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The Illuminati to attack Burma?

Will the Illuminati led by Bush attack the Burmese generals?
In my earlier post, I mentioned that the cyclone could have been caused by them.
Now we see that the junta is still adamant about not opening up the country, even for humanitarian purposes to Western organizations' relief aid staff to come in to help in distributing and monitoring relief efforts.
This is a dangerous precedent.
The ruling junta fears that these relief organizations especially from the West, may habour agents posing as relief aid workers going in and doing espionage and subversive activities.

It is not that the Illuminati are concerned or compassionate towards the people or citizens of the nation, but that they need to start working on Non Integrating Gap nations one by one as there are still several to take care of later - to make them a more manageable nations so that they can be integrated into countries that can be influenced or controlled by the elitists.
How long will they wait for Burma to open up its bor…

What will the Illuminati do with the Non-Integrating Gap nations?

From THE CUTTING EDGE Website:Title: BUSH ADMINISTRATION IS DEADLY SERIOUS ABOUT "SHRINKING THE GAP" -- HAS THE WORLD WAR II ERA O.S.S. BEEN RE-CREATED?Subtitle: U.S. Special Forces are being attached to U.S. Embassies throughout the "Non-Integrating Gap" region. Expect repeated coups and attempted coups in Third World countries as the drive to bring them into the "Functioning Core" gains steam! (NEWS1833) No Third World country can feel safe, as America has clearly blurred the line of distinction between military and civilian lines of authority, with NO Congressional oversight or accountability.INTRODUCTION - REVIEWLEBANON

Since writing NEWS1833 -- "U.S. -- E.U. Invading Africa -- And All Other Non-Integrating Gap Countries", I have noticed insurrections, attempted coups, and insurrections which are suddenly filling our news space. What is going on? We saw news stories about Liberia being invaded, of "heavily-armed white men" suddenly …

Burma tragedy - Illuminati the cause of it?

Did the Illuminati cause the cyclone to strike Burma?First for those who do not believe we can control or manipulate weather, see is a Non-Integrating Gap nation – meaning the Illuminati nations cannot integrate with and have no influence over. And now they are having a Constitution Vote referendum.Quite a coincidence a cyclone struck this country.Using HAARP the U.S. scientists can cause cyclones, continuous rainfall, weather changes in anywhere in the world.What next as ASEAN is still supporting the evil Burma junta ruling the nation, we can expect the Illuminati to have another attack on our nations as well, as they have done in 1997 – see