Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Congrats to Allah’s soldiers

Congrats to Allah’s soldiers

June 24, 2014
Sabah and Sarawak Christians should celebrate too, for they can now see BN's true colours.
perkasaBy Yeo Bee Yin
This must be a happy time for those of you who think you have won a war for Allah.
First of all, I would like to congratulate Perkasa and other NGOs who have screamed, shouted, and threatened Malaysians who disagreed that Allah should be exclusive to Muslims. Congratulations! You have won your holy war. Go celebrate.
Second, I would like to congratulate the four judges who dismissed the Catholic church’s application for leave to appeal against a decision upholding the government ban against its use of “Allah” as a reference to God. If you made this judgement to protect your own religion, congratulations for sacrificing your professionalism.
Third, I would like to congratulate the Home Ministry, for it was you that filed an appeal against the High Court ruling that the Herald can call on Allah.
Fourth, I would like to congratulate Umno, for you have been successful in engineering the war over Allah to distract Malaysian Muslims from the rising cost of living, your corrupt practices and your inability to govern and lead. Oh, Umno, you are such a political genius.
Fifth, I would like to congratulate the Christians in Sabah and Sarawak, for you can now see the true colours of the organisation that you’ve so enthusiastically supported for the past 50 over years.
As for me, call me whatever, catch me if you like, charge me if you can, I will continue to believe and stand on the principle that everyone in this country is given by the Federal Constitution the liberty to practise his or her own religion and to express himself or herself. By the principle of natural justice and liberty, Allah should never be exclusive to any particular group of people.
To my fellow Malaysians who are Bahasa Malaysia speaking Christians, remember this: They may take “Allah” away from the Herald, but they can never take God away from your heart. Be strong and courageous, continue to love and pray for them who persecute you for they know not what they are doing.
God bless Malaysia.and deal with the troublemakers as their folly and evil deserves.
Yeo Bee Yin is the State Assemblywoman for Damansara Utama

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