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Sarawak: Raziah Raids Reserve Forest lands and Taib Profits

Raziah Raids Reserve Forest lands and Taib Profits – Major Exclusive!Friday, January 14th, 2011 GMT Bejewelled - Raziah's huge wealth owes to handouts of land titles and contracts from her brother the Chief Minister We can reveal that Taib’s tycoon sister, Raziah Mahmud, has once again been seizing land from Sarawak’s people. And our investigations have exposed a clumsy cover-up that has lifted the lid on a massive land-grab that implicates the Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud himself. Raziah’s attempts to conceal her involvement in plans to replace Reserved Forest Lands at Ensengei with yet another vast oil palm plantation have exposed a far wider scandal. We can now show the method by which she and Taib have extracted around a hundred thousand of hectares of state land – an area amounting to roughly half the size of Brunei - over the past decade alone! Alienation of traditional Native LandsEnsengei, is one of the few remaining areas of Forest Reserve Land left in lowland Sar…

Sarawak: Jabu Family Cash In On Native Lands

Jabu Family Cash In On Native LandsMonday, January 10th, 2011 GMT This post is also available in: Iban, MalayBarbara Dubah Jabu, a wealthy match for her new husband with so much land taken from Iban NCR lands and handed to her by the state News is circulating in the Betong area that Deputy Chief Minster’s family has just cashed in on Native Lands handed to them by the State of Sarawak (thanks to his political ally the Chief Minister, who is also the Planning and Resources Minister and Chairman of the Land Custody and Development Authority). They are believed to have made a sale to FELCRA for RM 7 million. Not bad for lands that have been extracted from their rightful owners for a pittance!Sarawak Report wonders if either FELCRA, which as a public federal body should publish all such purchases and deals (especially if the families of government Ministers are profiting from them) or indeed Jabu himself would confirm which of his many land acquisitions have been sold on in thi…