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SEB bulldozing their way on Orang Asal

SEB bulldozing their way on Orang Asal

 | August 18, 2014
The Orang Asal in Baram have been intimidated and denied their customary land rights and livelihood by the Sarawak Energy Berhad which plans to build a dam in the area.
Sarawak Energy BerhadKUALA LUMPUR: The Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) has denied the Orang Asal information on impact assessment and decision-making process in their bid to build the Baram dam, Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalayasia (JOAS) president Thomas Jalong said today.
“The SEB used compulsion tactics to hold the local residents to ransom,” Jalong told reporters here today.
Save Sarawak Rivers Network (SAVE) chairman Peter Kallang said the consultants employed by the SEB had used undemocratic means against the Orang Asal.
The event was held to release a report on the Baram dam Social Economic Impact Assessment Process carried out by JOAS, SAVE, Suara Rakyat Malaysia and International Rivers.
The fact-finding mission also revealed that the Kayans, Kenyah and Penan families living along the Baram river were denied the rights to information on impact assessment, decision-making, development planning and self-determination.
The SEB is also accused of denying the customary land rights and livelihood of the local Orang Asal.
The report will be submitted to the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) .
The Baram dam project is part of a bigger development initiative, the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (Score), is being stalled due to two blockades by the local community.
Three other hydroelectric projects – Batang Ai, Bakun, and Murum dams in the past also highlighted the violations of rights of the Orang Asal as well as the sub-standard living conditions of the displaced residents.

What is wrong with thw Sarawak govt. - How many dams do they want?
The Bakun dam is already faulty, so is the Murum dam. And they want to sellto sell electricity to West Malaysia before the Bakun dam was finished long ago - LOOK at IT NOW!!!
The state is not exactly an industrial hub!
Displacing the indigenous people from their NCR lands is very disturbing.

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