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Sarawak Anti-Taib protests planned in London, Ottawa

Anti-Taib protests planned in London, OttawaFMT Staff | February 24, 2011 Taib Mahmud's worst nightmare is begining to unfold as planned protests in London and Ottawa against injustices to indigenous communities get underway.KUCHING: As regimes fall and more disgruntled citizens rise against oppressors, Sarawak is seeing its own revolt against “corrupt” Chief Minister Taib Mahmud.International human rights and environmental campaigners abroad are organising protests in London and Ottawa (Canada) against Taib’s plundering ways.The campaigns are seen as a likely start to a series of protests against the injustices perpetrated against the indigenous communities in Sarawak and the massive raping of the Borneo rainforest.The announcement of the protests comes on the back of the Swiss-based Bruno Manser Fund’s (BMF) latest revelation that Taib and his family’s wealth is directly linked to companies in eight countries around the world.The BMF blacklist noted 13 companies in Malaysia alone…

Sarawak - Natives accuse newspaper of telling lies

Natives accuse newspaper of telling liesJoseph Tawie | February 22, 2011 Increasing cases of armed gangster attacks on natives over land disputes is worrying Sarawak PKR.KUCHING: Angry residents of Rumah Ranggong in Ulu Niah, who were harassed by armed thugs last week over their native customary rights (NCR) land, have accused a local newspaper of “spinning lies” and portraying them as the “aggressors” in the incident.The newspaper report headlined “Police finally move to diffuse standoff” allegedly stated that it was the natives who had threatened oil palm company BLD Resources with the use of force.The report also claimed that the longhouse residents were taking over the BLD estate, illegally harvesting oil palm fruits along the roadside and had seized three tractors in order to harvest more fruits.The report also claimed that the villagers had allegedly threatened the workers of the company with bodily harm if the company continued to lodge police reports.Longhouse Security and Deve…

Orang Asli get bridge, no thanks to BN

Orang Asli get bridge, no thanks to BNHumayun Kabir | February 11, 2011 Ex-MB Nizar to open Democratic Bridge near Sungai SiputSUNGAI SIPUT: The Orang Asli of Kampung Perje are celebrating the recent completion of a much needed bridge across Sungai Pelas here, but they are not thanking the government for it.The narrow suspension bridge is the result of people power, goodwill and a lot of determination from the MP of Sungai Siput, Parti Socialis Malaysia’s (PSM) Dr D Jeyakumar.It will be officially opened on Feb 20 by Perak Pakatan Rakyat chief, ousted menteri besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin. But it is already the talk of this small town, and the locals have begun referring to it as the “Democratic Bridge”.The other talk of the town is the true git of Jeyakumar, who, having tried and failed several times to get government funds to help his constituents, decided to fund the cost of materials through donations and persuaded the locals to provide the labour.Jeyakumar won the Sungai Siput…