Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Syabas evil plan hurting the people

MB: Syabas has no plan on water woes, so S'gor acts

Oriole: There are two issues here: firstly, this is an example of how the people are held to ransom as a result of government's rampant privatisation of essential services to cronies.

Secondly, this dependency on cronies is precisely a form of mutual back-scratching, as in this case to punish ‘errant’ states that fail to return BN to power.

Syabas is working against the interest of the people and of the nation. They should be charged for gross negligence.

Name and shame this company in the international media as an example of how utterly wrong privatisation can be and why essential services should be for the people and not for government cronies. This is a supreme example of a massive failure.

Chiew Eng Ng: Syabas got so much time to sue Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli for blaming Syabas for keeping tabs on the ammonia levels in the river rather than thinking how to alleviate the suffering of the people.

Syabas only knows how to file for defamation. Is Syabas working to supply water to the public or working with BN to frustrate the people so that they are angry with Selangor government, especially those living nearby and around Kajang area since the Kajang by-election is coming soon?

I smell something fishy - it’s as if the federal government is working with Syabas to engineer a crisis in Selangor. I tell you what, BN, the more you manipulate, the more Pakatan Rakyat will get more support.

Boiling Mud: If there is irrefutable evidence to prove negligence or incompetence on the part of the water concessionaire, can the Selangorians initiate a class suit against the party responsible?

It is shameful that the crisis happens repeatedly and the people have to suffer the such incompetence. This has to end.

Onyourtoes: It is obvious the federal government is using the federal power and the water concessionaires to harass and sabotage the Selangor government and hence the people of Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan.

Fellow Selangorians and Malaysians, I think we must make a determined effort to wipe out Umno from the surface of the earth forever if Malaysia is to save itself.

It has become blatantly clear they are playing the filthiest politics possible irrespective of the cost imposed and the inconvenience inflicted to the ordinary people. To hell with them.

Chapati: Playing politics with water is like playing with people’s life. Doesn’t Syabas know water plays a very important role in our lives.

The top management is paid millions. Can’t they professionally handle situations like this?

Nusantara: Syabas is incompetent to handle water management. If they cannot handle the crisis, then their management should resign and not let the people suffer.

Also I cannot understand why they need to sue Rafizi as the MP merely gave his views.

Anonymous #41608384: Syabas, is it not your job to monitor ammonia level in the river? So what is your job then? Just sit there and collect money?

Ex-wfw: MB Khalid Ibrahim, I thought one retired engineer had proposed that the water source at Bernam River be pumped and piped to the reservoirs. Why this is not done?

This is both cheaper and more expedient to the state. All those public utilities are indeed piratised to home-grown pirates.

Swipenter: Syabas (read Umno Baru) has a plan. The plan is to disrupt water supply in Selangor as much as they can and then blame it on the Selangor state government.

But then again it may rain cats and dogs in the catchment areas tomorrow spoiling their plans.

Remember how they claim there was a need for water rationing when all the seven dams were full and this was disproved by photos and actual visits by Pakatan lawmakers?

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