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Anwar's treasonous plan - not fit to be an Opposition Leader at all!


February 28, 2014

Anwar is not really interested in the job of Menteri Besar of Selangor. He just wants that job to facilitate a deal with Umno and ‘give’ Selangor back to Barisan Nasional through a ‘unity government’ in return for the post of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. 
Raja Petra Kamarudin
First of all, my apologies to those who have already read what I am about to say or feel I am merely repeating myself. If you have been following Malaysia Today since it was first launched ten years ago in 2004 — soon after the March 2004 general election disaster and two weeks before Anwar Ibrahim was released from jail — then most likely you have already read what I am about to say. To those newcomers, this may be ‘news’ to you.
Let me start with why we decided to launch Malaysia Today in 2004.
The March 2004 general election was the worst election ever for the opposition. PKR practically got wiped out except for just the party President, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail. Even then she won on the second count. On the first count she lost. Hence it was actually a draw since they should have done a third count, which they did not do.
I was the campaign manager for PKR’s Deputy President, Abdul Rahman Othman, who contested against Tengku Adnan in Putrajaya. And Rahman not only lost but lost his deposit as well. That was adding insult to injury and a huge shame for me, the campaign manager. The PKR people (those who did not like Rahman) actually laughed at me to my face. Can you imagine how that felt, to be laughed at to your face?
I was mad as fucking hell. I wanted revenge. I wanted to cut Barisan Nasional and Umno down to size. I wanted to give them a run for their money and erase those smirks off their faces. Never in my life have I ever had to face a bunch of Umno gangsters alone with a knife in my hand. And in March 2004 that was exactly what I had to do in Putrajaya. So this was a vendetta as far as I was concerned.
Soon after that I planned Malaysia Today with one aim in mind, to fight back in an Internet war, and on Friday, 13th August 2004, Malaysia Today took off. Two weeks later Anwar was released from jail.
Then I received ‘instructions’ to NOT attack the First Family. Attack Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad but not Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his family, his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, included.
Then I found out that PKR Youth Leader Ezam Mohd Noor (now an Umno Senator) had sneaked Khairy into Anwar’s house through the kitchen at midnight of 2nd September 2004, the day Anwar was released.
The next day I revealed that secret meeting and the Prime Minister denied it. I was called a liar.
Then some Umno people also found out and they pressured the Prime Minister to explain what Khairy was doing in Anwar’s house. Now cornered, Tun Abdullah explained that Khairy was just delivering Anwar’s international passport to him. This was on TV and in all the newspapers the next day.
Two days later, The Star published a picture of Azmin Ali wheeling (Anwar was in a wheelchair) Anwar into the Immigration Department office in Pusat Bandar Damansara to collect his international passport.
So what Tun Abdullah said two days earlier was a lie. Khairy was not there to deliver Anwar’s passport. What was he there for then?
A couple of months later the real reason was revealed when the Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud, brought Anwar to Tun Abdullah’s house in Kepala Batas on the second day of Hari Raya. A picture of Anwar, Tun Abdullah, Taib and a certain Sarawak Chinese business tycoon all sitting at the same table laughing and joking came out in the newspapers.
Nevertheless, that was still a puzzle. What deal was Anwar negotiating with Tun Abdullah with the help of Taib? Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, whom I met in his house later, told me. Anwar wants to return to Umno, Tun Dr Mahathir said.
But that was what Tun Dr Mahathir said. Is this true?
Last year, the truth was revealed when Wikileaks exposed the exchange of communications between the United States Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and Washington. According to the US Embassy, Tun Abdullah told them that Anwar wanted to return to Umno but there was resistance from certain people. And this ‘certain people’ was Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who threatened that he would oust Tun Abdullah if he brought Anwar back to Umno.
So what Tun Dr Mahathir told me was true after all. Tun Abdullah told the US Embassy the same thing — that in turn reported to Washington and now has been leaked by Wikileaks.
So now I understand why I had been instructed to not attack the First Family, Khairy included. Anwar was talking to them about his return to Umno.
Over the last year or two Tun Dr Mahathir and his boys (the Umno Bloggers included) have been attacking Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. I started probing as to why they are so angry with Najib and I was told that it is because Anwar and Najib are ‘talking’ and this upset Tun Dr Mahathir.
I was still sceptical about this until last Christmas when PKR’s Secretary-General, PAS’s Secretary-General, and Zahid Hamidi, met for ‘unity talks’ in London. The PAS President who was also in London refused to join the talks but he met me in Manchester the following week to confirm the talks.
And, today, Dr Mahathir’s sort of ‘mouthpiece’, Kadir Jasin, revealed what is going on. And when Kadir Jasin talks that is the same as Dr Mahathir talking. And, according to Kadir Jasin, Najib and Anwar are talking about a deal where Anwar will be given back his job of Deputy Prime Minister. (READ HERE).
PAS, of course, knows this, and that is why they do not want Anwar replacing Khalid Ibrahim as the Menteri Besar of Selangor. And this was also why the PAS President refused to join the Umno-PKR-PAS ‘unity talks’ in London over Christmas last year.
Anwar is not really interested in the job of Menteri Besar of Selangor. He just wants that job to facilitate a deal with Umno and ‘give’ Selangor back to Barisan Nasional through a ‘unity government’ in return for the post of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Now, after ten years since Khairy walked into Anwar’s house through the kitchen and the meeting Taib arranged at Tun Abdullah’s house in Kepala Batas, Anwar’s dream of returning to the government as the Deputy Prime Minister may finally come true.
What a long and winding climb back to the top for Anwar. And with Najib under attack from Dr Mahathir and his gang, Najib needs Anwar more than ever, more than Anwar needs him.
Does Dr Mahathir realise that his attacks on Najib just helps Anwar get back his job of Deputy Prime Minister? And if you say that Anwar is not interested in becoming Deputy Prime Minister, then why did he take Dr Mahathir to court to try to get his sacking declared null and void?
Anwar wants back his job of Deputy Prime Minister so badly to the extent of using the court to help him get back his job. But he failed in court so now he is trying to use Najib instead. And that is why Tun Dr Mahathir is attacking Najib. And Dr Mahathir’s mouthpiece, Kadir Jasin, has just confirmed this.
Phew! Isn’t Malaysian politics interesting?

Professor Develops 3D Printer Than Can Build A House In 24 Hours

Professor Develops 3D Printer Than Can Build A House In 24 Hours

article image
A researcher has built a huge 3D printer capable of building a house in 24 hours and, possibly, of revolutionizing the construction industry.
Business Insider reports that Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis at the University of Southern California has already built the technology, complete with a nozzle that dispenses concrete. The robot builds a house based on a set computer pattern.
Khoshnevis told MSN that the technology is “basically scaling up 3D printing to the scale of building.” Dubbed Contour Crafting, the robot replaces construction workers with its super-efficient capacities, which can churn out a 2,500-square-foot home in just a day.
The printer will not eliminate jobs, Khoshnevis said, but ultimately create them. And it could provide people around the world with affordable housing.
 “At the dawn of the 21st century [slums] are the condition of shelter for nearly one billion people in our world,” said Khoshnevis. “These buildings are breeding grounds for disease a problem of conventional construction which is slow, labor intensive and inefficient.”
As Khoshenevis pointed out, buildings are about the only things these days that have to be constructed by hand. Construction is a slow, laborious, expensive, and dangerous process. The Iranian-born professor foresees workers laying down rails for the robot to operate — and letting the computer take over. The nozzle would spray concrete to create hollow walls, then fill the walls with additional concrete. Manpower would be required “to hang doors and insert windows.”
Khoshenevis even shipped off a prototype to NASA back in 2005, according to an article inDiscover magazine. The agency wants to explore the possibilities of constructing buildings on the moon from lunar dust.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Syabas evil plan hurting the people

MB: Syabas has no plan on water woes, so S'gor acts

Oriole: There are two issues here: firstly, this is an example of how the people are held to ransom as a result of government's rampant privatisation of essential services to cronies.

Secondly, this dependency on cronies is precisely a form of mutual back-scratching, as in this case to punish ‘errant’ states that fail to return BN to power.

Syabas is working against the interest of the people and of the nation. They should be charged for gross negligence.

Name and shame this company in the international media as an example of how utterly wrong privatisation can be and why essential services should be for the people and not for government cronies. This is a supreme example of a massive failure.

Chiew Eng Ng: Syabas got so much time to sue Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli for blaming Syabas for keeping tabs on the ammonia levels in the river rather than thinking how to alleviate the suffering of the people.

Syabas only knows how to file for defamation. Is Syabas working to supply water to the public or working with BN to frustrate the people so that they are angry with Selangor government, especially those living nearby and around Kajang area since the Kajang by-election is coming soon?

I smell something fishy - it’s as if the federal government is working with Syabas to engineer a crisis in Selangor. I tell you what, BN, the more you manipulate, the more Pakatan Rakyat will get more support.

Boiling Mud: If there is irrefutable evidence to prove negligence or incompetence on the part of the water concessionaire, can the Selangorians initiate a class suit against the party responsible?

It is shameful that the crisis happens repeatedly and the people have to suffer the such incompetence. This has to end.

Onyourtoes: It is obvious the federal government is using the federal power and the water concessionaires to harass and sabotage the Selangor government and hence the people of Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan.

Fellow Selangorians and Malaysians, I think we must make a determined effort to wipe out Umno from the surface of the earth forever if Malaysia is to save itself.

It has become blatantly clear they are playing the filthiest politics possible irrespective of the cost imposed and the inconvenience inflicted to the ordinary people. To hell with them.

Chapati: Playing politics with water is like playing with people’s life. Doesn’t Syabas know water plays a very important role in our lives.

The top management is paid millions. Can’t they professionally handle situations like this?

Nusantara: Syabas is incompetent to handle water management. If they cannot handle the crisis, then their management should resign and not let the people suffer.

Also I cannot understand why they need to sue Rafizi as the MP merely gave his views.

Anonymous #41608384: Syabas, is it not your job to monitor ammonia level in the river? So what is your job then? Just sit there and collect money?

Ex-wfw: MB Khalid Ibrahim, I thought one retired engineer had proposed that the water source at Bernam River be pumped and piped to the reservoirs. Why this is not done?

This is both cheaper and more expedient to the state. All those public utilities are indeed piratised to home-grown pirates.

Swipenter: Syabas (read Umno Baru) has a plan. The plan is to disrupt water supply in Selangor as much as they can and then blame it on the Selangor state government.

But then again it may rain cats and dogs in the catchment areas tomorrow spoiling their plans.

Remember how they claim there was a need for water rationing when all the seven dams were full and this was disproved by photos and actual visits by Pakatan lawmakers?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Engineered 'Glue' Helps Wounds Heal Faster

Engineered 'Glue' Helps Wounds Heal Faster

In the movies, superheroes' and vampires' wounds heal so quickly that life-threatening cuts and gashes close up in minutes. These super healing abilities may be out of reach, but researchers in Switzerland have now engineered a substance called a growth factor that makes cuts and broken bones heal more quickly, by remaining near the damaged tissue longer than it would naturally.
This engineered growth factor could benefit people with chronic wounds, including those with diabetesor compromised immune systems, according to the researchers, whose work is detailed in the Feb. 21 issue of the journal Science.
Growth factors are proteins that animals produce naturally; they are at work in processes ranging from fetal development to the healing of cuts and broken bones. When an injury happens, growth factors signal certain types of cells to come to the injury site, and help heal the wound. Skin cells, for example, release growth factors after a cut occurs to stimulate cell growth and the reformation of blood vessels.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Walks Again With a 3D Printed Exoskeleton

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Walks Again With a 3D Printed Exoskeleton

Robert Sorokanich, Gawker Media
In 1992, Amanda Boxtel suffered a vicious skiing accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors said she would never walk again. This week, she proved them wrong, with the help of the world's first 3D printed exoskeleton that gives her the ability to climb out of her wheelchair and walk once again.
The Ekso-Suit Amanda wears is fully bespoke. 3D Systems used data from a full body scan to print custom-tailored pieces that fit exactly to Amanda's body. Mechanical components from EksoBionics provide the automation, allowing Amanda to safely use her legs and a pair of canes to walk around.
3D scanning and printing technologies were crucial to making Amanda's exoskeleton, which took roughly 3 months to complete. As Scott Summit, senior director for functional design at 3D Systems, told Cnet, "we had to be very specific with the design so we never had 3D-printed parts bumping into bony prominences, which can lead to abrasions." Since Amanda has no sensation in her legs, even tiny skin injuries can become dangerously infected before they're found. A comfortable fit isn't just a nicety, it's a safety necessity.
This exoskeleton is the first to use 3D printing for an individualized fit, but it's not Amanda's first time using such technology: in 2010, she helped test an earlier exoskeleton design to help paralyzed patients walk again. Since then, she's been active as one of ten EksoBionics test pilots involved in the design process.
With courageous folks like Amanda leading the way, the robot-assisted future is going to be phenomenal. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

World's First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Now Available for Order

Mark One: World's First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Now Available for Order

Published: Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014 - 12:07 pm
/PRNewswire/ -- Three weeks after unveiling its revolutionary process to 3D print carbon fiber, MarkForged™ has officially released the Mark One™ 3D printer for pre-sale. The Mark One combines the limitless potential of 3D printing with the high-strength of carbon fiber. Its patent pending Composite Filament Fabrication™ (CFF™) process is the first ever to enable 3D printing of continuous carbon fiber. CFF parts are up to 20 times stiffer than ABS plastic, five times stronger, and have a higher strength-to-weight ratio than 6061-T6 aluminum.
"We removed the strength limitations of 3D printed plastic parts," said Greg Mark, founder and CEO of MarkForged. "We designed the Mark One so that your best ideas come to life with the click of a button at your desk. And not just in form, but in function."
This breakthrough enables designers to 3D print functional parts that would otherwise need to be CNC machined.
"The magic is in the printhead," continued Mark. "The Mark One uses a dual extruder system that combines traditional 3D printing and CFF printing within a single part. Designers can choose between lightweight carbon fiber, low-cost fiberglass, or the newly announced Kevlar® for puncture and abrasion resistance. The printer also supports traditional 3D printing (FFF) with nylon and PLA plastic."  
The Mark One is available for $4,999 through a limited pre-sale, and will start shipping in the second half of 2014. Visit for more details.
About MarkForged: MarkForged was founded by an MIT aerospace engineer - the kind of person who loves pushing the envelope. After years of designing and manufacturing high-performance composite race car wings at Aeromotions, Greg Mark realized that he could use 3D printing hardware to automate the composite layup process. He assembled a team of the best and brightest out of MIT, and MarkForged was born.  
MarkForged is backed by North Bridge Venture Partners and Matrix Partners.
Watch the story behind the Mark One:

SOURCE MarkForged

Read more here:

3D Printing Breakthrough Yields Organic and Inorganic Multimaterial Vista Printhead

3D Printing Breakthrough Yields Organic and Inorganic Multimaterial Vista Printhead

The Technology Partnership (TTP) has just announced a new development that promises to change the shape of the 3D printing industry: a multi-material 3D printer head called Vista.  TTP’s Vista reportedly has the ability to 3D print a wide range of both inorganic and organic matter, including plastics, metals, ceramics, enzymes and biological cells.
Though the Objet Connex series and Objet1000 PolyJet 3D printers are capable of 3D printing up to 14 different materials in a single build, those materials are limited to different variations of rubber and plastic-like options.  According to TTP however, VISTA harnesses “a breakthrough method in droplet ejection” to allow for the printing of “large (50 μm+) particles and more viscous and volatile fluids” with a single printhead. This results in the ability to combine both organic and inorganic materials in one print.
As you might imagine, the possibilities of such technology are endless. Dr David Smith of TTP explains:
Our latest breakthrough will speed this process up and will change the face of manufacturing over the next ten years. The manufacturing process has remained the same for centuries with one company making products in a factory then shipping them out when orders are made. Multimaterial 3D printing will change this. No longer will organisations need to bulk buy or wait for items to be restocked, companies can simply print off the products they need, when they need them.
It will become possible to go to your local garage and have a new exhaust printed out there and then for you or to go to the hospital and get a custom implant created for you at the touch of a button.
From a medical perspective, the opportunities are endless from printing out a diagnostic test to ultimately printing off an organ that can be used in the human body.
vista 3D ExtruderTTP indicates that the printhead is already used commercially for 2D applications, as seen in the .gif on the right, but that, over the next 10 years, it can be applied to everything from “toys, medical devices, aircraft parts and even diagnostic test strips at the touch of a button.”
With any luck, aside from more efficiently constructed versions of the aforementioned objects, you’ll see things that you could never have fathomed existing: thermostats made from combinations of biological cells and electronic components that will detect climate changes with even greater sensitivity or even a semi-livingTeddy Ruxbin!
About TTP
The Technology Partnership plc (TTP) is Europe’s leading technology and product development company. TTP works closely with its clients to create disruptive products based on advances in technology and engineering innovation. TTP’s technology lies behind many products and processes in areas as diverse as communications, digital printing, instrumentation, consumer & industrial products, biotechnology, medical devices, cleantech and security systems.
One imagines the two big 3D printer manufacturers are going to be giving them a call sooner, rather than later, this has got to have implications for the PolyJet and ProJet processes.

Send Zakir Naik back or get him to S. Arabia where he has citizenship

Why empower a demagogue like Zakir Naik? By   Dennis Ignatius   - August 13, 2019 8:00 AM Whatever else you may say about ...