Sunday, July 5, 2015

I support youth group’s call for alternative government

I support youth group’s call for alternative government

JULY 5 — Ramadan blessings to our vocal Malaysian youths — figurehead for reforms in the country.
I write in response to the call by a group of Malaysian youths wanting “an Alternative government” — representing 146 names, dated July 2, 2015.
Their comments were reminiscent of Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana's “The Strong Battlecry” [Semboyan yang Tegas] — representing backgrounds which are diverse and multicultural; yet clearcut in their demands for a just, united, prosperous and harmonious Malaysia.
I observe the three specific demands — ranging from a new workable coalition representing the people's aspirations; a firmer working relation between parties in such a coalition; as well as truly inclusive in identity. Such demands, however demanding in nature — especially given the undemocratic and hostile political climate in the country — are surely challenging to implement. But they are not impossible.
The demands are akin to a battle cry; emerging hot in the heels of the grievances of the rakyat.
Grievances — which are represented through the seemingly never ending scandals affecting Malaysia — with worldwide coverage that leaves the government with nowhere to hide.
From the beleaguered image of Tabung Haji, the erosion of trust in MARA's accountable legacy, and the crippling 1MDB scandal; continuing persecution against dissent — marked through the imprisonment of our former opposition leader; detention of embers of parliaments, academicians to the UKM 13 students plagued by water shortage — these instances further widen the gap between optimism and downright despair for Malaysia's future.
These mammoth scandals and wastage are especially painful when combined with the daily economic woes of the average Malaysian — who currently face a staggering 146 per cent of household debt per GDP, beating American and British figures; and the average Bumiputera having a meagre median financial asset of RM1; further compounded by the new GST regime faces inflationary pressures which will only worsen with time.
We must save Malaysia.
As such, I support this initiative made by these young voices. Such voices represent the stirrings from the future seven million youths — the voting block for the next elections.
Let our meeting take place. Let us move to seize the zeitgeist for Malaysia.
* Nurul Izzah Anwar​ is Member of Parliament for Lembah Pantai and vice president and elections director of Keadilan
We support youth group’s call for alternative government before its too late and this nation becomes like Greece ending in bankruptcy.

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