Sunday, March 27, 2016

Act now to keep future leaders in check

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Zaid: Act now to keep future leaders in check

 | March 27, 2016
Former law minister calls a thousand villages to rise and bring down the walls of secrecy
SHAH ALAM: The country’s institutions need to be rebuilt so that no future leader can act as he pleases without a proper check and balance, former law minister Zaid Ibrahim said today.
Speaking at the opening of the People’s Congress, Zaid dealt with the question of the next steps for those who have launched the Save Malaysia movement
“I want to suggest four things. The first is for us to approach those in the rural areas who are still concerned about change, who are still scared and confused of the new leadership’s goals. Explain to those who have yet to understand how power abuse and corruption are the main reasons they continue to ‘ kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang’ ( live from hand to mouth).
“Let us walk to a thousand villages and rural areas whilst talking of a better future for them when they have leaders who are honest and transparent,” said Zaid to more than a thousand people gathered at the Shah Alam Convention Centre.
He also called for the opportunity to have the country shaken by the voices of the “courageous” youth who were no longer strangers to national issues.
He called on all political leaders to fight for a better life for the millions of workers sidelined by those in power and their cronies.
The people of Sabah and Sarawak, long the stronghold of the ruling government, were urged to rise and change the current regime.
“The fight to defend our country will only succeed if there is a strong cooperation by all, no matter where they are located.”
He promised that those who had threatened dissenters with incarceration that they would be the ones to serve their lives behind bars once the people regained the power that had been forcibly taken away from them.
“Malaysia is now managed in secrecy through all sorts of Acts. The most obvious is the Official Secrets Act which had been greatly abused. The Attorney-General (Mohamed Apandi Ali) wants to sentence those who leak confidential government secrets to a life in prison.
“I want to remind Apandi that the country’s official secrets are not the same as the secrets of our national crooks. Them, and their cronies are the ones we will imprison once the Rakyat comes to power.
“Let us bring down these walls of secrecy. No more keeping our anger to ourselves, or sharing our fears with our wives or our friends in the mosque or coffee shops. The time has come for us to act,” he said.
Yes, let us gather the folks esp. from Malay villagers, rural areas, urban folks, illiterate, educated to RISE UP and end this evil vicious cycle of corruption, injustice, abuse of power, compromise of judiciary, MACC, AG and prosecutors' office. The ROBBING of the Nation's coffers must END, as the country will go BROKE as what can be seen in the implementation of GST as corruption has help deplete the Treasury's Funds. Let's RISE UP together and end Umno/BN rule without any violence.

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