Friday, September 18, 2015

Zaid blames Umno for degradation of Malay morals

Zaid blames Umno for degradation of Malay morals

 | September 18, 2015
Former law minister blames Umno for willingly turning Malays into “violent rogues” for their own political ends as evidenced during the Red Shirts rally.
PETALING JAYA: The racist rants and violent behaviour of Red Shirts rally goers has alarmed former law minister Zaid Ibrahim who has blamed Umno for willingly encouraging Malays to compromise their morals so leaders like them can achieve their political goals.
Commenting on some of the comments that have been made in the media by Malay leaders about the rally, Zaid said he was “embarrassed by their antics”.
He mentioned their explanation that the phrase “Cina Babi” was not a racial slur and remarked, “I am sure if we were to substitute ‘Cina’ with the name of the Umno President, all hell will break loose.”
He said this showed those in Umno as well as Red Shirt Malays were no longer capable of being normal nor had they any idea what being “fair-minded” meant. “They believe they can say and do things that others are not allowed to.”
He said there was a big difference between Bersih 4’s Yellow Shirts and Wednesday’s Red Shirts and said, “…the Yellows had grievances which many people consider to be legitimate. They protested the conduct of the Government by gathering in remarkable numbers for two days, and they did so peacefully.”
The “Reds”, on the other hand, he said, seemed intent on demanding “a piece of Petaling Street” while “proving” Prime Minister Najib Razak had support. “Unfortunately, they also showed that his supporters are made up mainly of foul-mouthed racists.”
He regretted that Umno was willing to turn Malays into “violent rogues” and added, “They are willing to destroy the character and personality of the Malay community just for their political ends.”
He also condemned as “shameful and pathetic” the silence from religious clerics and remarked, “It seems the moral degradation of Malays has spread to the Islamic clergy as well, thanks to Umno.”
“I am sure these UMNO leaders are capable of orchestrating far more brutal acts of misconduct, violence, immorality, venality and shame,” he said, adding that the only voices of reason were those of former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and former minister Rafidah Aziz.
Asking what sacked deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin and sacked minister Shafie Apdal was doing to save the Malay race from further destruction, after being outspoken about 1Malaysia Development Berhad, he said, “These leaders should start a new movement; it need not be a political one, so long as it speaks for Malays and tells them what is good for them.
“It’s alarming to see how the Red Shirt Malays can’t tell the difference between what’s good for them and what’s good for Najib.”
The END of Umno is nigh! Let's wait and PRAY!

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