Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hadi's 'Muslim-only cabinet' rule - now a turnaround - CRAP

PAS: Hadi's 'Muslim-only cabinet' rule not absolute

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PAS has refuted reports which cited its president Abdul Hadi Awang stating that only Malay-Muslims can join the cabinet.
Party information chief Nasrudin Hassan said what Hadi meant in his statement, which was issued on Dec 22, was that some cabinet positions must be reserved for Malay-Muslims.
Hadi's statement had read: "Islam meletakkan mestilah ketua negara dan anggota kabinetnya yang berakidah Islam daripada bangsa yang paling berpengaruh." (Islam requires the head of country and Muslim cabinet members to be from the most influential ethnic group).
According to Nasrudin, this meant Hadi's policy only applied to some ministries.
"It refers to the division of ministries through wizarah al-tafwidh (policy making) dan wizarah al-tanfidz(implementation).
"Here, Hadi's message clearly states that Islam is very open to non-Muslims for wizarah al-tanfidz ministries…unlike other political systems, which only accept those with the same ideology," he said.
Nasrudin stressed that not a single word or sentence uttered by Hadi showed that he was of the opinion that only Malay-Muslims should be in the cabinet.
"Instead, he was stressing the importance and need for Malay-Muslims to be the core of Malaysia's political system and administration," Nasrudin said in a statement today.
Hadi's statement has courted flak from both BN and Pakatan Harapan politicians, who accused the PAS president of treating non-Muslims as second-class citizens.
Hadi's 'Muslim-only cabinet' rule - now a turnaround - full CRAP. Now his
Party information chief Nasrudin Hassan tis undoing his racism (Hadi's racist attitude). Trying to curry favor with Malays, seems to have backfired on him. Malaysians should now reject PAS as their policies are not good. Kelantan is now a backward state like Afghanistan was under the Taliban so PAS if they could would have instituted HUDUD or Sharia laws that are repressive and retrogressive would been like what happened to Afghanistan when under the Taliban. Imagine a thief caught and sentenced - having his hand lopped of (cut off), how is he or she going to work and earn a living. And what if the person was framed (easy to happen as there need only be 2 - 4 muslim witnesses - people can be paid to do so). Non Muslims are even worse - they cannot be witnesses even if Muslims commit crimes against them as they need Muslim witnesses to vouch for them. So Non Muslims beware! We should vote out PAS Taliban-turbaned people - let them stay religious without political power - TOO DANGEROUS FOR ALL!!!  

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