Saturday, July 9, 2011

Old Malaysia Is Gone! Long Live New Malaysia!

Old Malaysia Is Gone! Long Live New Malaysia!

By batsman

Saturday 9th July 2011 signals a landmark in Malaysian history. The old Malaysia of corruption, cronyism, abuse of power and arrogance of UMNO is on the way out!

9th July 2011 ushers in a new dawn!

As a consequence of the tsunami of 2008, AAB was kicked out as President of UMNO. He was seen as too weak and too compromising. He was seen as allowing the situation to get out of hand by UMNO warlords.

On 9th July 2011, the hysterical response of strongman and UMNO warlord NTR in suppressing democratic rights of the rakyat in a brutish crackdown on a Bersih 2.0 peaceful demonstration for electoral reform has drawn not only revulsion of the people of Malaysia but international condemnation.

It now seems that neither the diffidence and weakness of AAB nor the brutality and strong-arm tactics of NTR offers any solution to the problems of Malaysia. The birth of a new Malaysia and true Malaysian nationalism cannot be stopped anymore.

The narrow racist Malay nationalism of UMNO is being cast into the dustbin of history. Malaysians cannot be divided anymore into quarreling races and religions. Malaysia is being reborn as a true nation with a united people of all races and all religions.

Although it is still not the end of problems and corrupt crooks will still try their best to kill off new Malaysia, there is a new awareness of true Malaysian nationalism.

Long Live New Malaysia!

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