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Sarawak Report - Najib's Chicken Feed

Sarawak Report

Will Malays Buy Najib's Chicken Feed?

31 March 2018

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today launched the national level “Jimat Belanja Dapur” (Reducing grocery bills) programme implemented by the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority.
He said the programme, which was similar to the “Jualan Sentuhan Rakyat” programme organised by the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry, benefited all strata of people nationwide by selling goods at cheaper prices compared to market prices.
“Under the JBD programme, there are 27 items sold with cheaper prices of between five and 20 percent compared to market prices, for example, cabbage that is normally sold at RM3.50 per kg in the market is sold at RM2, eggs per package of RM11 is sold at RM8.50 here.
“Even whole chicken is sold here for RM10, while the normal price is RM8 to RM9 per kg, we have many more items sold at cheap prices, and we hope more people get this benefit,” he said when launching the JBD programme in Pekan today.
Source: Will Malays Buy Najib's Chicken Feed?


Sarawak Report confirms that it is absolute FAKE NEWS to suggest that Najib Razak is going round markets offering cheap chickens because he is about to call an election.  After all, that would be a clear admission that he thinks Malay voters are cheaply bought.
More seriously, he appears to think that Malaysia’s armed forces are even more easily hoodwinked.  After all, the Prime Minister is about to force one of Malaysia’s bravest opposition leaders into jail for resisting an illegal attempt to make an Auditor General’s report an official secret.
The ‘secret’ released by Rafizi Ramli related to the Prime Minister/Finance Minister’s multi-million ringgit shennanigans to bail out 1MDB at the expense of the armed services pension fund.  Owing to the scandalous scam, which Najib wanted kept quiet, army pensioners were receiving payments late.
Yet up pops the Prime Minister at an army function this week, together with top generals, to lecture the troops that they must vote BN back in again, out of ‘gratitude’ for what ‘the government’ has done for them (men who have offered their lives to protect that very same government in return for a promised pension, amongst other things).
So, it is surely also FAKE NEWS to suggest that solidiers are more than likely motivated to punish Mr Najb, rather than thank him with their precious votes!

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The Hidden Healing Power of Sugar

The Hidden Healing Power of Sugar

Doctors are finding one way that sugar can benefit your health: it may help heal wounds resistant to antibiotics.
As a child growing up in poverty in the rural Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, Moses Murandu was used to having salt literally rubbed in his wounds when he fell and cut himself. On lucky days, though, his father had enough money to buy something which stung the boy much less than salt: sugar.
Murandu always noticed that sugar seemed to help heal wounds more quickly than no treatment at all. So he was surprised when, having been recruited to come to work as a nurse for the UK’s National Health System (NHS) in 1997, he found that sugar wasn’t being used in any official capacity. He decided to try to change that.
Now, Murandu’s idea finally is being taken seriously. A senior lecturer in adult nursing at the University of Wolverhampton, Murandu completed an initial pilot study focussed on sugar’s applications in wound healing and won an award from the Journal of Wound Care in March 2018 for his work.

In some parts of the world, this procedure could be key because people cannot afford antibiotics. But there is interest in the UK, too, since once a wound is infected, it sometimes won’t respond to antibiotics.
To treat a wound with sugar, all you do, Murandu says, is pour the sugar on the wound and apply a bandage on top. The granules soak up any moisture that allows bacteria to thrive. Without the bacteria, the wound heals more quickly.

Concern over antibiotic resistance has increased interest in other treatments
Concern over antibiotic resistance has increased interest in other potential treatments, like sugar (Credit: Getty Images)

Evidence for all of this was found in Murandu’s trials in the lab. And a growing collection of case studies from around the world has supported Murandu’s findings, including examples of successful sugar treatments on wounds resistant to antibiotics. Even so, Murandu faces an uphill battle. Funding for further research would help him reach his ultimate goal – to convince the NHS to use sugar as an alternative to antibiotics. But a great deal of medical research is funded by pharmaceutical companies. And these companies, he points out, have little to gain from paying for research into something they can’t patent.
The sugar is the plain, granulated type you might use to sweeten your tea
The sugar Murandu uses is the plain, granulated type you might use to sweeten your tea. In the same in vitro trials, he found that there was no difference between using cane or beet sugar. Demerara, however, wasn’t as effective.
The pilot showed that strains of bacteria grew in low concentrations of sugar but were completely inhibited in higher concentrations. Murandu started recording case studies in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Lesotho (where he first trained in nursing). Included among them is a woman living in Harare.
“The woman’s foot had been measured, ready to be amputated, when my nephew called me,” Murandu says. “She had had a terrible wound for five years, and the doctor wanted to amputate. I told her to wash the wound, apply sugar, leave it and repeat.
“The woman still has her leg.”
This, he says, is one example of why there is so much interest in his methods, particularly from parts of the world where people can’t afford antibiotics.

Sugar could be considered an effective method of wound treatment (Credit: Getty Images)
Researchers like Moses Murandu are pushing for sugar to be considered an effective method of wound treatment (Credit: Getty Images)

In total, Murandu has now carried out clinical studies on 41 patients in the UK. He hasn’t yet published the trial results but has presented them at national and international conferences. One question he had to answer during his research was whether sugar could be used on diabetic patients, who commonly have leg and foot ulcers. Diabetics need to control the level of glucose in their blood so this isn’t an obvious healing method to use on them.
But he found that it worked for diabetics without sending their glucose levels soaring. “Sugar is sucrose – you need the enzyme sucrase to convert that into glucose,” he says. As sucrase is found within the body, it is only when the sugar is absorbed that it is converted. Applying it to the outside of the wound isn’t going to affect it in the same way.
While Murandu continues his research on human patients, across the Atlantic US veterinarian Maureen McMichael has been using this healing method on animals for years.
McMichael, who works at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital, first started using both sugar and honey on pets back in 2002. She said it was a combination of the simplicity of the method and the low cost that attracted her – especially for pet owners who couldn’t afford the usual methods of bringing the animal to the hospital and using sedation.
McMichael says that they keep both sugar and honey in their surgery and often used it on dogs and cats (and occasionally on farm animals). Honey has similar healing properties to sugar (one study found it to be even more effective at inhibiting bacterial growth), though it is more expensive.

The sugar treatment may work on wounds afflicting not only people, but pets
The sugar treatment may work on wounds afflicting not only people, but pets (Credit: Getty Images)

“We have had some really great successes with this,” McMichael says. She gave an example of a stray dog that had come to them after being used as “pitbull bait”, hung from a harness and attacked by pitbulls being trained for fighting. The dog came in with up to 40 bite wounds on each limb – and was healed within eight weeks.
“She was a stray so there was no money for her. We treated her with both honey and sugar and she did fabulously,” McMichael says. “She’s all healed now.”
As well as being cheaper, sugar has another upside: as more and more antibiotics are used, we are becoming resistant to them.
As well as being cheaper, sugar has another upside: as more and more antibiotics are used, we are becoming resistant to them
Back in the UK, tissue engineering specialist Sheila MacNeil of the University of Sheffeld has researched how naturally occurring sugars can be used to stimulate the re-growth of blood vessels. Her research stemmed from from her work on tumours, when she noticed that one particular small sugar derived from the breakdown of DNA (2-deoxy-D-ribose) kept cropping up. MacNeil’s team experimented by applying this sugarto the membrane surrounding chick embryos. According to MacNeil, the sugar stimulated double the number of blood vessels than would grow without it.
But of course these types of naturally occurring sugars found in our bodies are a long way from the type of everyday sugar used by Murandu in his experiments. The “dream ticket”, MacNeil says, would be to find a sugar that could be used in both ways. She believes this is the next step research should take.
Meanwhile in Wolverhampton, Murandu’s plan is to set up a private clinic using his sugar method. He hopes that one day sugar will be commonly used, not only by the NHS but also at public hospitals in some of the other countries where he has been working. He continues to get regular emails from around the world, asking for his advice – and guides patients remotely over email and texting. His far-away clients send him photos of their results along with their gratitude when they are healed.
It is an ancient method and one used unofficially by many poor people in developing countries, but for Murandu it was only by coming to the UK that he realised the significance sugar could have in the medical world. He sees it as a blending of his local knowledge with the modern research facilities in Britain.
“Like sugar, the knowledge came raw from Zimbabwe, was refined here – and is now going back to help people in Africa,” he says.

Sarawalk Report - "Fake News" Defined

Sarawak Report

Salleh Just Defined "Fake News"!

30 March 2018

Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak has denied that the anti-fake news law is aimed at silencing debate on the 1MDB.
“But this is not true. There is nothing to stop anyone from debating or talking about 1MDB,” Salleh said in a blog posting this morning in response to critics.
However, he said, the issue is when a person spreads false information as “news” and “facts”.
“For example, we keep hearing ‘news’ that RM42 billion of 1MDB’s money has ‘disappeared’ into thin air when this has been officially explained and proven false.
“The bigger issue here is to deal with the irresponsible spread of such fake ‘news’ and ‘facts’, which applies to many other situations in our lives,” he added.
Salleh pointed out that when a lie is repeated many times, the people believe it to be the truth.
Source: Salleh Just Defined "Fake News"!


The Communications Minister himself has now confirmed what everyone has suspected, which is that the ‘Fake News’ bill is all about protecting Najib Razak over the 1MDB scandal and all his other corruptions. To silence the critics and cover-up.
The problem is that the world can see that it is all these cover-ups that are the Fake News, as Salleh’s claims and antics become all the more contradictory and ridiculous.
On this occasion he is claiming that ‘Fake News’ providers are saying that RM42 million “disappeared into thin air”.  In fact, what people are saying is that the money was traced by MACC investigators from 1MDB’s subsidiary SRC into Najib’s bank account, where amongst other things it was used to pay for a very wasteful and ineffective anti-ageing treatment for his wife.
We know this, because the documents have been leaked and the details corroborated, including the cheque paid to the anti-ageing doctor in that particular case, which was confirmed by his alternative medicine association boss.
Not only that, Salleh’s own Attorney General waved the MACC papers that showed the same money trail in front of cameras at the very press conference Salleh is referring to when he says “this has been officially explained and proven false”.
As the facts pile up world-wide in this 1MDB investigation, amidst asset seizures, court rulings, jail sentences and all the rest.  Salleh and Najib are left only bleating ‘Fake News, Fake News’.
It has become a very sad joke at the expense of the dignity of Malaysia.

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What Google and Facebook know about you

What Google and Facebook know about you

An expert has investigated the data that two internet companies possess and warns others on extent of privacy intrusion.
A technical consultant probes data Facebook and Google have on him [Reuters]
A technical consultant probes data Facebook and Google have on him [Reuters]
Google and Facebook know almost everything a smartphone owner does online or offline and store the information even if the owner deletes the data on the device, a technical consultant and web developer has written on his Twitter account.
"Want to freak yourself out?," wrote Dylan Curran. "I'm gonna show just how much of your information the likes of Facebook and Google store about you without you even realising it."
Here is a selection of points from Curran's list:
  • Google stores your location (if you have it turned on) every time you turn on your phone, and you can see a timeline from the first day you started using Google on your phone. 
    [Courtesy of Dylan Curran]
  • Google stores search history across all your devices on a separate database, so even if you delete your search history and phone history, Google still stores everything until you go in and delete everything, and you have to do this on all devices. 
  • Google creates an advertisement profile based on your information, including your location, gender, age, hobbies, career, interests, relationship status, possible weight (need to lose 10lbs in one day?) and income. 
  • Google stores information on every app and extension you use, how often you use them, where you use them, and who you use them to interact with (who do you talk to on facebook, what countries are you speaking with, what time you go to sleep at). 
  • Google stores all of your YouTube history, so they know whether you're going to be a parent soon, if you're a conservative, if you're a progressive, if you're Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, if you're feeling depressed or suicidal, if you're anorexic. 
  • Google offers an option to download all of the data it stores about you, "I've requested to download it and the file is 5.5GB big, which is roughly three million Word documents. "
  • Facebook offers a similar option to download all your information, mine was roughly 600mb, which is roughly 400,000 Word documents.
  • This includes every message you've ever sent or been sent, every file you've ever sent or been sent, all the contacts in your phone, and all the audio messages you've ever sent or been sent.
    [Courtesy of Dylan Curran]
  • Facebook also stores what it thinks you might be interested in based off the things you've liked and what you and your friends talk about.
  • Somewhat pointlessly, they also store all the stickers you've ever sent on Facebook.
  • They also store every time you log into Facebook, where you logged in from, what time, and from what device.
  • And they store all the applications you've ever had connected to your Facebook account, "so they can guess I'm interested in politics and web and graphic design, that I was single between X and Y period with the installation of Tinder, and I got a HTC phone in November".
  • Side-note, if you have Windows 10 installed, this is a picture of just the privacy options with 16 different sub-menus, which have all of the options enabled by default when you install Windows 10.
  • This includes tracking where you are, what applications you have installed, when you use them, what you use them for, access to your webcam and microphone at any time, your contacts, your e-mails, your calendar, your call history, the messages you send and receive.
  • This includes tracking where you are, what applications you have installed, when you use them, what you use them for, access to your webcam and microphone at any time, your contacts, your e-mails, your calendar, your call history, the messages you send and receive.
  • The files you download, the games you play, your photos and videos, your music, your search history, your browsing history, even what radio stations you listen to.
  • This is one of the craziest things about the modern age, we would never let the government or a corporation put cameras/microphones in our homes or location trackers on us, but we just went ahead and did it ourselves because fuck it I want to watch cute dog videos.
  • Here's the search history document, which has 90,000 different entries, even showing the images I downloaded and the websites I accessed (I showed ThePirateBay section to show much damage this information can do).
  • "Here's my Google Calendar broken down, showing all the events I've ever added, whether I actually attended them, and what time I attended them at (this part is what I went for an interview for a Marketing job, and what time I arrived at)."
  • "This is my Google Drive, which includes files I explicitly deleted including my resume, my monthly budget, and all the code, files, and websites I've ever made, and even my PGP private key, which I deleted, which I use to encrypt e-mails."
  • "This is my Google Fit, which shows all of the steps I've ever taken, any time I walked anywhere, and all the times I've recorded any meditation/yoga/workouts I've done (I deleted this information and revoked Google Fit's permissions)."
    [Courtesy of Dylan Curran]
  • "This is all the photos ever taken with my phone, broken down by year, and includes metadata of when and where I took the photos."
  • "And now my Google Activity, this has thousands of files, so I'll just do a short summary of what they have."
  • "Firstly every Google Ad I've ever viewed or clicked on, every app I've ever launched or used and when I did it, every website I've ever visited and what time I did it at, and every app I've ever installed or searched for".
  • "Every image I've ever searched for and saved, every location I've ever searched for or clicked on, every news article I've ever searched for or read, and every single Google search I've made since 2009".
  • "And then finally, every YouTube video I've ever searched for or viewed, since 2008".

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Sarawak Report - End the Shame (M'sia)

Sarawak Report

End The Shame!

28 March 2018

As an outraged yellow crowd of protestors rallied outside the Parliament today, the rest of the world was waking up to Najib’s shameless display of unabashed and blatant vote-rigging.
One veteran Malaysia-watcher in the UK Parliament, Ann Clywd MP (who exploded the Arms for Aid scandal involving Najib when Minister of Defence), immediately submitted the following three questions, tabled this afternoon:
Rt Hon Ann Clwyd MP has tabled the following written questions today:
– To ask the Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office what assessment he has made of the political situation in Malaysia in the run-up to general elections this year.
– To ask the Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office whether his Department has made an assessment of the impacts of proposed electoral boundary changes in Malaysia.
– To ask the Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office whether he or his officials have made or will make representations to his counterparts in Malaysia about the possible negative impacts of proposed legislation to criminalise “fake news”.
The additional, shocking attempt to exploit the ‘Fake News’ agenda of President Trump to clamp down on criticism over his own notorious corruption has also not escaped the growing international attention gathering around Najib’s imminent re-election bid.
But, this Prime Minister is focused now on his domestic battle and he thinks once these measures have been secured he will have the election licked.
After all, bulldozing through an outrageous re-delineation worked well for BN in Sarawak in 2016, along with a good dose of bullying and bribing of vulnerable voters in isolated communities.  So, he reckons he can put the same tactic to work with similar effect nationwide.
Mahathir and the opposition believe the blatant attempts to cheat  will backfire amongst voters
Mahathir and the opposition believe the blatant attempts to cheat will backfire amongst voters
But, opponents believe he has utterly misread the situation.  Maybe, they say, he has forgotten that Adenan Satem had the distinction of being a popular and still relatively untested local leader?  On the other hand, there is no one in Malaysia who hasn’t now got the measure of the thieving ‘Cover-up Couple’ of Putrajaya!
Today it was realised that the forced through changes have even re-instated the worst proposed abuses that the Electoral Commission had earlier dropped, in the face of protests that they had not been able to seriously contest.
No wonder the Prime Minister had arranged to keep the entire bill secretly under wraps until the very morning that he released it for ‘Parliamentary scrutiny’ followed by an afternoon hearing with a vote before tea-time.
Based on voting patterns for the last election, analysts reckon that the jiggery-pokery could secure a raft of no less than 7 extra seats for BN in Selangor alone.  Everyone knows how the party and their boss crave control of Selangor with its carefully tended budget surplusses of tens of billions of ringgit.
If Najib can get his hands on the keys to Selangor’s coffers he knows that he could solve no end of holes in the public finances that he and his gang of thieves have left gaping over the past few years.  It is the ultimate prize and he is thirsting for it and now, with this ‘redelineation’ he thinks he has it.
Kept on the leash by police - Najib's favourite Red Shirt thug Jamal Yunus
Kept on the leash by police – Najib’s favourite Red Shirt thug Jamal Yunus
Najib’s good friend and close supporter, Jamal Yunus of the Red Shirt brigade, added his special brand of thuggishness to the mix meanwhile, by regretting at a press conference that the police had prevented him from beating up the peaceful rally and from kicking in the veteran politician Lim Kit Siang, who had protested the bill inside the building.
Yet, putting a bit of stick about is clearly what the Prime Minister likes to see, since he has never reprimanded or cautioned Yunus over his violent threats. To the contrary, he recently lent his presence to a ‘kindly initiative’ launched by the Red Shirt leader to hand out food to poor people during the period running up to this election.  Even the poor have votes after all.
It would therefore be appropriate if this ‘Malay Supremacist NGO’ leader would display the finances that have enabled him to extend his kind largesse. If it came out of his own earnings, then let us see it.
KUALA LUMPUR 28 NOVEMBER 2017. Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak meluangkan masa bersama pengunjung Restoran Gabungan NGO 1Malaysia yang menyajikan makan tengahari percuma kepada rakyat Malaysia dari pelbagai lapisan di Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur, tengah hari tadi. NSTP/Twitter Jabatan Perdana Menteri
Have some of my kind friend Jamal’s Red Shirt makan.  Mind you he keeps sticks and thugs as well for those who don’t cooperate!

Fatal Flaw In BN’s GE14 Game Plans

However, at a risk of tipping Najib Razak off over the failings of his well laid plans, there is a well-know caution for all campaigners, which is to be wary of fighting the last campaign, rather than the present challenge.
Najib has now organised matters so that if all Malaysians were to vote the same way as they did in 2013 then he could now expect a handsome win.  He has long since lured PAS away from the opposition to create three cornered fights, after all, and now he has forensically shunted around voters so that opposition folk are all stuffed into a few seats and BN voters moved into places they can tip the balance.
He can also play around with military and other postal votes as he pleases – and let’s not even start on the crazy abuses spotted across the electoral register (eg 70 people in one family house), which invariably seem to benefit BN.
Yet, the flaw in all of the above is Najib’s assumption is that all the people who voted for him last time (when he too was relatively new and preaching reform and the economy had yet to be pillaged into its present state) will vote for him again.
Still trusted?
Still trusted?
In 2013 people only suspected that Rosmah was a profligate woman, now they know that she and her husband have been stealing their public money by the billions of dollars and that they are willing to pull every trick in the book to try and keep doing it. Are the same former BN voters really prepared to retain such a treacherous couple in power, merely in return for a bag or two of rice?
Let them think so!
Even in a democracy ordinary people don’t often have the chance to put a stop to abuses by the powerful, but voters know that elections are there specifically to deal with problems like the Kleptocratic Couple and their clique of cronies, now known to the world as the authors of the world’s biggest recorded plunder of public money, 1MDB (just the tip of the iceberg).
People who voted BN last time may go ahead and vote them back.  On the other hand, they now have the alternative to vote for the former BN Deputy Prime Minister, together with former BN Prime Minister of 20 years, who are pledged to lead the country back into a safe place together with opposition reformers who have joined hands to save the nation.
They will take their pick. It doesn’t appear to be a tough choice.

Undi Rosak

Of course, Najib dismisses any idea that the solid Malay vote would desert his party (even if it is no longer the party it once was).  Even so, he will have left nothing to chance and will have splashed millions as always on the very latest tip-top international election consultants that taxpayers’ money can buy.
And who better to dial in than the company that have claimed to have orchestrated Donald Trump’s stunning election win, in the face of all the odds, and the UK Brexit also?
SCL/Cambridge Analytica already have a special office in KL and have taken the plaudits from the successful Sarawak Campaign and Kedah, where they were contracted to employ their ‘laboratory scientific’ and ‘military grade’ techniques in order to influence unwitting voters, who didn’t even know they were hired to help BN.
Since 2015 the firm has further notoriously developed its so called ‘big data’ techniques, thanks to stealing millions and millions of people’s Facebook information.  This is what they have boasted as using to target covert political advertising presenting millions of ‘dark ads’ with different variations designed to appeal to different people, depending on their detected existing opinions – thanks to Facebook.
It is currently a major scandal in Britain and America where voters are realising how they may have been duped into voting for SCL’s clients, namely Trump and Brexit.  SCL has an office in KL and, as Sarawak Report has revealed, a shareholder is one of Prime Minister Najib’s key political allies in the UK, Lord Marland.
Malaysians should therefore probably brace themselves for just such advertisements via new media over the coming election period.
Likewise, young Malaysians should by now be in a position to see through the ‘Undi Rosak’ campaign that was suddenly launched via new media and flashed through all the newspapers at the start of the year.
Spontaneous campaigns by students, do not just pop up ready packaged, with special forums and road shows all mapped out to encourage as much of the youth vote as possible to stay at home.  Innocent, idealists are being manipulated if they think so.
After all, the youth vote was always BN’s biggest challenge and disillusionment was always the easiest way to handle it.  The big lesson learned from Trump’s campaign, it is all agreed, is that it was the lack of turn out by the Bernie Sanders student brigade that lost the Democrats their victory.
Match that with BN’s existing knowledge that their weakest area is with young voters and the advice from Cambridge Analytica’s suave team of ex-Etonian advisors was always going to be obvious.
Create a new media campaign that tells young voters not to vote and base it on disillusionment over the ‘old leaders’ of Harapan. Bingo, you have neutralised the youth vote.  Indeed, if SCL/Cambridge Analytica are not encouraging and assisting Undi Rosak they have been slouching on the job, because as BN’s advisors they ought to have been!
Speaking to a UK Parliamentary Select Committee hearing into the Facebook/Cambridge Anaylitca/SCL scandal yesterday, whistleblower Chris Wyliemade the following observations about the company:
He said that SCL would help politicians win elections in African countries so it could use its influence to broker commercial deals and line their pockets.
Describing how SCL operates, Mr Wylie said: ‘You can be a colonial master in these countries…it was very much like a privatized colonial operation’
He also revealed more details about the characters behind Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group…
He said: ‘You have to remember that a lot of these people are very wealthy already….
“Going into the developing world and running a country is something that appeals to them.”  [Daily Mail]
Sarawak Report suggests that Malaysians will in fact be making up their own minds at this election, whatever Najib’s covert foreign advisors presume to tell him.  Indeed, Malaysians may lead the world and show how to go about throwing out a shameless and embarassing leader!

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Cell tower radiation confirmed to cause cancer in animals

Cell tower radiation confirmed to cause cancer in animals

Image: Cell tower radiation confirmed to cause cancer in animals
(Natural News) It’s not surprising that so many people have cancer nowadays. Carcinogens are in the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe. We might be able to control what we choose to eat and drink, but the invisible dangers you’re exposed to in your daily life are another story entirely. If you happen to live within range of a cell phone tower, the news is grim: Another study can now be added to the growing pile of evidence linking cell phone tower radiation with cancer.
Researchers from the respected Ramazzini Institute have released the results of a sweeping lifetime study that involved exposing lab animals to environmental levels of radiation from cell towers. Their findings not only supported those of the U.S. National Toxicology Program that linked the radiation to a rare heart cancer in male rats known as Schwannoma of the heart, but they also discovered a higher incidence of malignant brain tumors in female rats. Rats of both genders displayed precancerous conditions like Schwann cell hyperplasia. In addition, the exposed rats had lower litter weights, raising particular concerns for children and pregnant women who live near these towers.

Study makes up for past studies’ shortcomings

What sets this study apart is the fact that the rats were exposed to levels of radiofrequency radiation that are below the permitted amounts set by the U.S. FCC. This means they are akin to the levels that people can legally be exposed to in the United States. While the National Toxicology Program reached similar findings, it had been criticized for using higher doses of radiation in its study.
In the Ramazzini study, nearly 2,500 rats were exposed to 1.8 GHz GSM radiofrequency radiation at exposures like those given off by cell tower antennas for 19 hours per day. Another factor that makes the study unique is that the animals were allowed to live until they died naturally so that any late-developing tumors could still be detected. This is crucial because 80 percent of human cancers are considered late-developing as they occur in humans after turning 60.
The researchers, led by study author Dr. Fiorella Balpoggi, are calling on the International Agency for Research on Cancer to re-evaluate its stance on the cancer-causing potential of this type of radiation in humans.

Renewed vigor in calls for protection from dangerous radiation

Other experts have echoed the researchers’ concerns. Toxicology Professor and Environmental Research Editor-in-Chief Dr. Jose Domingo stated: “This important article from one of the most acclaimed institutions of its kind in the world provides a major new addition to the technical literature indicating strong reasons for concern about electromagnetic radiation from base stations or cell towers.”
Dr. David O. Carpenter, a former School of Public Health Dean at the University at Albany, said that this study shows that those living close to cell towers should be concerned. He called on governments to take steps to reduce the exposures of cell tower emissions and ensure they are not placed near hospitals, schools, or homes.
In addition, he’d like to see public health agencies educate the public on ways to reduce their exposure not just to cell tower radiation but all sources of dangerous wireless radiofrequency radiation, such as Wi-Fi in schools and cell phones.
The matter is even more urgent, Dr. Carpenter pointed out, as plans move forward to place 5G “small cell” cell towers approximately every 300 meters around the country. He says this will make avoiding exposure very difficult, and it will raise people’s risk of cancer and diseases like electro-hypersensitivity.

Defeat the EC redelineation efforts by turning up to VOTE BN out of office

Wong’s offer to pay fine for breaking embargo declined

Wong’s offer to pay fine for breaking embargo declined
Chin Huat of Engage says he is prepared to pay the RM1,000 fine for breaking the embargo on the redelineation report if Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia changes his mind. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Farhan Nazmi, March 27, 2018.
THE offer made by a member of electoral reform pressure group to pay RM1,000 for breaking the embargo on the redelineation report was declined.
Wong Chin Huat of Engage said he had met with Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia's secretary Ali Zulfakar Zainal who said what he did had nothing to do with the Parliament.
"Ali declined my offer and said that it has nothing to do with the Parliament (as I did it outside the Parliament), hence the question of a fine doesn't arise.
"I thanked him and am prepared to pay if the speaker changes his mind. I was accompanied by two parliamentarians, Sim (Tze Tzin) from Bayan Baru and Teo (Yu Keng) from Miri," said Wong in a statement today.
Wong said the breaking of the embargo will send a strong signal to Malaysians to defeat gerrymandering by turning out to vote.
"Malaysia's future should be decided by all her 14.8 million voters, and not seven members of the Election Commission.
"The last time we let seven other EC members decide this country's fate in 2003, we paid the price in 2013 when the people's votes cannot decide which parties form the government," he said.
Earlier today, the group said it will upload the embargoed redelineation report on its website.
Wong said the report is crucial for Malaysians to read, saying that what is being done in the redelineation process is not right. – March 27, 2018.
Yes, all M'sians should turn up and VOTE - vote Umno/BN out of POWER!

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