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Graphene 3D Printing

Graphene 3D Printing

Using Graphene in a 3D Printer

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By Joseph Cafariello
Monday, April 29th, 2013
Since its discovery in 2004 by a pair of scientists at the University of Manchester, England, graphene has been sitting around the lab waiting for applications like a genie in a bottle waiting for someone to make some wishes.
That genie will soon be very, very busy fulfilling the latest wish being asked of it—“Make me whatever I want, whenever I want it, and delivery it wherever I want in the world.” And the genie made of graphene says, “Your wish is my command.”
3D PrinterAmerican Graphite Technologies Inc. (OTCBB:AGIN) just announced its letter of intent to partner with three Ukraine-based research facilities—the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, the Ukraine National Science Centre, and the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology ("KIPT")—to develop a 3D printing technology using the wonder substance graphene as the crafting material.
The 3D printers they produce will mean nothing less than the mass production of genies.
Current 3D Printing
Current 3D printers use liquids, powders, paper, or sheet materials to manufacture objects by pouring or adding one layer upon another according to an item’s blueprints.
Since these blueprints can be downloaded from the Internet, objects can be manufactured, or printed, anywhere on the planet that has Internet access—even in one’s own garage. No more waiting for ordered parts, and no more shipping and handling charges.
With a 3D printer in your home and an Internet connection, you could build your own car parts, a prototype for that new invention you’ve been dreaming, even your own art sculptures.
The only limitations to the objects currently being printed today is size and strength. A typical 3D printer can lay down layers around 100 micrometres thin, with the most precise printers capable of achieving a thinness of 16 micrometres. By comparison, a human hair can range from 17 to 180 micrometres.
Graphene’s Advantages
But by using graphene as the building material, 3D printers would be able to manufacture parts that are superior to those printable today by four main metrics: strength, light-weight, flexibility, and conductivity.
Because of the way graphene’s carbon atoms lock together in a hexagonal grid similar to chicken wire, graphene material is tougher to crack than diamonds and 300 times harder to tear than steel. Imagine using a graphene 3D printer to print out a virtually unbreakable drill bit or tool!
Yet despite such strength and hardness, layers can be made that are just one atom thick while still retaining their super strength and toughness. A number of single-atom layers fused together make it flexible, even rollable. Its strength-to-weight ratio is unmatched by any other material.
What is more, you can run electricity through it better than even copper wire, making it ideal for use in electronics. 3D printers using graphene would be capable of printing electronic components such as a new screen for your laptop or a solar panel mat for your roof.
From unbreakable mirrors to diamond-strength tools to light-weight super-tough auto parts to delicate electronics, 3D graphene printers will give every household or business its very own genie in a bottle.
Investment Opportunities
If you were able to buy shares in the Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) when it first introduced its Model T, or Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock when it introduced its first iPod, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t jump on the opportunity.
Graphene and its whole slew of applications in the works will undoubtedly become a market far more lucrative than autos or computers could ever be.
Already there are many companies spear-heading research and development in the graphene field, including American Graphite Technologies Inc. (OTCBB:AGIN) noted at the outset, currently trading for under a dollar per share.
The company introduces itself at its website:
“American Graphite Technologies is an American publicly-traded mining company that is also listed on a US Stock Exchange. The Company reports quarterly and yearly audits as well as material events to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).”
“By concentrating on securing domestic graphite mining opportunities and the commercialization of graphene specific proprietary technology methods, management is seeking to bring profit opportunities and maximize shareholder value.”
The company’s CEO Rick Walchuck is optimistic over the newly announced partnership with the Ukrainian-based research facilities noted above. “I have been meeting with our collaboration partners at KIPT over the past week in Ukraine and I am very excited about the project that we are about to embark on,” quotes the press release. “We are currently finalizing the details and expect to release more information on the project shortly.”
One could also invest in conventional 3D printing companies that do not use graphene yet, as it will only be a matter of time before they start using it.

Joseph Cafariello

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Vote to ensure a better Malaysia

Vote to ensure a better Malaysia (UPDATED WITH TAMIL VERSION)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 Super Admin
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Press statement of Group of Concerned Citizens on the General Election

We are a group of Malaysians from diverse ethnicities, religions and backgrounds including military, academic, business, professional and the not-for-profit sector. We have been drawn together by our love for our country and our concern that this general election may see further setbacks in our aspiration for a better society.
Malaysians need a better government and good governance, especially in these tumultuous times of heightened racial discord and religious hatred and extremism.

If we succeed, we can be a modest example for the rest of the world in the way we tackle our racial and religious differences and in our resolve and actions to ensure social justice and the fair distribution of the wealth of our land.

Past governments and politicians have too often failed us by abusing the public treasury for private gain, by concentrating wealth and power in the hands of a few, and by debasing our democratic rights. For some years now, we have been one of the top countries in the world in terms of illicit outflows of money. According to Global Financial Integrity, the total 10-year estimate of financial outflow for Malaysia was RM871.4 billion for 2000-2010. No country in the world can afford such a high level of capital flight.

The coming elections provides us an opportunity to exercise our individual and collective right to decide on who will lead this country in the next five years and manage our finances, economy and society in a fair and just manner. If we choose badly we will have only ourselves to blame.
click on picture to enlarge
click on picture to enlarge

We wish to share with voters in this election pamphlet, which is being disseminated throughout the country, our concerns as well as our position on the principles and values that can propel our country towards that better society that we seek and which all Malaysians deserve and can be proud of. We believe that most Malaysians share not only these concerns but also our expectations of the high moral and ethical standards from the parties and politicians that will soon come into power. 

We hope that this election message – a non-partisan one – will be etched in the minds and memories of those who will shortly take political office as well as of all voters so that the promise of moral and good governance is in the forefront of national priority, not just during the election campaign period and particularly on election day but every day during the next four or five years.

Other citizens and civil society organisations wishing to endorse this or a similar message are free to adopt or adapt it, and disseminate in their own names.
Civil society leaders endorsing this message:
Ahmad Farouk Musa
Arshad Raji
Azmi Sharom
K J John
Koon Yew Yin
Lim Teck Ghee
Masjaliza Hamzah
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Ramon Navaratnam
Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh
Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim
S Thayaparan
Zaid Ibrahim

Sunday, April 7, 2013

BN Falls Back On Cheating

Cyber Mania And Radio Jamming – BN Falls Back On Cheating!

6 Apr 2013
Dangerous for the ears!
BN have effectively acknowledged that they have to cheat in this election and cannot afford the opposition view point to be heard by voters.
Over the weekend they have spent large sums of public money launching full-scale attacks on Radio Free Malaysia and Radio Free Sarawak.
They have both attempted to jam their broadcasts and tried to knock out their online websites, with limited success so far.
On Saturday they attacked the Medium Wave RFM (Radio Free Malaysia), which broadcasts on 1359kHz with this noise in the hope of jamming the show, but achieved limited range.

Likewise they have been attacking the Short Wave RFS (Radio Free Sarawak) over the past days by arranging for jamming broadcasts to be put out on the same frequency 15430kHz. Again this project has had limited effect and steps have been taken to locate the origin of the disruption.
Both sets of jamming are illegal to carry out and form an expensive use of taxpayers’ money.
Cyber warriors
Under attack….
At the same time ‘cyber-warriors’ have been commissioning coordinated DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attacks on the sites of Radio Free Malaysia and Radio Free Sarawak, in order to prevent people listening to the shows online.
This is again expensive and illegal.
It is also a clear sign of desperation and weakness on the part of BN, who seem terrified that listeners might hear things that have not been approved by them.
Both websites recovered and came back online, only to be attacked again. They will continue to recover, indicating that this exhibition of shameful behaviour has been counterproductive.
You can also listen to the radio stations on Sound Cloud
Our websites are currently being re-configured to resist further attacks. Meanwhile, we are also pleased to be able to direct online listeners to Sound Cloud, where they can still get the shows during any period of disruption.
Radio Free Sarawak can be accessed at https://soundcloud.com/radiofreesarawak
Radio Free Malaysia can be accessed at https://soundcloud.com/radiofreemalaysia
BN are welcome to spend the rest of their election ‘war chest’ (largely financed by illegal timber kickbacks, as they have themselves now admitted) by trying to bring down Sound Cloud, which would of course enrage the rest of the world.
Sign that BN can’t afford any contradictions to their relentless propaganda?
Too dangerous or no defence?
These attacks on RFS and RFM are in addition to numerous recent attempts to bring down this Sarawak Report site.
Today, Saturday Sarawak Report fielded seven attacks alone, all with the aim of wiping out the information on the site.
We suggest that the entire episode leaves BN looking simply sheepish.
After all, this ruling political party has grabbed total control of all the newspapers and broadcast media in Malaysia over its period in office, corrupting what was once a free press.
And they have proceeded to abuse this authority to produce relentless propaganda in favour of their regime.
Yet, despite this wall to wall support and despite the fact that they refuse to give the opposition any airtime or newspaper coverage, they are running in terror from two hours of independent radio broadcasting designed to bring listeners a different viewpoint.
“Getting rid of RFM” is a “top Priority”!
Najib Razak – running from the debate?
Information leaked last week from cabinet meetings revealed that to “get rid” of Radio Free Malaysia has been made into a top BN priority!
To which our response is how pathetic and weak and fearful must Najib Razak be, that he flatters our small scale operations with such an exaggerated response.
Has BN lost all confidence that it dare not argue back, but would rather just wipe out the tiniest voice of dissent?
It seems that BN simply dare not allow information about the scandalous corruption by government ministers; the huge sums of money that are currently disappearing out of the country’s finances into mysterious foreign bank accounts; the rigging of election registers; illegal contracts and concessions; land grabs or the volumes of other information about downright criminal behaviour by members of their BN government to be made public.
Neither do they want to give a right to reply to opposition figures, in response to the extraordinary accusations being made by BN on their licensed media platforms against them.
The only conclusion is that BN dare not allow open and free debate, because their record is so corrupted and disgraceful that they know they cannot defend it.

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