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Umno/BN commiting treason, threathening national security

Large Scale Movement of Dubious Voters by Air Transport from Sabah and Sarawak to Peninsula Malaysia

Posted on May 2, 2013

many-colours-one-dreamAmaranPress statement released by Anwar Ibrahim at a press conference earlier today
This morning, I will be disclosing information and findings regarding the sudden surge in the arrival of dubious individuals on chartered flights since April 25th. These are foreign nationals as well as Malaysians from Sabah and Sarawak who have been flown in to Peninsula Malaysia.
We have also received information that there has been a sudden surge in the arrivals of foreign workers from Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan and Myanmar through Bukti Kayu Hitam as well those from Indonesia through Port Kelang and other coastal entry points.
The timing of this surge in arrivals and its sheer size raises naturally raises the question of whether they have been transported here surreptitiously to vote in favour of Barisan Nasional.
We also received information that these flights were made at the instruction of the Prime Minister’s Department and made through a letter signed by a minister.   The facts that we have established so far are:
  1. The number of these     flights, as many as 16 per day from East Malaysia primarily departing from     Kuching and Kota Kinabalu as well as Sandakan, Miri and Sibu, with some     flights using jumbo jets. The number of charter flights per day is more     than even the number of charter flights during the Haj season.
  2. Based on our calculations,     as many as 4,500 people are being transported via the in-bound flights     into KLIA each day. This has been taking place each day with the exception     of May 1st, since April 25th.
  3. This means at least 40,500     dubious individuals have and are still entering via this method of     chartered flights via KLIA.  This     does not include foreign nationals who are being moved through land routes     and seaports or other airport facilities such as LCCT.
  4. The points of arrival of     these flights have been KLIA Sepang as well as Bayan Lepas and Senai. We     also have information that military aircraft (C130 Hercules) are being     used to bring in these phantom voters to land in smaller airports such as     Batu Berendam and Ipoh.
  5. We have credible     documentary evidence that these groups of foreign nationals are being     transported from the airports to various sequestration points within     Selangor/Kuala Lumpur and the other affected states using transport     provided by various government agencies as well as charted bus operators;
We believe that the Election Commission in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office, and the involvement of a number of other agencies are involved in this operation. We now demand answers to the following questions from the relevant parties:
  1. Can     the Inspector General of Police and the Chief of the Armed Forces assure     us that the Royal Malaysian Police and Malaysian Armed Forces are neutral     professionals and are not involved in a plot to keep Barisan Nasional in     power? Can both of them confirm that their intelligence personnel are not     involved in orchestrating the movement of these dubious people?
  2. Can     the Chief of Armed Forces explain if the various Territorial Army (Askar     Wataniah) camps have been used as accommodation centers for these dubious     individuals?
  3. Can     the Director General of Immigration explain the role of the various depots     in Lenggeng, Sepang and Semenyih in providing accommodation these foreign     phantom voters?
  4. Can     the Director General of the National Registration Department explain     whether foreign workers in the Sepang Formula 1 Circuit and  KLIA have been given Malaysian identity     cards?
We warn the Election Commission and its cahoots that there are many patriotic Malaysians in the various security agencies, airlines and airport employees who are angry and upset that the sovereignty of the country is being compromised. These patriots are monitoring and documenting all the suspicious movements groups of individuals. We have video recordings, photographic evidence and documents to support our claims. We also have the flight schedule of these chartered flights.
We want to warn the current Barisoan Nasional caretaker government not to deny Malaysians their democratic rights to vote freely and fairly. They should also not exploit powerless and marginalized foreign nationals or Malaysians for their goal of staying in power.
I also call upon Malaysians to document all evidence of the inflow of these imported voters. Take photos or videos of their movements. For those have in any way been involved in this operation, please forward to us the evidences that you have. We must protect the sovereignty of the rakyat.
Finally, we urge every single voter who loves Malaysia to come out to take control of our destiny by voting and not let the BN steal our election by using these dubious voters. If Pakatan Rakyat, Insyallah, is given the mandate by the rakyat, we will declare 6th May 2013 a national holiday to allow Malaysia to return home after the voting exercise.
We must overwhelm these imported voters with our high turnout to ensure our dignity and sovereignty. Let us exorcise this country from the demons of BN and the Election Commission.
Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim
2 May 2013

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