Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stop Malaysia from becoming a ‘Banana Republic’

Stop Malaysia from becoming a ‘Banana Republic’

July 23, 2015
Band together to fight misrule and misgovernance and to restore democracy.

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Najib Razak’s warped new version of 
Vision 2020 will see Malaysia as a “Banana Republic” and not the 
developed nation it aspires to be, veteran DAP lawmaker Lim Kit Siang 
warned today.
Lim lamented how Malaysia was rapidly heading towards being a 
failed state under the Najib administration – bereft of all accountability, 
transparency and good governance.
Only in a “Banana Republic”, Lim says, will the prime minister choose to 
remain dumb in the face of allegations that funds of US$700 million 
(RM2.6 billion) were deposited into his personal bank accounts.
Only in a “Banana Republic” will his cabinet, tainted by the same allegation 
of impropriety, choose to remain silent instead of seeking to clear themselves 
of impropriety, malpractices and conflicts of interest.
Only in a “Banana Republic” will a prime minister appoint his own subordinate 
officers to investigate him instead of an independent and credible Royal 
Commission of Inquiry comprising members not beholden to him.
Only in a “Banana Republic” will a prime minister be allowed to continue in 
office even as the investigations against him of such enormity are on-going.
Only in a “Banana Republic” will greater weight be given to the lies and 
falsehoods of “soldiers of fortune” and “the dregs of society” at the expense 
of the patriots and upright citizens fighting rampant corruption, socio-economic 
injustices and the collapse of good governance.
Only in a “banana republic” will a Strategic Communications Director himself 
make “strategic errors”.
Only in a “Banana Republic” will parliamentarians and media practitioners 
seeking justice and truth be blacklisted and prohibited from free travel and 
hounded by the authorities for engaging in crimes such as “activity detrimental 
to parliamentary democracy” which are designed to cow and intimidate them.
“Malaysia should stop become a laughing stock in the world,” Lim says. It must 
not be allowed to degenerate into a “Banana Republic”.
To that end, Lim called upon the elders in society – those in government service 
and in the private sector – regardless of political and religious affiliation, to come 
forward to speak out against misrule, misgovernance and the violation of the tenets 
of democracy.

Yes, yes, Malaysia is now a “Banana Republic”, a laughing stock in the world - thanks to the current Umno.BN administration. Resorting to using a liar, bankrupt Lester to save them with his blundering videos is also gross stupidity!!! 

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