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How to beat Facebook censorship

How to beat Facebook censorship and stay connected with suppressed news sources

Mark Zuckerberg is an evil globalist turd who just sued local Hawaiians so he could confiscate their eight acres of land to add to his 700 acres of beach-front property. He also built a massive wall around his entire estate to keep out the local Hawaiians (yet he’s opposed to building a wall on America’s southern border).
Facebook is not only an NSA front that gathers surveillance information on you and your friends, it’s also engaged in heavy censorship of truthful news sources (i.e. the independent media). For example, although Natural News has over 2 million Facebook likes, a typical post only goes to about one half of one percent of that audience.
Some stories are utterly censored outright, including any story that contains phrases such as “vaccine side effects” or “autism and vaccines.” The Facebook censorship algorithms automatically strip out stories on “sensitive” topics that threaten the globalist order. This is exactly the same way China’s communist regime censors all internet posts about Falun Gong or the Tiananmen Square uprising. No one is surprised by the fact the Zuckerberg speaks Chinese and seems to get along great with the communists. I speak Chinese as well, but I’m pro-Taiwan and wholly opposed to the communist regime of mainland China because it is a totalitarian communist regime rooted in human cruelty and oppression. (That doesn’t seem to bother Zuckerberg one bit.)
Today I’ve posted a video that reveals how to beat Facebook censorship by connecting with alternative social media sources like Diaspora (, (, and

Iinvite Zakir Naik and invite trouble

Hindraf questions need to invite Zakir Naik for sermon

 | January 30, 2017
The NGO says the government must take into account national interests when inviting foreign preachers.

PETALING JAYA: Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy has questioned the need to invite controversial Indian preacher Zakir Naik to give lectures in Malaysia.
He said Hindraf was shocked to hear that Zakir, whose activities and properties are being investigated in India, has been invited to conduct Friday sermon at a masjid in Arau at the invitation of the Perlis mufti this week.
“What is the real motive of the government in harbouring him and encouraging his speeches in Malaysia?” Waytha asked.
Waytha said he was also waiting for the government to confirm whether Zakir had been given permanent resident status.
Earlier, the government had denied Indian newspaper reports that Malaysia had granted Zakir citizenship.
“Last month, Zakir visited the Al-Madinah International University (Mediu) in Shah Alam, which was also under investigation for radical teachings after two students were arrested on suspicion of being Islamic State recruits planning a terror attack locally.
“So, the government must state if it has taken into account national security interests in allowing Zakir to roam free in Malaysia,” Waytha said.
Zakir was reported to have attended the Al Khadem conference held in Kuala Lumpur on Oct 23.
Earlier last year, Zakir had given talks in various states, including in Terengganu, Malacca and Selangor.
Zakir was awarded the “Tokoh Maal Hijrah” award in 2013.
The Hindustan Times reported that Zakir’s Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) had been banned for five years following a government notification declaring it to be an “unlawful association” under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA).
After a ban on the foundation, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) registered a case against Naik and the IRF on charges of inciting Muslim youth to indulge in violence and promoting enmity between groups on the basis of religion and race, the daily said.
The agency also charged Naik with indulging in activities that are prejudicial to national integration.
The agency then conducted searches at two dozen properties of Naik, his relatives and the IRF.
“Around three dozen bank accounts of the IRF and its trustees, including Zakir Naik, have been identified and banks were asked to freeze them as well,” said an NIA official.
The government has constituted a tribunal to reconsider the ban imposed on the IRF..
Iinvite Zakir Naik and invite trouble for Malaysia. Radicalizing the the Muslim youths to violence and this nation soon will be heading for more problems.  

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Glyphosate (RoundUp) found to cause liver disease

Glyphosate (RoundUp) found to cause liver disease… how much are you eating at every meal?

Image: Glyphosate (RoundUp) found to cause liver disease… how much are you eating at every meal?
(Natural News) Could a Roundup recall be in our future? One can only hope. Monsanto’s leading weedkiller has been the subject of controversy for a while now — and the evidence against the toxic chemical continues to pile up. New research that was published in early January by Scientific Reports reveals that the toxic herbicide’s primary ingredient, glyphosate, is extremely damaging to one of the human body’s most vital organs.
A research team from King’s College London have uncovered a grim truth about the ever-popular Roundup herbicide: it causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

What is NAFLD?

The liver, as you may know, is the second largest organ in the body. It performs a variety of important bodily functions, including removing harmful substances from your blood. It is normal for the liver to contain some fat cells, but when more than 5 to 10 percent of the organ’s mass is made up of fat, it is diagnosed as a fatty liver.
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease refers to an overabundance of fat cells that have accumulated in the liver, due to causes not related to alcohol. NAFLD most commonly develops in people who are overweight or obese, diabetic, or have poor blood lipid profiles. Poor eating habits and abrupt weight loss can also contribute to the disease. It has been seen in people who do not meet any of these risk factors, like marathon runner Nick Giordano.
NAFLD may lead to inflammation of the liver, tissue scarring that contributes to the onset of cirrhosis, and may also lead to liver cancer or liver failure.

Glyphosate causes NAFLD

To conduct their two-year study, the research team from London exposed rats to levels of glyphosate on par with doses that are currently approved by regulators. Their results were the first to show a direct causal link between glyphosate consumption at an extremely low dose and the onset of a disease. (Keep up with the latest headlines about Roundup at
In their conclusion, the study authors,  who were led by Dr. Michael Antoniou, declared, “Overall, metabolome and proteome disturbances showed a substantial overlap with biomarkers of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and its progression to steatohepatosis and thus confirm liver functional dysfunction resulting from chronic ultra-low dose glyphosate-based herbicide (GBH) exposure.”
Toxicity studies in rats are generally accepted by regulators as good indicators of what ill effects a substance may have on human health — so it is clear that this study demonstrates the very real threat that glyphosate poses for humans. (RELATED: See more news about chemical pesticides at
Roundup is presently the most ubiquitous herbicide used across the country; it has permeated our food supply indefinitely. Traces of this toxic substance have even been been found in rainwater and air samples. It’s in our food, our tap water, and glyphosate residues have even been seen in breast milk and baby food.  The FDA has admitted to finding shocking amounts of glyphosate in popular foods. (Related: Learn more about contaminates in our food and water here.
“New testing conducted by an FDA-registered food safety lab found alarming levels of the chemical glyphosate (known as Monsanto’s Roundup weed-killer) in several very common foods. This independent research reveals that many popular foods have over 1000 times the glyphosate levels that have been established to be harmful,” reports the Waking Times. (Related: Stay current on FDA issues, policies and research at
And yet, this study shows that doses of glyphosate that are far below the currently approved amount here in the United States can cause NAFLD. The researchers exposed the rats to amounts of glyphosate equivalent to 4 nanograms per kilogram of body weight per day — an amount well below the EU’s mandated 0.3mg per kilogram of body weight per day — and it still caused major health problems. Imagine what kind of damage the US’s allotted 1.75 mg per kilogram of body weight can do!
The research team noted, “The results showed that Roundup caused an increased incidence in signs of anatomical pathologies, as well as changes in urine and blood biochemical parameters suggestive of liver and kidney functional insufficiency.”
Dr. Antoniou added, “Our results also suggest that regulators should reconsider the safety evaluation of glyphosate-based herbicides.”

Scientists under attack after exposing GMOs

Huge threat to scientific freedom: Scientists under attack after exposing industry secrets about GMOs

Image: Huge threat to scientific freedom: Scientists under attack after exposing industry secrets about GMOs
(Natural News) The integrity of science is founded upon the ability of researchers to freely ask questions without fear of retribution. But does this freedom actually exist?
Not for those who challenge powerful industries like biotechnology and genetic engineering, warns the award-winning documentary Scientists Under Attack: Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money, by German director Bertram Verhaag.
“One question means one career,” says UC Berkeley Professor Ignacio Chapela, one of the scientists featured in the film. “You ask one question, you get the answer and you might or might not be able to publish it; but that is the end of your career.”

The lie of safe GMOs

The other scientist featured in the film is Dr. Arpad Pustazi, a world expert on the plant defensive chemicals known as lectins. In 1998, Pustazi did a television interview in which he spoke of forthcoming research showing that rats fed potatoes genetically modified (GM) with a lectin from snowdrops grew poorly and had immune dysfunction compared with rats fed unmodified potatoes. (RELATED: Follow more news about GMOs at
According to some commentators, the controversy that erupted played a key role in turning British public opinion against GM foods. It also destroyed Pustazi’s career.
Pustazi noted that the results of his research could not be explained by the lectins themselves, which showed no ill effects in rats even at very high doses. He suggested that the genetic modification had caused some other change in the potatoes, perhaps reducing their nutritive value.
The biotech industry went on the attack. Newspaper articles published a false claim that the potatoes had been modified from a poisonous jack bean — a claim that GM scientists use to discredit the research to this day. This lie was later repeated in a press release by the Rowett Research Institute, Pustazi’s employer.
The institute fired Pustazi, seized his research, and banned him from speaking publicly. The Royal Society conducted an “analysis” of raw data, not intended for publication, and declared it invalid.
The study was later published using only data collected by co-researcher Stanley Ewen, who did not work for the Rowett. Because of the controversy, the paper received three times the normal number of peer reviewers. It was approved, and published in the prestigious journal The Lancet.
But Pustazi’s career in science was over. “I would have characterized [his treatment] as disgraceful,” Ewen said. “I don’t see how any reputable scientist … could be treated in this way.”

Proof of GMO pollution

Chapela’s case, while less influential, has been widely regarded as an example of the intersection between politics and science, and actually began years before his groundbreaking research was published. In 1997, Chapela created a media scandal by publicly opposing an agreement between the University of Berkeley (his employer) and biotech company Novartis (his former employer). Under the agreement, Novartis would “donate” $500,000 in exchange for the rights to a third of the university’s biotech research.
“My gut reaction was that the company was trying to buy the university,” Chapela said.
Then in 2001, Chapela published an article in Nature showing that genes from GMO corn (maize) grown in the United States were present in wild maize in Oaxaca, Mexico, in the very area where maize had initially evolved. This implied that hundreds of species and thousands of years of genetic diversity were at risk.
The Mexican government itself went after Chapela, with both agriculture and biosecurity officials trying to stop the article’s publication. When that failed, two of the people who had supported the Berkeley-Novartis deal sent letters to Nature attacking Chapela’s research. Nature published a statement just one step shy of a retraction, and urged Chapela to recant. But he stood by his research.
When Chapela came up for tenure in 2003, he was unanimously recommended by the tenure committee, but the university still denied him. Following public outrage, he was eventually granted tenure in 2005.
He would be vindicated again in 2009, when another researcher published a study in Molecular Ecology confirming the presence of transgenes in Mexican maize.
“It is good to see this…but it took seven years,” Chapela noted.

Friday, January 27, 2017

The plight of the Orang Asli in Kelantan

Sinners of Kelantan - Your Grandchildren Will Spit Upon Your Graves

Those state and federal authorities, who are primarily responsible for the whole scale destructive logging of Kelantan and the rounding up and harassment of protestors, are particularly fond of playing ‘Holier Than Thou’ when it comes to their religious credentials.
Yet the destruction of God’s natural gifts, in such a way that they can never be renewed and are destroyed for ever, for the sole pursuit of personal greed, is the opposite of holy.
These actions comprise every sin in the holy books. The selfish and cruel theft of the homelands of tens of thousands of native people combines several dirty sins. The greedy and corrupt funnelling of the proceeds into just a few hands of politically connected people represents several more disgusting and disgraceful sins.
Thugs with chainsaws hired by the loggers attack peaceful native protestors
Thugs with chainsaws hired by the loggers attack peaceful native protestors
Those people in positions of power and authority, who are failing to stop this orgy of short-term selfish destruction in Kelantan, even if they are not directly profiting, are themselves also guilty of the sins of lazyness and neglect of duty, if they do not stand up to what is going on.
The plants and animals laid waste in Kelantan and elsewhere in once beautiful and blessed Malaysia are our earth’s natural heritage: gifts of unparalleled and sacred value, in terms of scientific knowledge and the ability of the human race (all our children and grandchildren) to continue to prosper and survive for future generations.
Clogged and lifeless waterways - caused by logging
Clogged and lifeless waterways – caused by logging
It is a sin of murder to take away our offspring’s future survival kit by laying bare the earth, polluting the streams and creating barren, flood prone desert lands in place of life.
For those who turn around and claim their critics cannot speak, because some other person  in some other place may have committed a similar crime a hundred or a thousand years before – well that is the sin of lying.
These excuse-mongers know that theirs is a specious argument and that it is only our generation that has the ability to destroy the earth in a matter of months and years and that only we have the knowledge to prevent this destruction happening.
Moreover, to justify a sin on the basis that others have already committed such a sin is itself a sin. Would you justify a rape or murder because others have raped and murdered before?
Floods caused by logging
Floods caused by logging
So, those who are responsible in Kelantan and who are allowing this scandalous destruction of remaining forests for short term greed, in order to buy cars, condos, couture and other such nonsense at inflated prices in countries far away from Malaysia, must not dare lecture others that they are holy.
Likewise, those in Kelantan who fail to stand up to this human rights and environmental scandal and who are failing in their duty of good governance, they too will be lying if they call themselves holy.
It does not matter how much they posture in their holy places, how loudly they pray or what symbols of religion they want to bandy about themselves.  They are big fat sinners against God and their people and the people of the future – who will all curse them when they are gone and spit upon their graves.
Those responsible, you know who you are.
clear fell logging - wanton and irreplaceable destruction of God's most beautiful nature on earth
Clear fell logging – wanton and irreplaceable destruction of God’s most beautiful nature on earth
The rest of us will find out who you are. And the luxuries you are planning to buy with all that dirty money you aim to make out of destroying God’s earth in Malaysia will not make up for the curses that will follow you to your grave and beyond your grave.
The rulers of Kelantan should now spring to do their duty and prevent this sin against God and his people and plants and animals, before they too join those deadly sinners in their just deserts and find themselves lined up in history as men of greed and as hypocrites, who destroyed Malaysia for their own wealth and pleasure.
Below is the statement by JOAS on the destruction of Kelantan and the abuse against its native peoples:
JOAS would like to express our extreme disappointment at the Forestry Department and the state authority who are not concerned about the Orang Asli communities under their administration, to the extent of allowing a second demolishing of the blockade and have arrested five Orang Asli who were only trying to defend their ancestral lands – which are a source of livelihood, food sources; and is the very land that they have occupied for generations.
Also, JOAS is upset with unnecessary arrest of two (2) Channel News Asia reporters, who were making a documentary on the massive deforestation in Kelantan, by the Forestry Department and state authorities In fact, no comments or press statements on the arrest were released by the Forestry Department.
“As we already know, the magistrate’s court had rejected the company’s application to demolish the Orang Asli’s blockade, and has ruled in favour of the Orang Asli as the rightful owners of the land. The Forestry Department and state authorities should use the decision as a guideline in solving the Orang Asli’s issues and claims.  They (Forestry Department) also said they have discussed with the penghulu and Tok Batin but to me, why didn’t they talk to the Orang Asli directly? The penghulu and Tok Batin  are ‘appointed’ by JAKOA and are not the true voices of the indigenous people who were affected by the issue,” questioned Zurdi Baharu, the West Malaysia JOAS Deputy President.
They (JPNK and local authority) are supposed to use their resources for something far more important especially preparing against flood that could occur anytime in Kelantan, instead of wasting their resources against Orang Asli whom only try to defend their land against logging.”

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Nati'l Academy of Scs: Marijuana can be used as a medicine

National Academy of Sciences: Marijuana can be used as a medicine

Image: National Academy of Sciences: Marijuana can be used as a medicine
(Natural News) In one of the least surprising announcements of the year, the National Academy of Sciences has declared that marijuana can be used as a medicine in order to improve one’s health naturally. Despite the fact that anyone who has done any significant amount of research on the subject could have told you the same thing, racking up data from numerous reputable sources is always a good thing, as it eventually reaches the point where nobody can deny the truth any longer. Even the staunchest critics of marijuana will have to accept defeat at some point — and that is when true liberty will be achieved.
Marijuana advocates all over the world rejoiced at the news, and for good reason, since it is yet another piece of scientific evidence that helps prove to naysayers that cannabis has considerable health benefits. NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano stated, “The National Academy of Science’s conclusions that marijuana possesses established therapeutic utility for certain patients and that it possesses an acceptable safety profile when compared to those of other medications or recreational intoxicants are not surprising. This evidence has been available for some time, yet for decades marijuana policy in this country has largely been driven by rhetoric and emotion, not science and evidence.”
It continues to become more and more obvious that the only reason that cannabis hasn’t been legalized from coast to coast, all across the United States, is because the powers that be are benefiting heavily from the pharmaceutical drugs that are being peddled in its place. Should cannabis be legalized, Big Pharma will take a drastic hit, which is guaranteed to leave them scrambling. Considering the fact that President Donald Trump has already waged a culture war against the pharmaceutical industry, it should come as no great surprise that they don’t want their brand to be damaged any further.
The bottom line is that cannabis is a natural, healthy and effective alternative to chemical drugs that are created in a lab somewhere. Opioid addiction in America is through the roof, and few have the courage to address that fact because they are afraid of the wrath of those controlling the pharmaceutical industry. Thankfully, the truth is always on the side of justice and there is no way to keep the truth from coming out. Though the powers that be did their best to keep Americans in the dark on the health benefits of cannabis for as long as possible, that time is long gone. We are all waking up, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone knows that marijuana is actually considerably healthier than the drugs peddled at the pharmacy.
This is going to be a year that welcomes many changes to the United States. With the inauguration of Donald Trump comes a lot of new ideas regarding freedom and liberty within our country. One of the issues that our politicians need to address immediately is the archaic manner in which the federal government views cannabis. If they are truly in the business of improving the lives of the American people, they need to stop banning a plant that is guaranteed to help many. Should they choose to continue living in the past, denying the truth and waging a war on reality, they will be preventing many from reaching their full potential.

MSG in food causes brain damage,

MSG in food causes brain damage, obesity and other health risks

Image: MSG in food causes brain damage, obesity and other health risks
(Natural News) Monosodium glutamate, or MSG for short, is known for being a staple ingredient in prepackaged foodstuffs. Canned soups, for instance, are often loaded with MSG and other artificial ingredients. It’s common knowledge that some people are clearly negatively affected by it — migraines and dizziness are common after consumption, but it’s still widely consumed. After all, it is “Generally Regarded As Safe” or GRAS.
The GRAS label tends to give us a false sense of safety, when in reality, it just means that this food additive was in use when the Food Additives Amendment of 1958 was put into place. MSG, and many other additives, were “grandfathered in” and subsequently escaped having to undergo the FDA approval process. But, the term still invokes a feeling of security, and it makes food taste good — so what could go wrong, right? (Related: Learn more about the FDA at
Fortunately, there are plenty of people who remained skeptical of it and continued to question the ingredient’s safety. While the MSG controversy is far from over, there is no shortage of research to suggest that the compound is not as innocuous as it has been made out to be.
Indeed, research indicating the potentially harmful nature of MSG dates back to the 1960s. Research published by Science in May 1969 found that young mice treated with the substance were prone to developing brain lesions, obesity and other abnormalities, including stunted bone growth and sterilization in females. The study also found pathological changes in organs related to the endocrine system.
Subsequent studies have showed similar findings. A 2008 study published by the journal Experimental Neurology found that the age at which MSG exposure was perpetrated had a substantial impact on the overall effect of the compound. In the group 1 mice, which were exposed to MSG between the ages of 1 and 5 days old, very severe hypothalmic lesions were present. The group 2 mice, which were exposed between the age of 6 and 11 days old, presented with less severe hypothalmic lesions. The research team also found that 92 percent of the group 1 mice were overtly obese by the time they were 15 weeks old. About 22 percent of the mice in group 2 became obese. Comparatively, only 3 percent of the mice in a control group — where there was no MSG exposure — were obese at the same age. The research team surmised that the severe brain lesions were related to the onset of obesity.
Because glutamate plays an important role in the hypothalmus, it is not necessarily surprising that monosodium glutamate is prone to causing abnormalities in this region of the brain — but it is nonetheless very alarming.
A 2009 study, published by the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Medicine found that MSG actually causes brain cell swelling and death. Mature neurons were most susceptible to the toxic effects of MSG, while younger cells were much more resilient. The team posits that this finding may explain why children appear to be less effected by the substance when compared to adults. In their experiments, the team found that injury was specific to neuronal cells, and that glial cells seemed to remain unaffected by MSG. They also found that boiling MSG did not diminish its toxic effects on mature neurons.  Additionally, the researchers did discover that vitamin C may be useful in mitigating the harmful effects MSG has on the brain.
Subsequent research has suggested that mice who are made obese via MSG consumption are prone to developing diabetes and insulin resistance. In a Brazillian study, scientists found that glucose uptake was 4 times slower in MSG-obese mice than the control group.
And as for its effect on humans? Well, a 2008 study of the effects of MSG on humans also found that MSG consumption correlated with an increased risk of being overweight or obese, independent of other factors like activity level and calorie intake.
To put it simply, there is no shortage of reasons to be wary of MSG in your food. Stay informed about more food science news at

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Russian scientist injects himself with ancient bacteria - illness-free

Russian scientist injects himself with ancient bacteria and claims to be illness-free

Image: Russian scientist injects himself with ancient bacteria and claims to be illness-free
In 2009, an ancient species of bacteria was discovered in Siberia’s Mount Mamontova in the northern region of Yakutia. Preserved in the Siberian permafrost for an estimated 3.5 million years, these bacteria can survive extreme temperatures and climate conditions. Initial testing revealed that the bacteria possess superior immune system-modulating properties. Better yet, the bacteria share these immune boosting properties with the host they interact with.
In initial tests, the bacteria, identified as Bacillus F, increased the longevity of mice from 589 days to 906 days on average. Researchers also noticed that the bacteria helped the mice increase their muscle activity, leading to more active, fitter lives. Further MRI examination of the mice injected with Bacillus F revealed that two indicators were higher than usual – glutamate and taurine levels. These are responsible for increasing the life expectancy of the cell, boosting energy production and metabolism, and strengthening immune system regulation. Excited by initial findings, a Russian scientist named Dr. Anatoli Brouchkov, decided to inject himself with the bacteria.
Dr. Brouchkov, head of the Geocryology Department at Moscow State University, says that Bacillus F has drastically improved his health. He claims to be illness-free over the past two years and credits the bacteria for this sudden health improvement.
Dr. Brouchkov reports, “I started to work longer, I’ve never had a flu for the last two years.” He admits that he doesn’t understand exactly how the bacteria convey such strength. While he remains clueless to the mechanism, he still sees and feels the impact the bacteria have on his quality of life. Dr. Brouchkov says that by understanding how Bacillus F works, “we probably would be able to find a tool to extend our own lives.”
Bacilli F enter the regional environment of Yakutia as the Siberian permafrost slowly thaws out. The microorganisms are present in the water that the Yukut people drink. The Yukut people apparently live longer than other cultures and now the secret to their longevity has been discovered.

Bacillus bacteria cells bind with B lymphocytes, activating a rapid response from the immune system

Even though the fear of germs dominates modern day thinking, bacteria are essential to human’s well being. Trillions of bacteria cells interact with humans on a momentary basis. Every individual harbors a unique  collection of microbes in their gut. Many of these friendly species of bacteria aid in digestion, protect the blood from toxins, assist in nutrient assimilation, and help the body respond to invading pathogens. Researchers from the Loyola University Health System in Chicago discovered that certain Bacillus bacteria in the digestive tract form spores during times of stress. When these bacteria spores meet B lymphocytes from the immune system, the molecules bind, activating the B cells to reproduce faster than average. This action prompts the rapid reproduction of antibodies to help fight against viral and bacterial infections.
Certain types of bacteria support human health. Colonies also exist on the skin, protecting the body’s largest organ. Future immunization practices will focus on the concept of strengthening the individual’s microbiome(s) so they can best adapt to their environment. The incessant use of chemicals such as Lysol, antibiotics, and triclosan basically just “punch holes” in the bacteria ecosystem. These practices only embolden pathogens as they re-colonize the area, take over the balance, and evolve with stronger genetic traits. When medical science begins to understand that we are not at war with bacteria, then we will begin to re-establish our connection and mutual relationship with commensal bacteria species. When we work with nature, we are more able to adapt to our environment through the beneficial relationship we share with friendly bacteria, as witnessed by Bacillus F in Siberia.

Pfizer, Pepsi, Starbucks involved in organ harvesting of unborn human babies

Pfizer, Pepsi, Starbucks and the owner of Burt’s Bees all give money to fund organ harvesting from living, unborn human babies

Image: Pfizer, Pepsi, Starbucks and the owner of Burt’s Bees all give money to fund organ harvesting from living, unborn human babies
The scourge of legalized abortion, which has seen tens of millions of babies killed since the U.S. Supreme Court somehow created the “right” to the procedure out of thin air in 1973, continues to scar our national psyche through its promotion of both irresponsible sexual behavior and pure barbarism.
In the summer of 2015, the Center for Medical Progress published a series of undercover videos featuring various officials with Planned Parenthood discussing the harvesting and sale of fetal tissue and body parts, a gruesome practice that is actually against federal law and would likely have been prosecuted had the Justice Department not been led by pro-abortion fanatics appointed by a fanatically pro-abortion president.
As the center began its steady release of those videos, another group, “2ndVote,” published a list of dozens of major corporations that were essentially funding the harvesting of fetal tissues as well. Natural Newsreported that the organization’s function is to track contributions from consumers and corporations back to various political causes. The group identified an astounding 38 firms that regularly contribute to Planned Parenthood, making them accessories to the grisly and insane harvesting of baby body parts for sale and profit.

Trafficking in humans is only possible because abortion is legal

Though taxpayers fund most of Planned Parenthood’s operating costs, the 38 companies contribute nearly one-quarter of PP’s $1.3 billion in annual revenues. Sick, indeed.
The companies identified by 2nd Vote were:
  • Adobe
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Express
  • AT&T
  • Avon
  • Bank of America
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Clorox (owner of Burt’s Bees)
  • Converse
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Dockers
  • Energizer
  • Expedia
  • ExxonMobil
  • Fannie Mae
  • Groupon
  • Intuit
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • La Senza
  • Levi Strauss
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Macy’s
  • March of Dimes
  • Microsoft
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Nike
  • Oracle
  • PepsiCo
  • Pfizer
  • Progressive
  • Starbucks
  • Susan G. Komen
  • Tostitos
  • Unilever
  • United Way
  • Verizon
  • Wells Fargo

‘Thrilled’ with PepsiCo’s decision, but the lie was eventually exposed

The list is full of corporate hypocrites and bad actors (not all corporations are bad actors, by the way – this isn’t an anti-capitalism rant), many of which push GMOs, pre-processed foods, fast foods and other unhealthy lifestyle choices. Others merely push an unhealthy political and social agenda, namely abortion and the cottage industry of death that it has spawned.
You’ll notice that Pepsi is also on that list. In 2012, a pro-life organization may just have scored a victory of sorts against PepsiCo. The group called off a year-long boycott of Pepsi products after the company promised in convincing fashion that it would no longer use an aborted fetal-cell line to develop (deep breath here) flavor enhancers, the Washington Times reported.
In 2011, the group, Children of God for Life, discovered and then disclosed that PepsiCo had signed a contract with Senomyx Inc., a biotech firm based in San Diego that listed HEK-293, a “human embryo kidney” cell line that was concocted from an aborted fetus in the 1970s, in more than 70 patents that were all related to flavor enhancement.
Gross. And disgustingly inhumane.
“We are absolutely thrilled with PepsiCo’s decision,” Debi Vinnedge, the organization’s executive director, stated at the time on the group’s website, as quoted by the Times. “They have listened to their customers and have made both a wise and profound statement of corporate integrity that deserves the utmost respect, admiration and support of the public.”
Paul Boykas, PepsiCo’s then VP for global public policy (basically a division of the company that engages in propaganda and serves as a shill for its international interests), said the drink maker did not engage in any research that utilized fetal cells and that Senomyx would not be using the HEK line in any Pepsi products.
But was that reassurance credible? Children of God for Life officials thought so. The Times reported that the boycott had previously grown to 30 pro-life groups in all – groups that attempted to engage PepsiCo on the matter but were put off with nothing more than legal jargon from the drink maker’s legal team.

‘Soylent Green’

In a subsequent interview with the Times, however, Vinnedge said that a letter she had received from PepsiCo would make it difficult for the drink maker to evade its responsibility.
“When they said they would not use HEK cell lines in their most recent letter – well, that is the hallmark for Senomyx research. So that was majorly different than what they had said in the past,” she said.
But then the company had lied to Vinnedge and everyone else concerned about this blatant abuse of human life. The Times noted that a “Responsible Research Statement” on PepsiCo’s website states clearly that the company “does not conduct or fund research – including research funded by PepsiCo but performed by third parties – that utilizes any human tissue or cell lines derived from embryos or fetuses.”
The group 2nd Vote, three years later, exposed that as largely untrue (the company website still carries that statement, by the way). Though the drink maker may not be using human embryo stem cell lines in product flavoring directly, by providing funding to Planned Parenthood, PepsiCo has become an enabler of companies like Senomyx that do, through PP’s illicit (alleged) sale of fetal tissue and body parts.
That’s pretty much the same as supporting such grotesque flavor enhancing research (and the “secret” behind the 1973 science-fiction classic, Soylent Green).
The fact is, this kind of casual, for-profit trafficking in human body parts on any level is only possible because abortion is legal. You don’t have to like that statement, but you can’t deny that it is true.

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