Saturday, February 20, 2016

So easy to keep the rakyat happy. What fools we are!

So easy to keep the rakyat happy. What fools we are!
 by Mariam Mokhtar
OUTSPOKEN: Sadly, in Malaysia, the rakyat is gripped by apathy, more than fear. They simply cannot be bothered. Struggling and fighting to regain our stolen freedoms, is for other people. It is hard work and there are no immediate rewards.
In other parts of the world, the ordinary people are not afraid to oppose an injustice, or to fight for their basic rights, or to demand better service from their governments.
The Amanah president, Mat Sabu, shamed the rakyat when he said, "We are all cowards." He was puzzled and weary, because the Malaysian public seem to accommodate allegedly corrupt leaders, who abuse their power and steal the freedoms of the public.
He chastised us and said that we would be left behind whilst our neighbours, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Philippines, achieve political transformations.
He wondered about our complacency and said, "We celebrate the downfall of others, but our own (problematic leaders) won't fall because we are willing to be lied to."
Then came the killer blow, "We are all cowards. Admit it!"
Do you agree with Mat Sabu, that we are cowards?
Umno Baru knows the Malaysian public inside and out. They have the funds to keep us happy with small inducements. They use the instruments of the state to arrest those who dare to criticise them.
The Opposition coalition realises that they are fractured. Thanks to PAS, and their president, Abdul Hadi Awang's cosy relationship with Najib Razak.
Many Opposition MPs have been targeted by thugs from extremist NGOs, who sully their offices with dead chickens and red paint. They receive threatening calls and text messages. In Parliament, the microphones of Opposition politicians are turned off, and they are shouted down by rowdy Umno Baru thugs, who act like football hooligans, with their sexist and racist remarks.
Many human rights NGOs, are similarly harassed, for fighting on our behalf, to regain our basic human rights.
Many selfless members of the rakyat have answered the rallying call to protest against corruption, injustice and abuses of power; however, they are only a tiny fraction of the Malaysian public.
Despite a lack of infrastructure and basic amenities, poor housing, inadequate schooling and medical facilities, a debased politician only needs to distribute a few envelopes of money, and some food parcels of rice, Milo and milk powder, to make us vote for him.
People rush forward, pushing the weaker and the young, out of the way, to grab these food parcels. This is not democracy. This is vote-buying.
Do we complain? No! We are afraid that the politician would punish us. We forget that it is he, who serves us.
Today, we seethe with rage, at alleged corruption in government, and the rising cost of living, but all is forgiven at the sight of the food parcels, or a free concert by a foreign artist.
In the weeks before an election, a senior politician decides to pay a visit, and "instant" grass and flowering shrubs, appear. Buildings are painted and pot holes magically repaired.  Worse still, despite knowing that these hasty repairs are part of an election gimmick, we re-elect the MP to represent our constituency, despite knowing that he is useless.
A minister pays a visit and we are eager to question him. He arrives late, but to keep us from boiling with rage, he arranges a buffet for everyone. We calm down. Then, after the talk, he congratulates us for being patriotic Malaysians. We swell with pride, at his praise, and instead of quizzing him, we ask if we can take photographs with him.
Perhaps, we are not yet ready for a transparent and accountable government.
We deserve to be treated like scum, by the people who know that we are worthless, spineless and like placid oxen, will not kick against the pricks. They know us only too well! 
Mariam Mokhtar is “a Malaysian who dares to speak the truth”.
Yes, we are cowards, we all deserve these leaders. So can we rise above these inadequacies and SHOW the leaders of tis Nation our displeasure of THEM, and rid ourselves of them THIS coming GE.  

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