Tuesday, October 6, 2015



Written by Iskandar Dzulkarnain

Just as talk is circulating for a ‘safe passage’ package to entice embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak’s to abdicate his untenable position, his continued penchant for getting himself into trouble again at the international front is really uncanny.
If the 1MDB scandal and the RM2.6billion in his personal accounts fail to unseat him, this latest Muslim-Jewish relations fiasco probably will. Until the full reality of what he has done sets in, Najib will still be in a limbo thinking that he managed to pull of an international public relations exercise that will make him look good, on the world stage.
Israeli online newspaper The Times of Israel has praised Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for calling for a new dawn in Muslim-Jewish relations during his speech at the United Nations general assembly in New York on Thursday.
Najib’s call for improvements in Muslim-Jewish relations, which the paper said was a departure from the generally hostile tone taken by previous Malaysian prime ministers against Jews and Israel, and it was notable for a Malaysian leader to speak positively about Judaism and to recognise Israel as a legitimate interlocutor.
And with the rest of the international media ganging up on him, exposing all his corruption, weaknesses, misdeeds and scandals, it is rather surprising that the Israeli media happens to be the one to vouch for him!
Mixed Public reaction and uproar towards the incident
Najib has since denied holding any formal talks with Netanyahu but merely shook hands with the man. So, Malaysian Muslims shouldn’t be embarrassed or take it too personally as it would not bring international shame to the country.
However cushy-ing up with Israel will not go down well with radical Muslims in this country. Many believed in our leaders when they sow hatred towards Israel, so this hand-shake, smile and Najib’s goodwill with praises for each other with the Israeli media lavishing extra praises for our PM will backfire big-time on Najib soon.
Making an international call at the UN meet for Muslim-Jewish ties and a Malaysia-Israel diplomatic relationship is against every precept and tenets that the Umno Government has stood for; ie: the Malay Muslim agenda that centred around the formation of international policies and the core to political posturing locally.
The amount of time dedicated in the House of Parliament to condemn Israel, in mosques, demonstrations outside embassies, the brainwashing to inculcate hatred and despise in our Malaysian children on the evil of the Jews for so long will come to naught if relations return to normal.
So, are the Jews being forgiven by the leader of UMNO despite its hostile legacy and UMNO is now officially the Friend of Jews?
Najib has planned well since most Western nations favor Israel, he has made himself favorable by being friendly to the Israelis, never know when he needs the Western pro Israel people to help him later. Maybe even the Israelis may help escape from prosecution in Malaysia. The world business and politics are either controlled by the Jews or by their supporters,   

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