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Anwar Ibrahim released

(CNN) -- Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim Thursday called his arrest on sodomy charges a "dirty trick and conspiracy" orchestrated by authorities in the country trying to discredit him."This is a trick to deflect from the problem of corruption and mismanagement of the economy," Anwar told CNN.The arrest Wednesday, which the U.S. State Department said "raises serious questions and concerns," is the second time Anwar, one of Asia's best-known opposition leaders, has been incarcerated on charges including sodomy and comes after a coalition he led gained seats in the country's parliamentary elections.Anwar, who was released on bail earlier Thursday, said his arrest and the whole investigation is being conducted by the same police officials whom he claims hid evidence that could have cleared him in his sodomy-related conviction in 1999.The opposition leader said he was ambushed Wednesday by police when he was trying to turn himself in, strip s…

Anwar Ibrahim Arrested over sodomy allegations

WASHINGTON - THE United States said on Wednesday that the arrest of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim over sodomy allegations sodomy has raised 'serious concerns.''We believe the detention today of prominent Malaysian opposition figure Anwar Ibrahim raises serious questions and concerns,' State Department spokesman Mr Sean McCormack said in a statement. 'We urge Malaysian authorities to resolve this matter in a manner that builds confidence in the impartial rule of law in Malaysia,' he said. Mr Anwar underwent a long interrogation at the Malaysian police headquarters on Wednesday and was then taken to hospital for a medical examination and would be held overnight at an undisclosed location, his lawyers said. Mr Anwar's wife Ms Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said she feared for his safety, after the events of a decade ago when he was sacked as deputy premier, beaten up by the police chie…
V. Rome has just invented "Prayer Pills"!
From: Cutting Edge Weekly Newsletter

The Roman Catholic Church continues to invent purely pagan ways in which to deceive their followers straight into an eternal Hell!NEWS BRIEF: "Brazilians in need, physical or spiritual, seek St. Galvao's pills", The Georgia Bulletin, May 15, 2007"SAO PAULO, Brazil (CNS) -- The Brazilians stood quietly in a line, waiting for the nuns at the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception of Light to open the door and start handing out "Frei Galvao's pills." Normally, the nuns distribute packets containing three pills to be taken within a nine-day period. The pills are tiny rice papers inscribed with a prayer, ingested by those in need."What nonsense! Roman Catholics have always practiced a specialized form of traditional paganism dressed up in Christian garb. Cutting Edge has proven that the worship of Catholicism is nothin…
I. Senator Barack Obama is a 32nd Degree Prince Hall Freemason!!
From: Cutting Edge Weekly Newsletter

This revelation is not surprising, for it answers the question as to how Obama could ascend to the high political office when he apparently has no occult background and no discernible Masonic roots.Now, you know the truth! He is a Mason! Let us consider the evidence.NEWS BRIEF: "Obama Criticizes Opponents' Iraq Votes", Cephas Library, December 28, 2007"Today, Prince Hall is a masonic fraternal order whose buildings are clearly marked, members readily identify themselves with rings, bumper stickers, and lapel pins. One of their most famous members, and also a 32nd degree Prince Hall Mason, became a US presidential candidate for 2008. His name is Barack Hussein Obama.""Barack Obama, speaking at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in Des Moines on Thursday, criticized other Democrats’ votes to authorize the war in Iraq. Princ…