Thursday, September 26, 2013

1 malaysia , 2 Bibles

Subject: National Anthem

Marina Mahathir on the National Anthem..... 

Marina Mahathir on Negara Ku.....Interesting!!

She really made a very good point here, read on!

A comment posted on Marina M's blog in response to an article on the issue.......
Some self-appointed defenders of Islam including the chief of "1Malaysia " have insisted that Catholics should use "Tuhan" instead of "Allah" to address the Catholic or Christian God. But in the national anthem, "Tuhan" (not "Allah") bless the country (...Tuhan  kurniakan...).   
How now ?!!. If Malay-Muslims are that easily confused as portrayed by
 some politicians, they must be thinking that Malaysia is blessed by the Catholic/Christian God, and the Muslim God "Allah" is perpetually on leave. Perhaps, this confusion may cause the government to change the national anthem by replacing "Tuhan" with "Allah" But then again,  non-muslims will not be allowed to sing the national anthem. Then it would be non-muslims turn to be confused.....!!

If this issue goes to the courts, even the judges will get kepala pening...!!
So much for "1 Malaysia "!.  Malaysia Boleh!   There are 2 Allahs in Malaysia.....!?! 

What a joke....Absurd Triviality of M'sian Leaders and this is pretty funny and confusing.....!!

Nazri now says "Allah" OK for East  Malaysia !
Here are  some funny bloggers' comments. We can laugh to keep our sanity in this crazy country !  

Blogger  A:

Let me try to understand  what Nazri means:
 If you are an East  Malaysian Christian residing in East Malaysia,  you can use the word 'Allah'. But if you are a West Malaysian Christian residing in West Malaysia, you cannot use the word 'Allah'. If you are an East Malaysian Christian working in West Malaysia, you cannot use the  word 'Allah'. However, if you  are a West Malaysian Christian working in East Malaysia, it is alright to use the  word  'Allah'. But if you are either East Malaysian or  West Malaysian Christian on a plane that has just taken off from East Malaysia to West  Malaysia , you cannot use the word 'Allah'. Similarly if you  are either East Malaysian or West Malaysian Christian on a plane that has just taken off from West Malaysia towards East Malaysian, you now can start using the word  'Allah'...!!! 

Blogger B:

Welcome to 1 malaysia ,  2 Bibles  

Blogger C

Welcome to 1 Malaysia , 2 Allahs (East M'sia & West M'sia)

Blogger  D:

In-flight announcement  before take-off in East Malaysia. "Ladies & gentlemen, please fasten your seat belt; put your seat upright and leave your "Allah" behind..... we're going to West Malaysia yeah !" 

Blogger  E

Can the Christian  Sabahans and Sarawakians in the Peninsular, of whom there are many, not use the word Allah here? Does that not sound  idiotic?  Whenever someone in the  Peninsular uses the word "Allah", do we have to check his IC to confirm if he is an authorised user? Christians all over Malaysia were told to pray even harder so that  
the word ALAMAK is not banned. Christians now worry that UMNO-BN leaders would think ALAMAK is the mother of GOD !!   I cannot understand how we can become so STUPID....!?!

Religious scholars in Jakim, etc, in Malaysia think they are like all-knowing, all-powerful beings dictating what religious words can and cannot be used -
Malaysia BOLEH!!!

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