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How to beat Facebook censorship

How to beat Facebook censorship and stay connected with suppressed news sourcesMark Zuckerberg is an evil globalist turd who just sued local Hawaiians so he could confiscate their eight acres of land to add to his 700 acres of beach-front property. He also built a massive wall around his entire estate to keep out the local Hawaiians (yet he’s opposed to building a wall on America’s southern border). Facebook is not only an NSA front that gathers surveillance information on you and your friends, it’s also engaged inheavy censorship of truthful news sources(i.e. the independent media). For example, although Natural News has over2 million Facebook likes, a typical post only goes to about one half of one percent of that audience. Some stories are utterly censored outright, including any story that contains phrases such as “vaccine side effects” or “autism and vaccines.” The Facebook censorship algorithms automatically strip out stories on “sensitive” topics that threaten the globalist order…

Iinvite Zakir Naik and invite trouble

Hindraf questions need to invite Zakir Naik for sermon  | January 30, 2017 The NGO says the government must take into account national interests when inviting foreign preachers.

PETALING JAYA: Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy has questioned the need to invite controversial Indian preacher Zakir Naik to give lectures in Malaysia. He said Hindraf was shocked to hear that Zakir, whose activities and properties are being investigated in India, has been invited to conduct Friday sermon at a masjid in Arau at the invitation of the Perlis mufti this week. “What is the real motive of the government in harbouring him and encouraging his speeches in Malaysia?” Waytha asked. Waytha said he was also waiting for the government to confirm whether Zakir had been given permanent resident status. Earlier, the government had denied Indian newspaper reports that Malaysia had granted Zakir citizenship. “Last month, Zakir visited the Al-Madinah International University (Mediu) in Shah Alam, …

Glyphosate (RoundUp) found to cause liver disease

Glyphosate (RoundUp) found to cause liver disease… how much are you eating at every meal? (Natural News) Could a Roundup recall be in our future? One can only hope.Monsanto’s leading weedkillerhas been the subject of controversy for a while now — and the evidence against the toxic chemical continues to pile up. New research that was published in early January by Scientific Reportsreveals that the toxic herbicide’s primary ingredient, glyphosate, is extremely damaging to one of the human body’s most vital organs. A research team from King’s College London have uncovered a grim truth about the ever-popular Roundup herbicide: it causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). What is NAFLD? The liver, as you may know, is the second largest organ in the body. It performs a variety of important bodily functions, including removing harmful substances from your blood. It is normal for the liver to contain some fat cells, but when more than 5 to 10 percent of the organ’s mass is made up of…

Scientists under attack after exposing GMOs

Huge threat to scientific freedom: Scientists under attack after exposing industry secrets about GMOsFriday, January 27, 2017 by:
(Natural News) The integrity of science is founded upon the ability of researchers to freely ask questions without fear of retribution. But does this freedom actually exist? Not for those who challenge powerful industries likebiotechnology and genetic engineering, warns the award-winning documentaryScientists Under Attack: Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money, by German director Bertram Verhaag. “One question means one career,” says UC Berkeley Professor Ignacio Chapela, one of the scientists featured in the film. “You ask one question, you get the answer and you might or might not be able to publish it; but that is the end of your career.” The lie of safe GMOs The other scientist featured in the film is Dr. Arpad Pustazi, a world expert on the plant defensive chemicals known as lectins. In 1998, Pustazi did a television interv…

The plight of the Orang Asli in Kelantan

Sinners of Kelantan - Your Grandchildren Will Spit Upon Your Graves24 January 201715 comments Those state and federal authorities, who are primarily responsible for the whole scale destructive logging of Kelantan and the rounding up and harassment of protestors, are particularly fond of playing ‘Holier Than Thou’ when it comes to their religious credentials. Yet the destruction of God’s natural gifts, in such a way that they can never be renewed and are destroyed for ever, for the sole pursuit of personal greed, is the opposite of holy. These actions comprise every sin in the holy books. The selfish and cruel theft of the homelands of tens of thousands of native people combines several dirty sins. The greedy and corrupt funnelling of the proceeds into just a few hands of politically connected people represents several more disgusting and disgraceful sins. Thugs with chainsaws hired by the loggers attack peaceful native protestors Those people in positions of power and authority, who …

Nati'l Academy of Scs: Marijuana can be used as a medicine

National Academy of Sciences: Marijuana can be used as a medicine (Natural News) In one of the least surprising announcements of the year, the National Academy of Sciences has declared that marijuana can be used as a medicine in order toimprove one’s health naturally. Despite the fact that anyone who has done any significant amount of research on the subject could have told you the same thing, racking up data from numerous reputable sources is always a good thing, as it eventually reaches the point where nobody can deny the truth any longer. Even the staunchest critics of marijuana will have to accept defeat at some point — and that is whentrue libertywill be achieved. Marijuana advocates all over the world rejoiced at the news, and for good reason, since it is yet another piece of scientific evidence that helps prove to naysayers thatcannabis has considerable health benefits. NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano stated, “The National Academy of Science’s conclusions that marijuana p…

MSG in food causes brain damage,

MSG in food causes brain damage, obesity and other health risksMonday, January 23, 2017 by:Vicki Batts (Natural News) Monosodium glutamate, or MSG for short, is known for being a staple ingredient in prepackaged foodstuffs. Canned soups, for instance, are often loaded withMSG and other artificial ingredients. It’s common knowledge that some peopleare clearly negatively affected by it — migraines and dizziness are common after consumption, but it’s still widely consumed. After all, it is “Generally Regarded As Safe” or GRAS. The GRAS label tends to give us a false sense of safety, when in reality, it just means that this food additive was in use when the Food Additives Amendment of 1958 was put into place. MSG, and many other additives, were “grandfathered in” and subsequently escaped having to undergo the FDA approval process. But, the term still invokes a feeling of security, and it makes food taste good — so what could go wrong, right? (Related: Learn more about the FDA …

Russian scientist injects himself with ancient bacteria - illness-free

Russian scientist injects himself with ancient bacteria and claims to be illness-freeIn 2009, an ancient species of bacteria was discovered in Siberia’s Mount Mamontova in the northern region of Yakutia. Preserved in the Siberian permafrost for an estimated 3.5 million years, these bacteria can survive extreme temperatures and climate conditions. Initial testing revealed that the bacteria possess superior immune system-modulating properties. Better yet, the bacteria share these immune boosting properties with the host they interact with. In initial tests, the bacteria, identified as Bacillus F,increased the longevityof mice from 589 days to 906 days on average. Researchers also noticed that the bacteria helped the mice increase their muscle activity, leading to more active, fitter lives. Further MRI examination of the mice injected with Bacillus F revealed that two indicators were higher than usual – glutamate and taurine levels. These are responsible for increasing the life expectancy…

Pfizer, Pepsi, Starbucks involved in organ harvesting of unborn human babies

Pfizer, Pepsi, Starbucks and the owner of Burt’s Bees all give money to fund organ harvesting from living, unborn human babiesThe scourge of legalized abortion, which has seen tens of millions of babies killed since the U.S. Supreme Court somehow created the “right” to the procedure out of thin air in 1973, continues to scar our national psyche through its promotion of both irresponsible sexual behavior and pure barbarism. In the summer of 2015, theCenter for Medical Progresspublished a series of undercover videos featuring various officials with Planned Parenthood discussing theharvesting and sale of fetal tissue and body parts, a gruesome practice that is actually against federal law and would likely have been prosecuted had the Justice Department not been led by pro-abortion fanatics appointed by a fanatically pro-abortion president. As the center began its steady release of those videos, another group, “2ndVote,” published a list of dozens of major corporations that were essentially…