Sunday, June 28, 2015

Xavier a scapegoat for 1MDB???

Xavier’s wife and baby that NST cropped out

 | June 28, 2015
Sarawak Report shows a different side to Xavier Justo from the black picture in NST account
KUALA LUMPUR: Photographs of PetroSaudi executive Xavier Justo’s family life
published by the Sarawak Report blog show a different picture of the man from the
black account carried by the Umno-controlled New Straits Times on Thursday.
The newspaper had published what it called an exclusive report, since widely
criticised, of the Swiss national blamed for leaking company correspondence and
emails about PetroSaudi International. The company was once a joint venture
partner of 1Malaysia Development Bhd which was later dissolved.
The front-page report ran with a photograph of a bare-chested and tattoed Xavier
Justo. What the New Straits Times failed to reveal, it appears, was Justo’s wife
and baby boy, who were both in the photograph. It had apparently taken from
Justo’s Facebook account.
Sarawak Report, however, published the full family photo, in a report under the
headline “It’s all lies about Xavier”, and asked in a caption: Why did
NST “selectively edit” out Xavier’s wife and family from this picture?”
The report said Mrs Justo and their nine-month-old son had left for a family
holiday in Switzerland shortly before Justo was arrested by Thai police based on
a complaint by PetroSaudi, in what Sarawak Report said was an orchestrated
attempt to defame him.Sarawak Report also published a photograph of a beach
property which the couple hadbought, intendeding to run it as a holiday resort.
The NST had described Justo as leading “a hedonistic lifestyle” in Koh Samui
island, the popular Thai holiday destination, which the NST called “an exclusive
tropical island”. The NST also described him as “living the good life” sharing
an eight-bedroom luxury villa with his new, young wife.
It said his social media presence gave a glimpse of “the mansion in paradise,
the swimming pool, the tennis courts and the tattoed poses on Harley-Davidson
motorcycles”.However, Sarawak Report showed him training for the gruelling
Ironman competition(which involves running, swimming and cycling) and
posing with a bicycle. It alsopublished photographs of Justo with his pregnant
wife and holding his young son.It said a “web of lies” had been spun about
Justo in order to mislead Malaysian public opinion.
Are influential people in Malaysia inciting Thai authorities to frame Xavier.

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