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Land fraud by authorities

‘My dead mother returned and thumprinted document?’Michael Kaung | August 20, 2011 Native Abdul Wahab Timbasal's mother died 12 years ago but 'returned' to transfer their native land to someone else.

TAWAU: When the dead in Sabah rise and start affixing their thumbprints on land title deeds it may be time to call in a ‘religious medium’ to get to the truth.Abdul Wahab Timbasal’s mother died 12 years ago but according to the land office here, she had ‘returned’ and claimed her land title on 15 June 2008, and that too by placing her thumbprint on the grant in front of a lawyer!The size of the land, his mother ‘returned’ to claim measures 18.10 acres and is located in Ulu Kalumpang and is registered under the Native Title (NT) number 103032408.A puzzled Abdul Wahab, only discovered this land-grab on April 14 this year when he went to the Land and Survey Department headquarters in Kota Kinabalu to enquire about the land title.They told him that the title had already been sent to…

Patrick Teoh to all Malaysians

If You Are A Malaysian, PLEASE Watch This Video.mp4