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Pick Ku Li, not Muhyiddin

Pick Ku Li, not Muhyiddin, Ariff Sabri tells Dr M

 | April 27, 2015
Don't choose the best of the worst to replace Najib, says the Raub MP.
kuli muhyiddin ariff sabri
PETALING JAYA: Raub MP Ariff Sabri has pleaded with former premier Mahathir
Mohamad not to pick “the best among the worst” as replacement for Prime Minister
Najib Abdul Razak.
In his latest blog entry, Ariff expresses fear that Mahathir may endorse Deputy
Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin or anyone else from the current hierachy of
Umno leaders. He says the best person from Umno to take the Prime Minister’s
 job is party veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.
Referring to the DPM’s tenure as Johor Menteri Besar and reports alleging that
he sold plenty of land to Chinese businessmen, he says Muhyiddin has left a
record that is not much better than Najib’s.
“He smells nice because he hasn’t become PM. His wife smells nice because
she’s not yet a PM’s wife.”
Ariff cautions his readers against being “mesmerised” by Mahathir.
“Mahathir is not showing us a way out if he endorses Muhyiddin,” he says.
“If he wants to save Malaysia, he must propose a leader who has integrity
and who commands the respect of the many. Unfortunately, although there
is such a person in Umno, it looks as if he is deeply hated by Mahathir. If
he truly wants to save Malaysia, Mahathir should endorse Tengku Razaleigh
Hamzah. He may not be in the Umno leadership hierarchy, but extraordinary
situations call for extraordinary measures.
“I believe Tengku Razaleigh can restructure the governance of Malaysia with
the kind of inclusive politics that the opposition parties will commit
themselves to.”
Ariff sees “no way” in which Barisan Nasional can govern Malaysia. “All
the BN parties have lost their credibility,” he says. “Umno does not have
the trust of the Malays. The Chinese have rejected MCA. Indian support
for Indian leaders in DAP is greater than their support for the MIC Indians.
This is the truth. Like it or not, learn to accept it.”
He says Malaysians want leaders who are “honest, trustworthy and capable,
not the one-eyed among the blind. I say, let’s forget Muhyiddin Yassin.”
Referring to Mahathir’s attacks on 1MDB, Ariff says the former PM was not
raising much that is new, but repeating what opposition figures like Tony Pua
and Rafizi Ramli have “ferociously” been saying.
“The Umno people are pretending not to comprehend this financial scandal
because it involves their leader. Their responsibility is not to the nation, but
to their leader.”
Ariff calls for honesty on Mahathir’s part, implying that the former PM knows
there’s no one in Umno’s current leadership hierarchy who is fit to be Prime
“Who in Umno’s hierarchy will Mahathir promote as Najib’s replacement?
Surely, it’s not Muhyiddin, who has his own financial scandal. I hope not.
“Surely it’s not the grandson of Onn Jaafar, who is so caught up with his
computer games that he goes to his office only in the afternoon. His little
success in handling the MH370 disappearance cannot erase his failure in
handling the Suluk incursion into Sabah.
“Khairy Jamaluddin? KJ is a gone case. He’ll be cut down by Umno veterans
even before he speaks. He failed to answer Lim Kit Siang’s question about
how he became the richest jobless person in Malaysia. Until today, the Inland
Revenue Board still has questions about his income. KJ is known only as the
minister who keeps planting grass at the Bukit Jalil stadium. He fails even in that.
“Shafie Apdal? He’s a non-starter.
“The reality is that Umno is bankrupt of leaders. Malaysia has no future if it
depends on Umno with its current leadership hierarchy. The only person it can
depend on is outside the traditional hierarchy.”
Yes, I agree Ku Li is the most preferred one to be the next PM. Let all Malaysians pick him to be the PM now!

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