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Crude Oil - organic or non-organic?

Petroleum - organic or non-organic?This subject is seldom or never in the news. I have compiled a few articles for your viewing.

Credit goes to these people who have bravely withstood opposition and ridicule to bring us the truths outlined in their articles, reports, etc.

Stalin And Abiotic Oil (Or How Ruppert's 'Peak Oil' Pile is Gaining Tonnage) By Dave McGowan
March 5, 2005 Original Title
Stalin And Abiotic Oil This story really begins in 1946, just after the close of World War II, which had illustrated quite effectively that oil was integral to waging modern, mechanized warfare. Stalin, recognizing the importance of oil, and recognizing also that the Soviet Union would have to be self sufficient, launched a massive scientific undertaking that has been compared, in its scale, to the Manhattan Project. The goal of the Soviet project was to study every aspect of petroleum, including how it is created, h…