Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Illuminati to attack Burma?

Will the Illuminati led by Bush attack the Burmese generals?
In my earlier post, I mentioned that the cyclone could have been caused by them.
Now we see that the junta is still adamant about not opening up the country, even for humanitarian purposes to Western organizations' relief aid staff to come in to help in distributing and monitoring relief efforts.
This is a dangerous precedent.
The ruling junta fears that these relief organizations especially from the West, may habour agents posing as relief aid workers going in and doing espionage and subversive activities.

It is not that the Illuminati are concerned or compassionate towards the people or citizens of the nation, but that they need to start working on Non Integrating Gap nations one by one as there are still several to take care of later - to make them a more manageable nations so that they can be integrated into countries that can be influenced or controlled by the elitists.
How long will they wait for Burma to open up its borders to the world?

The Illuminati can sent hit squads Special Forces, Black Ops teams to deal with the ruling elite. Or they can use local operatives aided by the local people to oust the generals by force.

Now what of ASEAN countries supporting the junta?
Have the ASEAN counterparts no dignity, no compassion, no sense of justice for the maligned citizens of Burma?
Burma will sooner or later dispose the ruling junta, either by internal revolt or external forces, but what will the world perception of ASEAN be?
Better for ASEAN members now to expel Burma out of ASEAN than face worldwide shame and condemnation.
Better for ASEAN to disband than allow a renegade member spoil the name of ASEAN.

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