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Let Proton die!

Najib should not bail out Proton by giving them RM1.5 billion. If Proton still cannot make it after 33 years then too bad. Let it die.

Proton has been around for 33 years and it still cannot make money. It is still bleeding and now needs RM1.5 billion to stay afloat. But Mahathir calls the 1MDB exercise a bailout while the Proton bailout is not called a bailout.
What we want to know is how much has Proton cost the nation in 33 years and is still costing the nation and will still cost the nation as we go along unless the government cuts its losses and closes Proton down. Would RM100 billion be a safe estimate? Of course, we must also include the indirect cost to the nation. For example, the AP for cars costs a huge amount of money and we wrote about it over ten years ago. It is estimated that APs have cost the nation about RM50-55 billion since the 1970s. And the worse thing is the consumer is directly paying for this due to the high cost of cars. Yes, .Let Proton die!

Act now to keep future leaders in check

Zaid: Act now to keep future leaders in check  | March 27, 2016 Former law minister calls a thousand villages to rise and bring down the walls of secrecy

What is the whole fuss on the CM’s house about?

What is the whole fuss on the CM’s house about?

Everyone seems to be asking Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to go on leave, the question is why should he if he has done no wrong? Since when do we have a law which forces the willing seller of a property to sell one’s property at market price? Who determines the market price? We have the freedom to contract in this country and that is what most of those who wield power in Putrajaya do when it comes to the huge and luxurious properties that they have amassed in their list of properties that they own. If the seller chooses to sell at a certain price which the Valuation Department of the Inland Revenue Board thinks is below the market rate determined by its valuers, then the Department values the property at the market rate and determines the stamp duty payable, although the purchase price is lower than the so-called market price. The Valuation Department always takes the higher amount. Therefore if the property is actually valued at ab…

Religious authorities Going after small SINS

KUALA LUMPUR, March 18 ― In a bid to show “how Sharia law looks like”, UK broadcaster Channel 4 recently published a short documentary on khalwat raids in Malaysia. TitledMuslim, Trans and bannedunder its “Unreported World” segment, Channel 4 journalist Marcel Theroux joined officers from one of Malaysia’s state Islamic departments as they check hotel registers and arrest Muslims who commit khalwat (close proximity) as well as transgenders, the latter who religious authorities here deem as sexual deviants. “If they are not married, we arrest them, and bring them to our office for further questioning,” one officer said in the clip which carries English subtitles. Muslim, Trans and banned This is what strict Sharia Law looks like.Malaysia's transgender Muslims get some of the toughest treatment from the country's religious police - as Unreported World witnessed on patrol. Posted byChannel 4 Newson Thursday, March 17, 2016 The journalist expressed surprise in the video that someo…

South Korea and US forces provoking North Korea?

South Korea and US forces storm mock North Korea beach Simulated landing drills form part of eight-week annual war games in South Korea, amid heightened tensions with North.14 Mar 2016 12:18 GMT|South Korea,North Korea,US & Canada,Asia Pacific,Politics Engagement: 1306

PM's son ehrowing his weight around in S'pore

Controversy over yet another member of Najib’s family Yoursay    PublishedToday 8:30 am    UpdatedToday 12:14 pmcomments
YOURSAY| ‘Norashman thought he is in Bolehland, but Singapore is a different...’ Najib's son didn't force anyone out to perform, says Rosmah’s aide CQ Muar:Aide to PM’s wife Rizal Mansor, don't be too hasty to defend your boss' son with lame excuses. We understand your job is to speak on behalf of Rosmah Mansor, but don’t presume we are dumb. You claim Norashman Najib is acknowledged for his skill and talent in handling the turntable, which raised questions on whether you actually know what the fuss is all about. Norashman was perhaps trying to push his weight around in Singapore as a Malaysian PM's son. Wrong place and wrong people to show off, I'm afraid. Not in Singapore, anyway. RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram:If there is no truth to this incident, Fadi Wassef Naguib (Fila) would have just sign off for the day and hand over to Norashman gracefully…

Sugar for Wounds

Sugar for Wounds: Do You Have It in Your First Aid Kit? Sugar for Treating Wounds The following is for informational purposes only. The information provided is not medical advice, and should not be considered as such. Any wound, cut or abrasion has the potential of becoming infected if not treated promptly and effectively. Certain wounds that become infected can be serious leading to loss of limb and possibly loss of life. For over 4,000 years, medical practitioners have known about the wound healing properties of sugar. Now in Europe and in the U.K. in particular doctors, nurses and others directly responsible for the treatment of wounds and burns are bringing back this 4,000-year-old treatment. Trials using patients with wounds have shown that the ancient treatment works. The reason sugar works to treat wounds is because sugar tends to draw water into its midst, through osmosis. This action both dries the bed of the wound to promote new tissue growth and dehydrates the bacterium that c…