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Catholic archbishop's letter incensed India's BJP and he's RIGHT

How a letter by a Catholic archbishop incensed India's BJP Archbishop Couto's letter should be seen in the context of growing anti-minority sentiment in India. by 16 hours ago After calling parish priests to pray to save India from the "turbulent political atmosphere", the Archbishop of Delhi, Anil Couto, has been accused of intervening in politics [AP] A letter the Catholic Archbishop of Delhi sent to all parish priests working in India's capital city has created a furore in the country's already charged political scene. In the letter dated May 8, Archbishop Anil Coutorequested parish priests to start a year-long prayer campaign to saveIndiafrom the "turbulent political atmosphere", which "

US Warns Of “Firm” Response If Syria Attacks ISIS

US Warns Of “Firm” Response If Syria Attacks ISIS … No, Really ByBrandon Turbeville In an apparent attempt to remove all pretense that the United States is nothing more than al-Qaeda’s Air Force in Syria, the American government is warning its Syrian counterpart that, if the SAA moves ahead with its upcoming southern offensive to remove ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists from its southern borders, the U.S. will take “firm and appropriate measures.” In other words, the United States is telling Syria that it had better not attack ISIS forces or else. Indeed, American “Firm and appropriate measures” seems like a very thinly veiled threat of military action particularly since the United States seems incapable of taking any “measures” that aren’t “kinetic” in nature outside of its borders. After liberating the Yarmouk camp south of Damascus and quickly liberating a stretch of territory between Homs and Aleppo, the Syrian military is building up forces in the south of the country in a much antic…

UK government protecting Muslim pedophiles - jailed journalist Tommy Robinson

Citizen journalist Tommy Robinson jailed under secret order from UK government; total media blackout issued to protect Muslim pedophiles
Natural News) UK citizen journalism Tommy Robinson, who has worked tirelessly to expose the Muslim pedophile and sex trafficking rings in the UK, has been arrested and jailed under a Soviet-stylesecret order from the UK governmentwhich then issued a total media blackout order to the press. It is now a crime in the UK to report on Tommy Robinson’s arrest and imprisonment. Word is still getting out through independent media sources like InfoWars, which has interviewed Robinson’s camera man, who explained that the entire court prosecution of Robinson took “mere minutes,” after which Robinson was convicted and thrown in prison for 13 months, just hours after his arrest. There was no time for any proper legal defense, no time to present evidence, not even time to make a counter argument. The corrupt UK court system, which turns out to be just as corrupt a…

LGBT crap Woman proud that her 3-year-old godson is “openly gay”

Woman proud that her 3-year-old godson is “openly gay” … do infants even know what GAY means?
(Natural News) A Filipino woman who shamelessly exploited her three-year-old godson on social media by posting family photos of him and proclaiming to the world that he “openly” identifies as being “gay” has suddenly removed all such content and made her Twitter page private after being called out by thousands of social media users for her child-abusive tendencies. Caren Penaso, whose Twitter page as of this writing has her listed as a secretary for the Filipino sports organization “PAKUSGANAY,” apparently coordinated with the LGBT media outlet PRIDE back in April to tell the “heartwarming” story of her “openly gay” three-year-old nephew, named RJ. The PRIDE article telling Penaso’s tale about her godson has since been deleted, but is still available for viewing on the Internet Archive website The now-archived piece explains how Caren believes that her godson, who is still about…

Is Monsanto going down like Big Tobacco? Expose and eliminate Monsanto!

Is Monsanto going down like Big Tobacco? FAKE SCIENCE about to be exposed on a global scale (Natural News) Monsanto is showing some clear signs that they’re getting nervous as their dishonest practices come significantly closer to being brought to light on a grand scale. Last week, the peer-reviewed manuscripts of the pilot phase of a study known as the Global Glyphosate Study were revealed at a European Parliament press conference, and it’s all bad news for the maker of theworld’s most popular glyphosate herbicide, Roundup. In theshort-term pilot study, glyphosate-based herbicides were shown to change some very important biological parameters in rats at exposure to the level set by the Environmental Protection agency as “safe” of 1.75 mg/kg per day. Some of the parameters that were altered relate to sexual development, the intestinal microbiome and genotoxicity. The papers will be published in theEnvironmental Healthjournal later this month. One author of the report, Daniele Mandrio…

Vote Narendra Modi out i 2109

Will Modi's popularity hold out for next year's India elections? Narendra Modi's combative tone has won him legions of admirers but a unifying opposition is confident the prime minister is on his way out. by 11 hours ago Modi's domestic support base seems to be as devoted as ever [File: Abhishek N. Chinnappa/Reuters] MORE ONINDIA