Monday, March 28, 2016

Let Proton die!

Najib should not bail out Proton by giving them RM1.5 billion. If Proton still cannot make it after 33 years then too bad. Let it die. 

Proton has been around for 33 years and it still cannot make money. It is still bleeding and now needs RM1.5 billion to stay afloat. But Mahathir calls the 1MDB exercise a bailout while the Proton bailout is not called a bailout.
What we want to know is how much has Proton cost the nation in 33 years and is still costing the nation and will still cost the nation as we go along unless the government cuts its losses and closes Proton down.
Would RM100 billion be a safe estimate? Of course, we must also include the indirect cost to the nation. For example, the AP for cars costs a huge amount of money and we wrote about it over ten years ago.
It is estimated that APs have cost the nation about RM50-55 billion since the 1970s. And the worse thing is the consumer is directly paying for this due to the high cost of cars.
Yes, .Let Proton die!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Act now to keep future leaders in check

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Zaid: Act now to keep future leaders in check

 | March 27, 2016
Former law minister calls a thousand villages to rise and bring down the walls of secrecy
SHAH ALAM: The country’s institutions need to be rebuilt so that no future leader can act as he pleases without a proper check and balance, former law minister Zaid Ibrahim said today.
Speaking at the opening of the People’s Congress, Zaid dealt with the question of the next steps for those who have launched the Save Malaysia movement
“I want to suggest four things. The first is for us to approach those in the rural areas who are still concerned about change, who are still scared and confused of the new leadership’s goals. Explain to those who have yet to understand how power abuse and corruption are the main reasons they continue to ‘ kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang’ ( live from hand to mouth).
“Let us walk to a thousand villages and rural areas whilst talking of a better future for them when they have leaders who are honest and transparent,” said Zaid to more than a thousand people gathered at the Shah Alam Convention Centre.
He also called for the opportunity to have the country shaken by the voices of the “courageous” youth who were no longer strangers to national issues.
He called on all political leaders to fight for a better life for the millions of workers sidelined by those in power and their cronies.
The people of Sabah and Sarawak, long the stronghold of the ruling government, were urged to rise and change the current regime.
“The fight to defend our country will only succeed if there is a strong cooperation by all, no matter where they are located.”
He promised that those who had threatened dissenters with incarceration that they would be the ones to serve their lives behind bars once the people regained the power that had been forcibly taken away from them.
“Malaysia is now managed in secrecy through all sorts of Acts. The most obvious is the Official Secrets Act which had been greatly abused. The Attorney-General (Mohamed Apandi Ali) wants to sentence those who leak confidential government secrets to a life in prison.
“I want to remind Apandi that the country’s official secrets are not the same as the secrets of our national crooks. Them, and their cronies are the ones we will imprison once the Rakyat comes to power.
“Let us bring down these walls of secrecy. No more keeping our anger to ourselves, or sharing our fears with our wives or our friends in the mosque or coffee shops. The time has come for us to act,” he said.
Yes, let us gather the folks esp. from Malay villagers, rural areas, urban folks, illiterate, educated to RISE UP and end this evil vicious cycle of corruption, injustice, abuse of power, compromise of judiciary, MACC, AG and prosecutors' office. The ROBBING of the Nation's coffers must END, as the country will go BROKE as what can be seen in the implementation of GST as corruption has help deplete the Treasury's Funds. Let's RISE UP together and end Umno/BN rule without any violence.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

What is the whole fuss on the CM’s house about?

What is the whole fuss on the CM’s house about?

Everyone seems to be asking Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to go on leave, the question is why should he if he has done no wrong? Since when do we have a law which forces the willing seller of a property to sell one’s property at market price? Who determines the market price?
We have the freedom to contract in this country and that is what most of those who wield power in Putrajaya do when it comes to the huge and luxurious properties that they have amassed in their list of properties that they own.
If the seller chooses to sell at a certain price which the Valuation Department of the Inland Revenue Board thinks is below the market rate determined by its valuers, then the Department values the property at the market rate and determines the stamp duty payable, although the purchase price is lower than the so-called market price.
The Valuation Department always takes the higher amount. Therefore if the property is actually valued at about RM6.5 million as the dissidents seem to accuse the purchaser of escaping, then there must a clear reason for this.
Are all the properties in the famed Taman Manggis that expensive? Or does a normal old bungalow house with some extensions here and there which even most civil servants of humble origins do to their houses suddenly become super-expensive because the buyer happens to be the chief minister of Penang?
If a closer look at the house is made, the house doesn’t seem that big and great at all! It is a normal double storey bungalow which is the types that were built during the 70s and early 80s. This kind of houses can be seen everywhere in most old housing estates in Old Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, Ampang, Old Klang Road, Petaling Jaya, Setapak, Klang, Ipoh and Taiping, to name a few.
For extensive renovations to be done to such buildings with a view to then hike up the valuation price of these properties to exorbitant amounts is just plain bulls**t.
Who governs this? Is the Valuation Department bothered? We don’t see Valuation Department staffers at the site of the properties which are in the midst of the process of being sold to actually take down details to prepare a valuation report! Only Bank valuers do that at the moment. So what a load of crap are most of these dissidents harping about?
Furthermore the seller has been very clear in her statutory declaration that she had intended to sell the house to the CM of Penang after having promised his wife that she would sell it to them at that given price once they are ready to purchase it. This purchase has been blown to this magnitude just because the purchaser of the property is none other than Lim Guan Eng who is a leader who is known to stand up to the notion of Malay supremacy and might which the ruling federal government expects every citizen in this country to conform to.
Most of the comments coming from the pallbearer parties within the federal ruling coalition don’t seem to make any sense at all. Have they perused the Contracts Act 1950 on the area of offer and acceptance before making their comments?
One is sure that Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng know that the entire Malay pro-establishment diaspora and those who are in blind allegiance to them will have a highly-powered magnifying glass from above looking into every detail of their lives to see if everything is above board so will there be any attempt to skirt around issues if there is one to begin with?
Now, there is a question of a purchaser having to know what the market price of a property that he or she is interested in before one starts the process of purchasing the said property; Yes, agreed. But what stops the seller from selling at a price which he or she prefers to sell? Even if the property is valued at say RM6.5 million, what stops the seller from selling at a lower price if he or she is willing to do it even if it is not at the behest of the purchaser?
It is the Valuation Department’s responsibility
Can the seller be forced to sell at the market price? Or must the purchaser be duty bound by a duty of care to remind the seller to sell him the property at the market price even though the seller is not bothered? The whole thing looks very stupid! It is the Valuation Department’s responsibility to use its resources to find out the actual value of the property and determine the stamp duty based on that finding.
This entire episode is nothing but an attempt to demonise and cook up false allegations on Guan Eng and to play it up continuously like what they did to Anwar Ibrahim and see if the intended victim falls but sad to say, they are dealing with a Chinese male with a lot of scrotal gumption which many Chinese males in Malaysian politics wish they had but they don’t.
Most will be cowed by the might of the state and the media it controls when they continuously peddle lies in the hope of making it true if it is continuously repeated and then bury the political opponent once and for all. Guan Eng is not so stupid to make mistakes or direct the Valuation department to be favourable to him because of his position.
What the United Malays National Organisation (Umno), its pallbearer coalition partners, new-found friend PAS and so many NGOs and civil society groups have done is to further enhance and sodify Guan Eng’s position as the victim in the political games and ploys which they play to demonise and destroy him politically.
They fail to realise that by doing this, they further alienate the ethnic Chinese voters to become entrenched voters of the opposition coalition. It is not about being cocky, arrogant or being a braggart, it is about standing up to the notion of Malay supremacy and might, until and unless that is done, the bullying will never stop.

P DEV ANAND PILLAI is a social observer with keen interest in history, law, politics and international relations concerning our country and one who believes that our multi-cultural fabric is our greatest strength.
Yes indeed - What is the whole fuss on the CM’s house about?
What is RM2.8M compared to RM2.6B of the PM so-called donation.
By right he should face charges for not declaring this donation, wnether
it is a genuine donation or not.
If this country is a Western nation, 'his head would have rolled', only in Bolehland
can he escape.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Religious authorities Going after small SINS

KUALA LUMPUR, March 18 ― In a bid to show “how Sharia law looks like”, UK broadcaster Channel 4 recently published a short documentary on khalwat raids in Malaysia.
Titled Muslim, Trans and banned under its “Unreported World” segment, Channel 4 journalist Marcel Theroux joined officers from one of Malaysia’s state Islamic departments as they check hotel registers and arrest Muslims who commit khalwat (close proximity) as well as transgenders, the latter who religious authorities here deem as sexual deviants.
“If they are not married, we arrest them, and bring them to our office for further questioning,” one officer said in the clip which carries English subtitles.
 Muslim, Trans and banned
This is what strict Sharia Law looks like.Malaysia's transgender Muslims get some of the toughest treatment from the country's religious police - as Unreported World witnessed on patrol.
Posted by Channel 4 News on Thursday, March 17, 2016
The journalist expressed surprise in the video that someone can be arrested for “being with a girlfriend”.
“You want to be respectful of other people's culture, but on the other hand, you remember being 24 years old, and you think is it possible for me, as an adult, being arrested for being in a hotel room with my girlfriend?” he said.
The officers also explained that they can arrest transgenders on the street for not behaving and dressing according to their gender.
“A man should behave like a man and a woman should behave like a woman. We must respect the divine laws and sharia laws,” the officer in the video said.
Transgenders interviewed in the video also said they have been repeatedly arrested because they were also Muslims and had been caught crossdressing.
Respective state religious authorities all conduct regular raids and moral policing on Muslims here.
The penalty for khalwat is a maximum of two years' jail.
Malay moderates movement G25 and Perlis mufti Datuk Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin have both criticised khalwat raids before.
G25’s Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin said that khalwat is a “personal sin” and not a “crime”, while Asri said it is wrong to “snoop on others.”
Arrested transgenders are normally subjected to religious counselling and heavy fines, varying in degree according to each state's Shariah enactments.
Last October, the Federal Court overturned the Court of Appeal landmark decision that had declared as unconstitutional the Negeri Sembilan Shariah Criminal Enactment that criminalises cross-dressing.
I agree with them -
G25’s Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin said that khalwat is a “personal sin” and not a “crime”, while Asri said it is wrong to “snoop on others.”
Why are these religious authorities not also going after worse sins like Human rights abuses, corruption, rapes, police brutality, tortures, etc!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

South Korea and US forces provoking North Korea?

South Korea and US forces storm mock North Korea beach

Simulated landing drills form part of eight-week annual war games in South Korea, amid heightened tensions with North.

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US and South Korean troops have staged a large amphibious landing exercise, storming simulated North Korean beach defences amid heightened tension and threats by the North to annihilate its enemies.
The landing and assault drills on South Korea's east coast were part of eight weeks of joint exercises between the allies which the South has said are the largest ever.
The North has denounced the exercises as "nuclear war moves" and threatened to respond with an all-out offensive.
Tension on the Korean peninsula has been high since the North conducted its fourth nuclear test in January and followed that with a long-range rocket launch last month, triggering new UN sanctions.
About 55 US marine aircraft and 30 US and South Korean ships, including the USS Bonhomme Richard and USS Boxer, which carry AV-8B Harrier attack jets and V-22 Osprey aircraft, took part in the assault on beaches near Pohang city, the US navy said.
The Elite provoking Kim to react to these war exercises?
Is this the beginning of the END for Kim?
Kim and his evil regime to END soon ........

Thursday, March 10, 2016

PM's son ehrowing his weight around in S'pore

Controversy over yet another member of Najib’s family

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YOURSAY | ‘Norashman thought he is in Bolehland, but Singapore is a different...’
CQ Muar: Aide to PM’s wife Rizal Mansor, don't be too hasty to defend your boss' son with lame excuses. We understand your job is to speak on behalf of Rosmah Mansor, but don’t presume we are dumb.
You claim Norashman Najib is acknowledged for his skill and talent in handling the turntable, which raised questions on whether you actually know what the fuss is all about.
Norashman was perhaps trying to push his weight around in Singapore as a Malaysian PM's son. Wrong place and wrong people to show off, I'm afraid. Not in Singapore, anyway.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: If there is no truth to this incident, Fadi Wassef Naguib (Fila) would have just sign off for the day and hand over to Norashman gracefully.
When it is revealed that Zouk is owned by Genting, it is not surprising that such an incident took place.
Many children of Malaysian VVIPs are known to have thrown their weight around locally or internationally, especially if the organisations or institutions have Malaysian connections.
More importantly, why did Norashman frequent such a place, one which is shunned by Muslims here? Or maybe, when overseas, different rules apply.
When a poor Muslim eking out a small income in an outlet selling beer, the ulama were up in arms, forcing him to quit the job.
So now, what have the ulama got to say about the PM’s son frequenting such a place?
Res Ipsa: Yes, I wonder what Ashman was drinking at Zouk, teh tarik or some bottle of vintage liquor? Don't these clubs survive on the sale of expensive alcoholic drinks?
There is no need to be a rocket scientist to figure out why Zouk had to take good care of its VVIP customer.
By the way, if Ashman really wanted to show off his turntable skills as the finishing act, what is the harm in waiting until the DJs have completed their performance?
I am also wondering what was the response from the crowd when Ashman took over from the DJs.
The boy would certainly have got a dressing-down from Najib Razak for making matters worse for the embattled PM.
JD Lovrenciear: Can someone please tell the world why is an employee on the government's payroll (as aide to the PM's wife) taking time and effort to speak in defence of the son of the PM?
Myrights: What Rizal said is hearsay as he was not at the club personally. In the court of law, his statement would be inadmissible.
Fila (Fadi Wassef Naguib) was there, so who do you trust more? If you watch the video, you can see the clubbers' reaction too.
Fair&Just: Remember? Even the in-laws used Najib’s name to intimidate a bag seller in the US. What's not to believe?

The dance floor at Zouk Singapore cleared within five minutes after Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's son Norashman started his set on the turntable.
This is according to a freelance DJ, who was present at the club last Saturday when DJ Fila, who is one half of popular Egyptian trance duo Aly & Fila, was purportedly told to stop playing in order for Norashman to take the stage.
"The 'VIP guest' (Norashman) started his set with a classic trance song.
"After that, it sounded like radio hits and all of Fila's fans pretty much left the club," the 27-year-old freelance DJ, identified only as Nuwan, told Singapore's New Paper.
"It was a privilege to have Fila play his set here, but instead, he was asked to share the stage with an amateur. This is truly a disgrace to the music community in Singapore," he added.
Relating what transpired, another avid trance music fan Ray said he saw a group of people gathering behind the DJ booth at about 3.30am.
"One of them spoke to Fila. After about 10 minutes, he was spoken to again and he didn't look pleased at all. He then grabbed the microphone and told the crowd that this was his last track," said the financial analyst.
"Initially, we didn't know what was going on but halfway through, we realised that he was being told to end his set and it was followed by lots of jeering.
"Almost everyone in the club was there just to hear Fila play his set but we were so shocked that he was chucked to the side just because some 'VIP guest' wanted to play," he added.
Zouk regular Henry Soh, 45, said he saw the DJ storming out of the club immediately after.
"I wasn't happy with the way Fila's set ended. What was Zouk's management thinking when they disrupted a guest DJ's set just for a VIP?" he said, adding that he left after Norashman took over.
The incident became viral on social media when a video showing a furious DJ Fila telling the crowd that he has been told to stop his set for a prime minister's son started circulating.
However, in a statement issued later, Zouk Singaporedenied that DJ Fila was interrupted midway during their performance.
"Following up from our previous announcement pertaining to Aly & Fila's gig at Zouk on Saturday night, Zouk would like to clarify that DJ Fadi (Fila) was not at any point of time asked to end his set prematurely before the contracted set end time of 3.30am," it said.
Rizal Mansor, the aide to Norashman's mother Rosmah Mansor, also denied that the prime minister's son had forced DJ Fila to stop his set.
He said Norashman did not ask to perform at Zouk Singapore but went to the club on an invitation.
In a Facebook posting later, DJs Aly and Fila maintained that they were asked to stop their set to make way for Norashman.
Zouk was acquired by conglomerate Genting Hong Kong (Genting HK) last year for an undisclosed amount. While it is headquartered and listed in Hong Kong, with a secondary listing in Singapore, Genting HK is an affiliate of Malaysian conglomerate Genting Group, which Genting Singapore is a part of.
The PM family should buy a club just for their son to play his "DJ skills", with so many billions acquired from taxpayers money!!!


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sugar for Wounds

Sugar for Wounds: Do You Have It in Your First Aid Kit?

Sugar for Wounds
Sugar for Treating Wounds
The following is for informational purposes only. The information provided is not medical advice, and should not be considered as such. Any wound, cut or abrasion has the potential of becoming infected if not treated promptly and effectively. Certain wounds that become infected can be serious leading to loss of limb and possibly loss of life.
For over 4,000 years, medical practitioners have known about the wound healing properties of sugar. Now in Europe and in the U.K. in particular doctors, nurses and others directly responsible for the treatment of wounds and burns are bringing back this 4,000-year-old treatment.
Trials using patients with wounds have shown that the ancient treatment works. The reason sugar works to treat wounds is because sugar tends to draw water into its midst, through osmosis. This action both dries the bed of the wound to promote new tissue growth and dehydrates the bacterium that causes the infections in wounds, leaving the bacteria weak and fragile.

Sugar taken orally however will not destroy bacteria inside the body.
According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, sugar is hygroscopic and functions to dehydrate all bacteria. Bacterium of course requires water to survive and to multiply. Thus, the lack of water results in bacterial death.
“When bacteria die, they cannot reproduce. Therefore, infection cannot occur if all bacteria are eliminated in and around the wound” (Richard A. Knutson, MD).
Some studies have concluded that honey mixed with sugar can enhance the healing. It may be that the viscosity of the honey allows greater penetration into the wound and allows better contact with the wound. Honey also has certain anti-bacterial properties according to some experts.
The same theory applies when cooking oil is mixed with sugar to treat wounds. The oil or honey is mixed with sugar and applied as a salve. Petroleum jelly can also be applied to the bandage to help keep the sugar in place.
Puncture wounds are typically left open to promote healing.
A simple salve of sugar applied to the wound and covered loosely once it has stopped bleeding has the greatest effect according to most. Sugar in its granulated form will draw the moisture from the wound, which kills off the bacteria and prevents further growth.
In a survival situation, sprinkling granulated sugar in a wound may very well stop/prevent a serious infection. You must have clean water to irrigate the wound so that fresh sugar can be reapplied. Depending on the severity of the wound, you would change the dressing of sugar two to four times daily.
Proper hand sanitation is critical as well as having clean bandages available. Used cotton bandages can be rinsed well with clean water and then boiled for 10 minutes or longer to sterilize. The drying and handling process must be such as to prevent contamination of the bandages.
You can also mix povidone iodine (10 percent solution) with the sugar creating a paste to apply to the wound. The iodine will kill any bacteria present in and around the wound and the sugar will help stop any new growth.
The sugar paste is applied only after the wound has stopped bleeding and after the wound has been properly irrigated to remove any debris from the wound. Putting sugar and/or honey on a bleeding wound may cause it to bleed even more because they may interfere with the clotting process.
People tend to want to suture wounds in a survival situation before attempting other methods of wound closure or protection. Suturing is invasive and you should only suture if all other non-invasive methods have failed, when butterfly bandages or standard Band-Aids will not close the wound properly for example. Suture however, when bone can be seen or when you can see fatty tissue, which is yellow in color.
Closing a wound that has not been properly cleaned can trap debris/bacteria in the wound and could prevent the sugar and iodine if used from making contact with all parts of the wound. Suturing may be necessary if you do not have the means to treat the wound or cover the wound to prevent contamination, or the wound simply refuses to begin the healing process because of the separation of the tissue. However, if you do suture the wound you would still want to apply the sugar and/or other topical antiseptic.
Once again, the above is merely an opinion and is not medical advice. There will always be disagreement on when and how to suture and on how to treat wounds, so always consult with a medical professional before beginning any outdoor adventure.
What Is In Your Survival Medical Kit for Treating Wounds
  • Add granulated sugar to the list of items. Sugar you find on the grocery store shelves will work as long as it is pure granulated sugar. The physical properties of granulated sugar play an important role.
  • Make sure you have bandages (compression and pressure) and/or clean material to make bandages. Clean water is critical so you will need the means to collect and purify a water source.
  • Topical antiseptics such as povidone iodine should be in the kit as well.
  • Have material for a tourniquet in your kit and know how and when to use one. There are specific times when one is needed. Constricting or stopping blood flow to a limb can cause damage to tissue that is irreversible and can cause the loss of limb. Typically, a tourniquet is applied when there is an amputation of a limb or when there is, an arterial wound and bleeding cannot be controlled by compression.
  • Have a suture kit but again know how and when to suture a wound.
  • Have thermal blankets for treating shock
  • Medical Gloves
  • Razor knife or scalpel that has been protected from contamination
  • Over the counter or prescription pain medications
The list is by no means comprehensive. It must be adapted to suit specific needs.
Sugar will have to be packed so that it does not absorb moisture from the air and so it is not contaminated with dirt and other debris. Allowing the sugar to absorb moisture may reduce its effectiveness in treating wounds.
How much to pack, this depends. Assume you would have to treat yourself and anyone with you. One sugar packet the same kind found on restaurant tables probably would be considered one treatment if the wound is small. You would need up to four or more treatments per day, per wound.
Do not forgo professional medical treatment just because you have sugar on the wound. Seek medical help immediately if available. The above information is for emergency treatment only and the described treatments will have varying degrees of effectiveness.

Bill Gates and the World’s Elite DO NOT VACCINATE their own children

Bill Gates and the World’s Elite DO NOT VACCINATE their own children… and for good reason ( Natural News ) The absolute worst medical d...