Friday, January 22, 2016

Villagers denied subsidies, water tanks for not voting BN

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Villagers denied subsidies, water tanks for not voting BN

 | January 22, 2016
DAP slams bias actions, calls it blatant abuse of power that is tantamount to a criminal act in many democratic countries.
SarawakPETALING JAYA: A group of villagers from Kampung Mentu Tapu, Sarawak has claimed that their village head deprived them of pepper fertiliser subsidies, water tanks and tar-sealed roads due to their political affiliation.
The village falls under the Barisan Nasional-held constituency of Kedup.
In a statement, Abdul Aziz Isa, the Special Assistant to Sarawak DAP Chairman Chong Chieng Jen, labelled these actions as a blatant abuse of power and said it was time to eradicate sadistic and ruthless politics, as well as its culprits.
He also said that in many democratic countries, these abuses were viewed as criminal.
“Why must funds meant for all rakyat be deprived to those who don’t vote for BN?”
He said this when accompanying the group to lodge a report at the One Stop Centre IPD Kuching, and described the abuse of power as an act of “favouritism and injustice”.
BN leaders and supporters, Abdul Aziz said, should know that the allocations came from the taxpayers and therefore, must be returned fairly to the rakyat regardless of their political affiliations.
He then urged the Chief Minister and relevant authorities to investigate this matter.
 These actions are a blatant abuse of power. Who do these prople think they are - god.
May God deal with them as their folly deserves!

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