Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christians slaughtered

Christians slaughtered
The numbers are staggering.
In Iraq and Syria, between 1 and 1.8 million Christians have been slaughtered or displaced.
600,000 Christians have fled for their lives in Syria in just the last four years alone. Iraq's decimated Christian community has dropped from over 1.4 million to merely 270,000 Christians.
Christians are being exterminated. It's genocide.
Yet the Obama Administration refuses to act. Even worse, it is denying Christians critical international legal protections by intentionally excluding Christians from its genocide designation.
If President Obama doesn't call it genocide, he's not legally required to protect Christians. It's horrendous.
If he won't defend Christians, we must. We've filed a critical amicus brief in a major international human rights court to defend Christians from jihadist genocide. Now we're demanding Congress recognize the genocide and protect Christians.
Christians are being slaughtered each and every day. Will you allow this genocide to continue?
Jordan Sekulow


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