Monday, September 30, 2013

3D printing wacky things

7 whacky things made by 3D printing

byt207  Fabrics: In an attempt to make needles and threads obsolete, designers from ‘Freedom of Creation’ developed 3D printed fabrics for the very first time.

byt21 6  Cars: Ecologic, a 3D design firm, has started constructing 3D cars named ‘Ubree’ that are strong as steel but half the weight.

byt225  Bionic limbs: Recently scientists successfully 3D printed actual living human kidneys, ears, nose etc. This is expected to revolutionize organ translates

byt234  Chocolates with face impressions: Want to see what happen if someone bites off your face? Now you can. Just print your face on chocolates. Bon Appétit!

byt243  Face Replicas: Recently a cancer patient got a new face that was printed out from a 3D printer. Cloning at it’s best!

byt252  Fetus: If you think ultrasound photos are too mainstream, than this is what you should be trying out. Warning though! It might cost you a small fortune (Roughly $1250).

byt261  A 3D printer itself: Yes! There were some grad students, crazy enough to make a functioning 3D printer out of a 3D printer. Anyone getting any ‘Inception’ vibes?

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