Friday, November 20, 2015

Caught with the turtle eggs

Just admit or deny eating the eggs, Shahbudin tells Sabri

 | November 20, 2015
The latest pictures in the social media show the shells of an egg on Ismail Sabri’s plate at the recent Umno Sabah dinner function in Sandakan.
shahbudin-husinKUALA LUMPUR: If a Tuesday was the day that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak was supposed to have sued the Wall Street Journal for defamation, for exposing that he received RM2.6 billion in his personal accounts, and many Tuesdays have since come and gone, Thursday can also be considered another day for suing and/or issuing threats to sue, noted a political analyst in his latest blog posting.
“Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir Baharom finally made good his threat to sue Akmal Nasir, the Director of NOW the NGO, over allegations that he misused YaPEIM funds for a trip recently to the US. He wants RM10 million in damages.”
“Now, Minister for Regional and Rural Development Ismail Sabri Yakob has threatened to sue those who are circulating pictures in the social media showing him at an Umno Sabah dinner function in Sandakan, a plate of banned turtle eggs in front of him.”
Shahbudin Husin wonders whether it’s wise for Sabri to carry out his threat considering that there may be other pictures of him out there. “What then? How would it look if he carries out his threat to sue those circulating the pictures? It would look silly if the Minister has to go back and forth from the Court over eating turtle eggs. He would be the subject of laughter in the social media.”
The analyst pointed out that although Ismail Sabri has denied eating the turtle eggs, trotting out a variety of reasons, the Danau Girang Field Centre has uploaded four pictures like those from Walai Penyu Libaran and Dead Turtle. “They clearly show the shells of an egg on Ismail Sabri’s plate.”
“Other pictures show that half the egg on the plate in front of Ismail Sabri had been eaten.”
The question arises, said the analyst, why the Minister did not deny that he had eaten the eggs as evident from a picture showing the shells on his plate. “Instead, he has renewed his threats to sue those who uploaded the picture showing the egg shells on his plate.”
“Wouldn’t this be easy? Just deny or admit. If he did not eat the eggs, the shells of which are on his plate, he should just deny it. It would be enough for him to deny just once, not many times. If he wants to admit, just admit once. There’s no need to go into other issues.”
If Ismail Sabri has genuinely made a mistake, continued the analyst, he should just apologize. It could be taken that he has never eaten turtle eggs in his life, these not being easy to obtain in Kuala Lumpur or even Bera where he comes from. “An open apology for mistakes made would be accepted. It’s a praiseworthy quality for someone to have.”
Shahbudin, referring to the RM50,000 fine and five years jail for eating turtle eggs, ventured that perhaps Ismail Sabri can be forgiven for his mistake and since he openly apologized in public and thereby merit a lighter punishment. “He can claim that he did not know that it was an offence to eat turtle eggs.”
“In addition, in mitigation, he can plead that he didn’t buy the eggs but that they were made available by the sponsors. Perhaps the authorities concerned and the law can go easy on him.”
Shahbudin, revisiting Ismail Sabri’s initial and subsequent takes in the media on the turtle eggs incident, recalled that he had disclosed that he suffers from high cholesterol, was on medication, and had been advised by his doctor to lay off turtle eggs, among others. Ismail Sabri had also been quoted as saying that he doubts that anyone knows that the plate contained turtle eggs. He further claimed that he saw no one eating the eggs, perhaps because he didn’t eat any.
So Sabri thinks he is a Big Shot who can do no wrong and what he does is acceptable!
 Caught with evidence of turtle eggs, still he want to deny AND now wants to SUE - WHAT A LAUGHING STOCK HE IS!!!

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