help you “put the brakes” on kidney-related health issues.

Warning: Chronic kidney disease increases your risk of dying from heart disease

The kidneys, which are responsible for filtering blood at the staggering rate of 200 quarts a day, are subject to a high concentration of toxins – and susceptible to massive oxidative stress as a result.
Over time, chronic kidney disease (CKD) – also known as chronic kidney failure – can progress to irreversible end-stage kidney disease, in which the accumulation of toxic waste products such as creatinine, urea and nitrogen causes the contraction and dysfunction of vital organs.
In the absence of a kidney transplant or dialysis treatments, end-stage kidney disease leads to death.
Chronic kidney disease can also have devastating effects on the cardiovascular system, with studies showing that CKD causes the risk of mortality from heart disease to increase 30-fold. (Yes, you read that correctly. CKD patients experience a risk of dying from heart disease that is increased – not by 30 percent, but by a stunning 30 times. Hence, the urgent need for non-toxic natural therapies for kidney dysfunction).

Coenzyme Q10 caused slowing of kidney disease in over 80 percent of patients

CoQ10 is a vitamin-like substance that enhances the body’s natural antioxidant capacity and neutralizes free radicals. Both normal aging and the development of kidney disease cause levels of CoQ10 to decline, causing fats in the blood to be more susceptible to oxidative damage and adding to the renal burden.
A recent, rigorous study showed exactly what CoQ10 supplementation could accomplish – even in cases of end-stage kidney failure.
In a placebo-controlled clinical trial published in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, 97 patients with chronic renal failure were divided into two groups, and then given either 180 mg of CoQ10 a day or a placebo for 12 weeks.
Researchers found that supplementing with CoQ10 decreased – or even reversed – the progression of end-stage kidney disease in 81 percent of the patients. The number of patients on dialysis decreased from 21 to 12 in the CoQ10 group, which also experienced significantly lower levels of creatinine and blood urea nitrogen.
In other words, half of the CoQ10-treated patients who were on dialysis at baseline were able to stop dialysis by the study’s end. (In contrast, the placebo group had worsening renal function, and none of them were able to stop dialysis).
The researchers also noted substantial increases in beneficial beta-carotene and in levels of the vitamins D and E, while levels of the toxic waste product malondiadehyde fell drastically. Noting that the annual cost of dialysis in the United States exceeds $22 billion, medical experts have called the public health implications of this study “enormous.”

Study: B-complex vitamins such as pyridoxamine and pyridoxal protect the kidneys

Vitamin B6, in the form of pyridoxamine, helps to “capture” and eliminate harmful molecules formed during the oxidation of fats. This nutrient has been shown in studies to protect the kidneys by fighting the formation of harmful advanced glycation end-products, or AGEs.
In one landmark animal study, researchers found that pyridoxamine outperformed the pharmaceutical drug enalapril in lowering creatinine levels. (The second and third most effective therapies were vitamin E and lipoic acid, with the prescription drug at the bottom).
Human studies have supported vitamin B6’s beneficial effects as well.
In a double-blind placebo-controlled trial, 317 diabetics with protein in their urine received pyridoxamine twice a day for a year. The scientists reported that the vitamin helped to slow the rise of creatinine levels and the progression of kidney disease – especially in the early stages.
(Note: In 2009, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration classified pyridoxamine as a drug. Fortunately, another form of B6 – pyridoxal-5-phosphate – is also effective against AGEs and kidney disease.)

Alpha- lipoic acid supports kidney health

Alpha-lipoic acid has been studied internationally for its ability to prevent or alleviate drug-induced kidney damage, and been shown to be safe and effective in protecting kidneys against toxic doses of acetaminophen and cyclosporine.
Animal studies have shown that this beneficial fatty acid can lower protein loss in the urine and improve kidney health.  Encouragingly, studies suggest that alpha-lipoic acid, when given to those with end-stage renal disease, can also reduce the risk of dangerous cardiovascular complications.
Good dietary sources of alpha-lipoic acid include brewer’s yeast, broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, beets and potatoes. The nutrient is also available as a nutritional supplement.

Vitamin E can enhance kidney function in diabetic patients

Studies have shown that vitamin E’s potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help to improve kidney function.
A study published in Diabetes Care showed that 1,800 IU of vitamin E a day caused normalization of the kidney’s ability to clear creatinine in patients who had had diabetes for ten or more years, leading to improvement in kidney function.  In other research, scientists concluded that vitamin E could slow kidney failure arising from oxidative stress – and credited it as a potential adjunctive therapy to help prolong kidney function.
You can increase your dietary intake of vitamin E with organic almonds, hazelnuts, wheat germ, sunflower seeds and olive oil. Vitamin E supplements are also available in various forms, including tocopherols and tocotrienols. Your integrative doctor can help you devise a regimen that is right for you.
Finally, with diabetes and obesity serving as two major contributors to kidney disease, it is clear that diet plays a key role in preventing and combating the condition.
In fact, a Columbia University study has shown that adherence to a Mediterranean diet (high in fruits, vegetables, fish and healthy fats and oils) was strongly linked to a lower risk of chronic kidney disease – demonstrating the vital role that nutrients can play in preventing this devastating condition.

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Welcome to slow- mo -state - Kelantan

Kelantan’s slow pace of development is deliberate, says deputy MB

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Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah has admitted that Kelantan is lagging behind other states in development, but said it is deliberate.
This so that its people do not get "left behind," according to him.
"We admit that our (the state's) physical development is slow. But it is on purpose to ensure the rakyat can enjoy the development.
"If we develop rapidly, adopt a more free approach, we can compete with states like Selangor, but the danger is, people might get left behind...
PAS feels the Kelantanese are dumb and ignorant that they cannot cope with development, sad. Actually, it is easier to control people when they are not living vibrantly, successfully. PAS Taliban-style attitude will make Kelantan into the slowest, poorest, weakest, dullest, retrogressive state in Malaysia. Not to mention soon the dress code will be the dull and boring.  

Hadi's 'Muslim-only cabinet' rule - now a turnaround - CRAP

PAS: Hadi's 'Muslim-only cabinet' rule not absolute

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PAS has refuted reports which cited its president Abdul Hadi Awang stating that only Malay-Muslims can join the cabinet.
Party information chief Nasrudin Hassan said what Hadi meant in his statement, which was issued on Dec 22, was that some cabinet positions must be reserved for Malay-Muslims.
Hadi's statement had read: "Islam meletakkan mestilah ketua negara dan anggota kabinetnya yang berakidah Islam daripada bangsa yang paling berpengaruh." (Islam requires the head of country and Muslim cabinet members to be from the most influential ethnic group).
According to Nasrudin, this meant Hadi's policy only applied to some ministries.
"It refers to the division of ministries through wizarah al-tafwidh (policy making) dan wizarah al-tanfidz(implementation).
"Here, Hadi's message clearly states that Islam is very open to non-Muslims for wizarah al-tanfidz ministries…unlike other political systems, which only accept those with the same ideology," he said.
Nasrudin stressed that not a single word or sentence uttered by Hadi showed that he was of the opinion that only Malay-Muslims should be in the cabinet.
"Instead, he was stressing the importance and need for Malay-Muslims to be the core of Malaysia's political system and administration," Nasrudin said in a statement today.
Hadi's statement has courted flak from both BN and Pakatan Harapan politicians, who accused the PAS president of treating non-Muslims as second-class citizens.
Hadi's 'Muslim-only cabinet' rule - now a turnaround - full CRAP. Now his
Party information chief Nasrudin Hassan tis undoing his racism (Hadi's racist attitude). Trying to curry favor with Malays, seems to have backfired on him. Malaysians should now reject PAS as their policies are not good. Kelantan is now a backward state like Afghanistan was under the Taliban so PAS if they could would have instituted HUDUD or Sharia laws that are repressive and retrogressive would been like what happened to Afghanistan when under the Taliban. Imagine a thief caught and sentenced - having his hand lopped of (cut off), how is he or she going to work and earn a living. And what if the person was framed (easy to happen as there need only be 2 - 4 muslim witnesses - people can be paid to do so). Non Muslims are even worse - they cannot be witnesses even if Muslims commit crimes against them as they need Muslim witnesses to vouch for them. So Non Muslims beware! We should vote out PAS Taliban-turbaned people - let them stay religious without political power - TOO DANGEROUS FOR ALL!!!  

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Venezuelan children are STARVING to death - food delivered under armed guard

THIS is socialism: Venezuelan children are STARVING to death as food must now be delivered under armed guard

Image: THIS is socialism: Venezuelan children are STARVING to death as food must now be delivered under armed guard
(Natural News) All of the various economic models employed by dictators, thugs, and autocratic rulers worldwide have produced nothing but misery, hardship, and death, yet far too many American Millennials are supportive and even fascinated by them.
They are, in no particular order, communism, Marxism, and socialism.
Communism, as practiced by the Soviet Union, was ultimately responsible for its demise.
Marxism, as practiced by Cuba, transformed over decades what was once a thriving Caribbean hotspot into an impoverished, decrepit nightmare.
And socialism, as its being practiced in Venezuela, is turning that once-prosperous South American jewel into a failed state. As reported by The New York Times, things have gotten so bad there that food transports cannot move without a military escort.
What’s worse, the country’s most vulnerable citizens — it’s children — are starving to death at a much higher rate than the adult population, which is also high:
With delivery trucks under constant attack, the nation’s food is now transported under armed guard. Soldiers stand watch over bakeries. The police fire rubber bullets at desperate mobs storming grocery stores, pharmacies and butcher shops. A 4-year-old girl was shot to death as street gangs fought over food.
It wasn’t always like this. Before sycophantic, power-hungry “revolutionaries” Hugo Chavez and current leader Nicolas Maduro (a tyrant who holds onto power by blocking opposition candidates from running against him), Venezuela — an OPEC member with the world’s largest oil reserves — was the envy of South America. In fact, not long ago Venezuela, thanks to its oil riches, was the fourth-richest economy in the world. (Related: Banned video reveals the horrors of Venezuela’s starving population.)
The country used its oil wealth like Democrats in the U.S. use the Treasury: To pay for heaps of social programs and subsidize everything from transportation to wages.
The problem with that socialist approach is that eventually when market conditions change and national income falls, the programs don’t go away and must still be paid for. Worse, over decades, the population comes to depend on them as alternatives to the socialist structure eventually fade away.
Venezuela’s crunch came in the late 1980s and into the early 1990s with an oil glut; the country doubled down on their own misery when they began electing out-and-out socialists rather than free-market capitalists who would have diversified the economy so that it wasn’t reliant on a single industry.
Yet today, as the world is experiencing another oil glut, Venezuela still relies on oil for 95 percent of its exports. With exports down, national income is down and as such, there is less and less money to pay for so many government programs, including wage subsidies.
So Venezuelans are starving because the country cannot import or grow enough food for its people. And now, the country rests on the precipice of catastrophe. Or self-destruction.
“If there is no food, there will be more riots,” said Raibelis Henriquez, 19, who waited all day for bread in CumanĂ¡.
The Times noted further:
In the last two weeks alone, more than 50 food riots, protests and mass looting have erupted around the country. Scores of businesses have been stripped bare or destroyed. At least five people have been killed. This is precisely the Venezuela its leaders vowed to prevent.
Nearly nine-in-10 Venezuelans (87 percent) say they don’t have enough money to buy enough food to eat, according to a recent assessment of living conditions by Simon Bolivar University.
Citizens say they are spending nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of their monthly incomes on food alone — that is, when they can find it. And many say that on any given day, they will not have yet had a single thing to eat.
This is socialism. It’s not pretty, it’s not fair, and the “equality” it brings is making everyone but the governing elite equally miserable.
Americans who truly believe socialism is better than U.S.-style capitalism have never lived in a place like Venezuela. (Find more news on the collapse of the food supply at
Maduro should do the RIGHT thing - i.e. RESIGN and let others turn this nation around. His supporters must see that their countrymen, women are dire straits, and pressure Maduro to step down. How long will this people have to suffer. Sickos must not rule. Let God step in and change the situation for good.

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Scientists issue warning against canola oil:- detrimental to brain health

Scientists finally issue warning against canola oil: Study reveals it is detrimental to brain health, contributes to dementia, causes weight gain

Image: Scientists finally issue warning against canola oil: Study reveals it is detrimental to brain health, contributes to dementia, causes weight gain
(Natural News) If you thought canola oil was one of the “good” oils, think again. Although marketing campaigns position it as healthy, and it’s popular because of its low price, this is one oil that isn’t doing your body much good – as holistic health websites have been warning readers for many years.
A new study has reached several alarming conclusions about canola oil. First, it can increase plaque build-up in the brain, which is a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. It can make memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients worse, and impact their learning ability negatively.
Contrast this with olive oil, which has been shown in studies to improve memory impairment in patients with Alzheimer’s. It also reduces the levels of the amyloid plaques in the brain that are linked to tissue loss and cell death in those with this degenerative illness.
In this study, researchers used an animal model that mimics Alzheimer’s in humans as it progresses from the asymptomatic early stages to the full-blown disease. The mice were placed into two groups when they were six months old. One consumed a normal diet, and the other received a normal diet along with the equivalent of two tablespoons of canola oil per day.
When they were assessed a year later, the most obvious difference was the significant weight gain noted in the animals who ate the diet rich in canola oil. Maze tests showed that the animals also had working memory impairments.
When their brain tissue was examined, the mice who ate canola oil had far lower levels of a peptide that protects neurons from damage known as amyloid beta 1-40. They also had higher amounts of amyloid plaques in their brains. In addition, they had a significant reduction in the number of contacts between their neurons, which is a sign of extensive injury.
The researchers say that it’s a big mistake to consider this a healthy oil or to place it on the same level as oils that have proven benefits for your health.
Next, the researchers would like to conduct a study to find out if using canola oil in the short term can lead to damage. In addition, they feel a longer study looking into just how extensive this harm is could be helpful.

Lots of reasons to avoid canola oil

Harvard School of Public Health Adjunct Associate Professor Dr. Guy Crosby told the Daily Mail there are lots of reasons to be concerned about canola oil.
“Most canola is chemically extracted using a solvent called hexane, and heat is often applied which can affect the stability of the oil’s molecules, turn it rancid, destroy the omega-3s in it, and can even create trans fats,” he said.
Trans fats are linked to serious health problems, such as systemic inflammation and a higher risk of developing stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. And don’t forget the weight gain!
Because canola oil comes from genetically modified rapeseeds, it can reduce kidney and liver function and increase cancer risk.
On top of that, it can deplete your body’s levels of vitamin E and raise your triglycerides by more than 40 percent. It has been linked to a rise in lung cancers, and it increases membrane rigidity, triggering degenerative diseases.
In short, if you care about your health, you’d do well to avoid this nasty oil and stick to natural fats like olive oil and butter.

Over my dead body, Najib tells Trump

Over my dead body, Najib tells US

najib-razak-jerusalem-solidarityPUTRAJAYA: Even if it meant cutting up his body into several pieces, Prime Minister Najib Razak said today he will not budge from his stand in defending the rights of the Palestinians.
Najib said this at the Save Jerusalem Rally, as he urged all Malaysians to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians in Palestine.
“We will not budge, we will not budge in our defence for the plight of the Palestinians; returning Jerusalem to them (as promised by the late Salahuddin Al-Ayubi).
“Even if it means cutting me up into pieces, leaving behind only one piece of ‘meat’, we will not budge,” he said.
In this case, Najib cited historical changes to the Palestinian map since 1947 which showed the Zionist regime’s continuous attempts to encroach on the land.
“When I look at the map, the areas occupied by the Palestinians were reduced in 1947. By 1967, it had shrunk even more.
“We must stay united in defending the Palestinians. One day, may they regain their land as it was in 1947,“ he added.
Najib also called on all Malaysians to set aside their political differences.
“Today, we are gathered here to fight for a single cause. I urge all political parties in the country to put aside their differences and stay united in this cause.
“It is a historical day today, that all have gathered here today, regardless of religion and race, united in our stand.
“I understand that our Christian friends are also here today in solidarity with us.
“We believe that championing the cause of the Palestinians would also mean that believers of other religions will also be able to practise their beliefs in harmony,” he said.
Najib, who is also Umno president, said he had, from the very beginning, expressed Malaysia’s stand against Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The last time was during his winding-up speech during the Umno general assembly.
The resounding support from Umno delegates for the cause led him to raise the matter again at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation emergency meeting on the issue.
At the end of the rally, Najib also announced that similar solidarity rallies would be held on the third Friday of every month at all mosques across the country.
The Malaysian government had earlier declared that the government stood firm in its stand against Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
It also said it would not reverse its decision although the US had threatened it would be taking note of the countries that voted in support of a UN resolution criticising the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
Jerusalem should rightfully be capital of Palestine, Najib tells OIC

Najib’s Jerusalem remarks for ‘cheap publicity’, says ex-diplomat

Najib: US stand on Jerusalem shouldn’t affect ties with M’sia

Analyst: Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem puts Najib in tight spot

Felda land sold for RM270 million is worth RM1 billion. Let's see if they treat this similiar to LGE case.

Felda land sold for RM270 million is worth RM1 billion 

Felda land sold for RM270 million is worth RM1 billion 
A Malay daily has reported that ownership of the four parcels of land belonging to Felda was transferred under shady circumstances in 2015 during the tenure of former Felda chairman Isa Abdul Samad. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, December 23, 2017.
FOUR parcels of Felda land in Kuala Lumpur, which ownership was transferred to a private company under suspicious circumstances, are worth an estimated RM1 billion, Berita Harian reported.
However, Synergy Promenade Sdn Bhd, the developer of Kuala Lumpur Vertical City (KLVC), is said to have paid Felda only RM270 million for the land.
Umran Suffian Husin, a senior executive at a property valuation firm, said land along Jalan Gurney, Jalan Maktab and Jalan Semarak, where the the four parcels of land are located, are valued at RM1,300 to RM1,600psf.
“This is a rough estimation based on the value of property in the area. The final price would depend on the land size, the use it is zoned for, and the actual location,” the Malay daily quoted Umran saying.
Berita Harian had claimed that a KLVC source said the land was worth  RM1,950psf, and that foreign companies were also interested in the land parcels.  
The daily had reported on Wednesday that ownership of the four parcels of land was transferred under shady circumstances in 2015 during the tenure of former Felda chairman Isa Abdul Samad.
It said the transactions involved seven towers, including Felda's iconic development, KLVC.
Citing sources, Berita Harian said the company appointed by Felda Investment Corporation Sdn Bhd (FIC) on June 3, 2014, was allegedly given power of attorney to develop these parcels.
The Felda board of directors were only informed of the project three months later, on September 2, for backdated approval, it said.
Felda chairman Shahrir Abdul Samad has lodged a police report on the matter after finding elements of fraud in the transactions, implicating  Synergy Promenade Sdn Bhd, the company that was given power of attorney to develop the land.
Isa was Felda chairman from 2011 to January. He was replaced by Shahrir, who is the Johor Baru MP. 
Isa was also the Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd chairman from January 2011 till June, and was FIC chairman since its inception on July 2, 2013, until this year.
He is now acting chairman of the Land Public Transport Commission.
Isa had yesterday avoided reporters waiting for him at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. – December 23, 2017.
Felda land sold for RM270 million is worth RM1 billion. Let's see if they treat this similar to LGE case which only amounted to 2.5 million ringgit. Shocking grand theft!

Bill Gates and the World’s Elite DO NOT VACCINATE their own children

Bill Gates and the World’s Elite DO NOT VACCINATE their own children… and for good reason ( Natural News ) The absolute worst medical d...