Saturday, May 9, 2015

The END of N. Korea dynastic communist RULE

Pyongyang, North Korea (CNN)North Korea has carried out a successful underwater test of a ballistic missile, the North Korean state news agency reported.
Leader Kim Jong Un oversaw the test himself, KCNA reported on Saturday (Friday evening, ET).
A submarine launched the missile at a location far from the North Korean mainland, according to the news agency.
Kim praised the test as a "miraculous achievement" and said his country is capable of producing this type of missile. This missile was a "time bomb which will go off on the backs of our hostile enemies at any time," he added, the KCNA report said.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un praised the test as a "miraculous achievement," according to KCNA.
Such rhetoric, while alarming on its face, is not unlike Kim's pronouncements after missile tests in the past.
    North Korea has already allocated a significant portion of its budget to the military, and Saturday's announcement does not necessarily signify a ramping up of military efforts.
    Also Saturday, a South Korean defense ministry official said North Korea had fired three ship-to-ship missiles from the sea near North Korea's eastern city of Wonsan.
    No other details were available as of yet, the official said. The missiles were fired in an hour-long window Saturday afternoon local time (between 3:25 and 4:23 a.m. ET.)
    The ship-to-ship missile fired is known as KN-01 in South Korea.
    News of the latest missile firings come one day after North Korea threatened to attack,without warning, any South Korean naval ships that entered disputed waters west of the Korean Peninsula.
    South Korea responded by threatening to retaliate if North Korea carries out any acts of aggression.
    The END of N. Korea dynastic communist RULE is at hand. The people of N. Korea can be freed of oppression, deprivation, suffering and injustices. 
    How can a mere man be invoked with 'godlike status'. Blasphemy - 3 generations of it. The sins of the fathers falling upon the son. Evil and Wickedness abounding with no respite.     

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