Monday, December 21, 2015

AG fails M’sians by not charging Ali Tinju for Low Yat fracas

AG fails M’sians by not charging Ali Tinju for Low Yat fracas

Kingfisher: The nature of attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali's strong rebuttal if not outburst with regards to MCA vice-president Chew Mei Fun's pointed reference to his lack of action would leave many with the impression that he is edgy and may be rather hard-pressed in his onerous position as AG.
Especially as the role and responsibility of the position of AG demands a level of integrity that needs to be always demonstrated with clarity and conviction.
He is left with no option but to remain true to his integrity towards the onerous position he holds and this should gain him good esteem in due time if well-deserved.
As it appears the AG and inspector-general of police (IGP) have come under a lot of scrutiny.
Many concerned Malaysians would be of the opinion that the recent European Union resolution on law and practice as it pertains to our country would require a close study by these two office holders in the long-term interests of the nation.
Odin Tajué: Apandi, as a judge and as AG, you have shown yourself to be someone with no moral, no principle, no integrity and no honour at least on one occasion.
You would not charge Mohd Ali Baharom aka Ali Tinju for the simple reason that he is a Malay-Muslim attacking non-Muslim non-Malays, and, as well, his vile action serves to distract the hoi-polloi from the alleged 1MDB scam and PM Najib Razak's apparent complicity in the nefarious schemes.
You are not a civil servant. You are a servant of Umno and Najib.
Discovery: Apandi, you have failed me, your paymaster, miserably. You don't possess the bravery nor the testicular gumption, and you should have known better not to have accepted the AG's post in the first place.
Having accepted the post and did nothing to prosecute Ali Tinju when the evidence of his transgression are clear for all to see shows you are nothing but a coward. You have failed all of us miserably. Period.
Slumdog: Apandi, we are not blaming you for Ali Tinju's actions, we are blaming you for not taking any action against Ali Tinju.
You chose to ignore the damning evidence of him making seditious comments. As an AG you are inept, a disgrace as a lawyer and former judge, and an obvious Umno toady.
Imraz Ikhbal: Yes, we don't blame you for the actions of Ali Tinju. We condemn you for your inaction against him. That’s an abdication of responsibility worthy of public damnation.
Hopeful123: AG, if you have already decided to let Ali Tinju off the hook, any number of video clips will not be sufficient.
Even if you had personally witnessed the incident, you would have say that it is not enough. You know why? Because you have already decided not to take action.
Shibboleth: This is like your wife asking you to fetch some ice cubes from the fridge. You open the fridge and you can't find any.
Of course you can't, because you did not open the freezer door.
Dont Just Talk: IGP Khalid Abu Bakar, peace-loving Malaysians are still waiting patiently for you to take action against Ali Tinju under the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA).
What is taking you so long, unlike when you took action against Bersih leader Maria
Chin Abdullah?
Apandi said that there was a lack of evidence against the ‘butt-shaker’, so send more of your men out into the field to gather additional evidence.
Anonymous 122461436161429: Besides the video which the AG says is not sufficient, there were numerous witnesses who would have heard Ali Tinju’s threats and rant.
What about that evidence, AG? Still not good enough?
Anyway, it is for the judge to decide after hearing the evidence whether it is good enough to convict. Your job as AG is to put that evidence before the court.
The video, coupled with and corroborated by eyewitnesses, was full proof. Don't think they are all stupid and biased like you.
Vijay47: You are the attorney-general of a country and this is the justification you can come out with for your abysmal failure in executing your responsibilities?
You dare talk about being fair? A common thug publicly created a situation of potential racial strife and your defence is to hide behind a video recording?
Apandi, if this is all you are capable of, to whine like a goreng pisang seller, the country would be better off if you simply resigned. And that includes your good friend, the IGP.
We all know that for your services to certain quarters, you will not be sacked though drawn and quartered would be the preferred option.
Worldly Wise: Apandi must act honestly. He must do so all the time and not just some of the time as he is doing now.
The AG should be doing what he has sworn to do, failing which he comes under the wrath of God.
Better he resign now before he is stricken!

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