Unprofessional Police force - Malaysia

Police barricade KLCC as protest march nears

 | March 28, 2015
Tian Chua, Mat Sabu wave from police station while crowd marches towards
wedding reception.
KUALA LUMPUR: Police set up barricades around Kuala Lumpur City Centre
this evening to prevent a demonstration by hundreds of demonstrators
protesting against prime minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor,
whose daughter marks her wedding with a reception there tonight.
The protesters had paraded through central Kuala Lumpur today in a festive
mood, chanting protest slogans while conducting a mock wedding march
complete with “bunga mangga” and a traditional bridal song.
Along the way from Sogo to KLCC, they halted briefly outside Dang Wangi
police station and were cheered by detained opposition MPs Tian Chua and
Mohammad Sabu who were arrested this morning.
They were among those who had been slated to lead the march, held every
week in protest against the jailing of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, as
well as other grievances such as the impposition of the Goods and Services
Tax beginning on Wednesday.
Tian Chua and Mat Sabu were seen waving from the windows of the district
police headquarters as the protestors chanted “Free the detainees” before
breaking into song, Malaysiakini reported.
Along the way, the protesters had chanted slogans against the GST, demanded
the release of Anwar Ibrahim, the resignation of the Inspector-General of Police
for ordering arrests of rally organisers under the Peaceful Assembly Act, and of
politicians and activists under the Sedition Act. “Tolak GST”, “Undur IGP”
and “Bebas Anwar” were heard, as well as the traditional “Reformasi”.
The protesters also sang a parody version of the traditional wedding song
“Selamat Pengantin Baru” which they dedicated to Nooryana, daughter of
prime minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor, whose wedding
reception is being held at KLCC later tonight.
Among those present at the rally were Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad of
PAS, PKR Youth deputy chief Dr Afif Bahardin, Bayan Baru MP Sim
Tze Tzin, poet A Samad Said, Bersih chairman Maria Chin Abdullah, Jingga
13 leader Fariz Musa and activist Mandeep Singh.
The police should allow this protest to occur and not do the whims of 
the PM and his wife Rosmah.
If this were a truly democratic country with a professional and 
independent police force this protest would be allowed t take place.
There are violent and hardcore criminals to go after - WHY 
just to barricade the road!!
The IGP should RESIGN as he not professional arresting so many 
citizens on what is of FREEDOM OF SPEECH :so-called offences' 
- just doing the politicians wishes and commands - THIS IS SICKENING!


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