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Malays, Orang Asal will not fare any worse under PR

Kadir: Malays, Orang Asal will not fare any worse under PR

 | June 19, 2015
Kadir Jasin says the Indians and Chinese will be the driving force in any new government in Putrajaya.
kadir jasin PKR Putrajaya
KUALA LUMPUR: The topic on everybody’s lips since the 12th General Election
in 2008, when the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) lost the coveted two-thirds majority
in Parliament, has been what will become of Malays and Muslims when Umno is
driven out of power. “That doesn’t mean that Pakatan Rakyat, or any alternative
Opposition, was strong enough to seize power in Putrajaya but that the people are
turning against Umno/BN.”
Umno has been synonymous with Malays and Muslims for so long. “The 2008 loss
has been made worse by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in the last General
Election, the 13th, in 2013.”
A veteran newsman, Kadir Jasin, braves himself to answer the Malay/Muslim
question in his latest blog posting but concedes “it’s a long story for starters.”
“The Opposition coming to power in Putrajaya will be very popular because
they will go after wrongdoers in Umno/BN and bring them to justice. At the
same time, they will focus on the Malays, Muslims and Orang Asal first before
accommodating the demands of the Chinese in business and Indians in the
The Indians and Chinese, he stressed, will be the driving force in any new
government in Putrajaya. “This will be seen when they are accommodated in
the government sector and Umno/BN’s policies based on using proxies are
abolished. Only genuine business people will be accommodated.”
“Islam, Malay culture, customs and traditions will be left to the sultans as we
can see from the experience in Selangor and Perak under the Opposition.”
Likewise, the offer of autonomy to Sabah and Sarawak will win the support of
the people in the two territories for a new government in Putrajaya.
Briefly, the Malays and Muslims will not fare any worse under a Pakatan
Rakyat Government in Putrajaya while the country as a whole will be better
off, ventures the former New Straits Times Group Editor in Chief. “The smart
Malays will do better under a new government. For the fate of the other Malays,
just look at Selangor, Penang and Kelantan under Pakatan.”
“The country will do well with less corruption, no abuses and leakages since
the politics and economy will be better administered. Pakatan will claim credit
here when they can as a result pay everyone better.”
The Chinese will exert their economic strength, said Kadir in looking into his
crystal ball, while Indian professionals will further excel in their various fields.
“The Malays can still use their numbers as leverage to drive home their advantage
 here and make themselves count under a new government.”
Pakatan, in short, will not be able to treat Malays and Muslims and Orang Asal
as stepchildren and get away with it, if they want to continue to rule at least for a
time and ensure peace and harmony in the country in the meantime. “No
government can afford to ignore the Malays, Muslims and Orang Asal.”
“They not only have the numbers but they are growing at a faster pace than the
Indians and Chinese and this will count in the end.”
The Malays, Muslims and Orang Asal will continue to be persuaded with the
same sweeteners that Umno/Barisan Nasional (BN) used in their government,
he laments. “This is already happening in Selangor, Penang and Kelantan except
they are using different approaches from Umno/BN.”
“Under Pakatan in Putrajaya, the Malays, Muslims and Orang Asal in the
government sector can be persuaded with sweeteners just as the Umno/BN tried
to do. Many in this sector are still poorly paid. Better subsidies, and payments like
BR1M, can help win their hearts and keep their loyalty. The poor of all communities
will benefit from these sweeteners.”
The Malay, Muslim, Orang Asal group, he stressed, will continue to enjoy the
protections afforded them in the Federal Constitution under the constitutional monarchy.
Agreed, whoever takes over the govt. has to be pleasing the citizens, But if the Opposition takes over, there will be much less corruption and racism, therefore the people financial burdens will be less 

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