Pakistan has hanged the assassin of a governor who sought to reform the country's blasphemy laws, officials and supporters said
Mumtaz Qadri - feted as a hero by many supporters - was executed at a prison in Rawalpindi on Monday morning.
"I can confirm that Qadri was hanged in Adialia jail early Monday morning," senior local police official Sajjid Gondal told the AFP news agency.

A prison official confirmed the execution of Qadri, who killed Punjab Governor Salman Taseer in 2011.
Dozens of rangers and police in riot gear as well as ambulances were stationed outside Qadri's home in the city early Monday.
During his trial, Qadri's legal defence was that Taseer opposed Pakistan's so-called "blasphemy laws" by supporting Christian woman Asia Bibi, who was charged with allegedly desecrating Islam's holy book, the Quran.
Qadri was convicted and sentenced in late 2011. But he is viewed as a hero by many people who thought Taseer was a blasphemer.
Blasphemy is a highly controversial issue in Pakistan, and angry mobs have killed many people accused of insulting Islam in the Muslim-majority country.
The law does not define blasphemy but stipulates that the penalty is death.
Since 1990, dozens of people have been extrajudicially killed as a result of blasphemy cases.

Pakistan needs to not bring murderers like Qadri to justice, but also all those who are involved in mob justice, whether there is blasphemy involved or not!
Most of the time anyone can accuse a Christian blasphemy as can be seen in the Koran burning and insulting the prophet. Such barbaric and vicious attitude must be met with swift justice as only the Court can mete out judgment,. Why should an uneducated or lay person decide whether a person should be punished! The Pakistan authorities are inept, inert and biased in not taking action against the criminals, so they are accomplices of such murders and crime perpetrated by the MOB!
May the True JUDGE  look down and acts for those innocent ones who were murdered or whatever atrocities they had to endure!