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Let us not play God.

Let’s not play God in preserving our religion

December 8, 2014
Allowing for warnings on Bibles against propagating one’s faith to
Muslims is one of gross hostility.
J D Lovrenciear
Azmin bible 300The Menteri Besar of Selangor
is reported as calling for calm
and appealing to the media
not to politicise the stamping
episode on the Bibles by JAIS
despite the Christians feeling
deeply hurt by this atrocious
‘red’ stamping on their Holy
Books.What do Christians do?
Bury theirgrievances and grave
concerns andkeep smiling?
Why do our vanguards and authorities keep taking certain actions that do not
even satisfy common sense?
In the first place, if Christians are to be told not to use the Holy Bibles to
propagate their faith to Muslims, is there no other affirmative and assured
means to do so?
Why not issue an official letter together with the return of the Bibles, reminding
Christian leaders of the legal consequences should they propagate their faith to
 Muslims? Why take the holy book of another’s faith and brandish a warning
stamp on it?
Does JAIS not know nor recognise the sacredness of the holy books of every
faith? And it is the same too for Islam, is it not?
Pray tell us, is there any other government or government-sanctioned religious
authority in the world today that does the same – deface and desecrate Holy
Books or even stamp warnings on it?
Or are we adamantly going to argue that stamping the holy books of another
faith is not desecration nor defacement but a necessary act to protect another’s
religion? And if that is what it is all about, then it is an insult to all the devout
and inspired followers of Islam.
Would it not be more responsible, self-regulating and honourable to get the
Christians to print their Holy Books with a caption “NOT FOR MUSLMS”?
Are these questions now deemed “political”? Or should we not utter these as
it may be conveniently be deemed seditious?
Honourable and virtuous Muslims must stand up and come forward in defence
of their faith. By allowing the defacement of the Holy Bibles, the message sent
out deliberately or inadvertently, is one of gross hostility.
Islam would never have grown if not for a sense of freedom of religion unique
to the human species. Likewise, none of the other religions would be around past
these centuries if not for that same deeply rooted human sense of freedom to worship,
adore and submit to the Almighty Creator.
Ultimately man-made laws cannot guarantee, nurture and protect the Word of God or
His message for humanity.
Do we Malaysians think that all of man’s laws can fight against and provide security
for one’s religion on its own merits? If we do, we are indeed most blinded by extremism.
Let us not play God. A moderate nation in the making does not behave in such a manner,
unless of course we have already pledged to be an extremist nation.
Hopefully, the very man who spoke as the prime minister of the nation on the
retention of the Sedition Act will now speak up for all Malaysians as the world is
J D Lovrenciear is an FMT reader
Let us not play God. A moderate nation in the making does not behave in such a 
manner, unless of course we have already pledged to be an extremist nation. -  
WELL SAID - those who play God have put themselves in the seat of God, 
May GOD judge such people as their folly and evil deserves!!!

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