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Malaysia: Christians inviting trouble over Alkitab row, say Muslim NGOs

Christians inviting trouble over Alkitab row, say Muslim NGOs UPDATED @ 06:55:42 PM 28-03-2011 By Debra Chong March 28, 2011 Pembela warned that Muslims would not keep silent in the row. — file pic KUALA LUMPUR, March 28 — Christians are inviting trouble with their provocative and extremist stand over resolving the impounding of Malay Bibles, an umbrella body representing 19 Muslim non-governmental organisations (NGOs) said today.The group, which calls itself the Islamic Defenders Organisation (Pembela), accused Malaysia’s minority Christian community of deliberately hurting the feelings of the majority Muslim community with its police reports and harsh statements in its attempt to resolve the ongoing Alkitab row, as the controversy has come to be known.In its statement today, Pembela demanded that the Christian groups involved in the row return to the mutual respect among religious followers based on the Federal Constitution, legal provision and various other official decisions.It warned …

Christians say fed up with Najib administration

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Scavengers who put Sarawak to Shame

Waiting hopefully at the re-cycling dump for something they may be able to use or sell to buy food While Taib Mahmud used his BN party convention (staged at the new Borneo Convention Centre, which he corruptly hired his own family to build and manage) to lash out at the ”liars and cowards”, who dare criticise his policies of ’progress and development’, Sarawak Report took receipt of a tape, some interviews and photographs.The material shows the scavengers who scrounge their living out of the re-cycling dump in the car park of his own Borneo Development Corporation! The scenes take place every day just 150 meters from the office of his political secretary Karim Hamza, who also enjoys the job as Chairman of the BDC.Sarawak is Malaysia’s richest state and has a small population. Billions have been raided from the jungles and from oil and all this wealth is plainly reflected in the vast homes and wealth of the Taib family and theirbusiness associates. However, it is clear that sharing s…