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The actual Malay dilemma


The actual Malay dilemma

AUGUST 16, 2013
Zan Azlee
Zan Azlee is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, New Media practitioner and lecturer. He runs Fat Bidin Media
It seems that one of the big discussions amongst Malaysians at the moment is if we are actually getting too sensitive. This is because of the "offence" that we have been taking over all kinds of issues.
First of all, there was the Alvivi case where this idiotic Chinese couple took a picture of themselves eating bak kut teh which they spread online and offended the Malays in the country.
Then there was the case of a Malay woman making a video with her pet dogs which caused a stir and offended the Malays in the country.
After that, an owner of a private resort allowed a group of Buddhists to meditate in a room which was also allocated as a surau. And this offended the Malays in the country.
At a first glance, I can see the reason why many people are starting to think that Malaysians are actually getting too sensitive for their own good.
But at a second glance, I think I'm beginning to see a trend here. Can you see it? It seems like those who constantly get offended happen to be Malays.
Sure, they constitute about 60% of the country's population. But it would still be unfair to extrapolate and conclude that Malaysians as a whole are becoming too sensitive.
What about the remaining 40% of Malaysians? The Chinese, Indians, indigineous groups and the "dan lain-lain" are as equally Malaysians as well.
I know I always try my best to stay clear of categorising issues according to racial lines since I believe that we need to be blind towards racism for it to cease to exist.
But in this context and situation, I can't help but ask the question, why are Malays in Malaysia becoming too overly sensitive over things (petty things, if I may add)?
And from my own humble observations, I see the problem as being a mind problem. And this mind problem can further be broken down into different elements.
Firstly, Malays seem to have a degenerating sense of humour. Many people would feel that it is healthy to learn to laugh and not take ourselves too seriously. But not the Malays.
Secondly, there is a possibility that being the dominant race in Malaysia (like the whites in America), Malays have developed a holier-than-thou-God-complex.
Over the years, they have basically evolved into thinking that they are the best and elite, and when something threatens this thought, they get all mental and cuckoo.
Thirdly, and most probably finally, it could be narrow-mindedness and the degeneration of knowledge and understanding of all kinds of issues.
Only those who are ignorant and lack knowledge and understanding can actually react as ridiculous, paranoid, over the top, over dramatic and "poyo" as how the Malays have reacted.
Look at yourselves. Look what have you become. Are you proud of the fact that the rest of Malaysian society (and the world!) look at your community as a bunch of crazies?
Can't you see that you are being played and made a fool of by your own people? And these are your own people who confess to be your leaders and are apparently protecting your interests?
All they are doing is pitting you against your fellow Malaysians so that they can protect their own interests and their own positions of power.
It is not that hard to realise what is actually going on. Open your eyes and your minds to everything that is happening and connect the dots. This is the actual Malay dilemma. - August 16, 2013.

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