Monday, March 28, 2016

Let Proton die!

Najib should not bail out Proton by giving them RM1.5 billion. If Proton still cannot make it after 33 years then too bad. Let it die. 

Proton has been around for 33 years and it still cannot make money. It is still bleeding and now needs RM1.5 billion to stay afloat. But Mahathir calls the 1MDB exercise a bailout while the Proton bailout is not called a bailout.
What we want to know is how much has Proton cost the nation in 33 years and is still costing the nation and will still cost the nation as we go along unless the government cuts its losses and closes Proton down.
Would RM100 billion be a safe estimate? Of course, we must also include the indirect cost to the nation. For example, the AP for cars costs a huge amount of money and we wrote about it over ten years ago.
It is estimated that APs have cost the nation about RM50-55 billion since the 1970s. And the worse thing is the consumer is directly paying for this due to the high cost of cars.
Yes, .Let Proton die!

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