Saturday, February 13, 2016

Protect Your Family from EMF Pollution

The EMF Basics

The past few years I have measured nearly 100 homes for EMF pollution. Most homes have the same basic issues that are easily solved and will significantly reduce your EMF exposure (particularly microwave radiation). Here are the basic steps, plus the least expensive solutions (they are mostly on Amazon, which I find to be cheaper than stores like Best Buy):
1.) Purchase an “Airtube” headset for your cell phone. Also use speaker phone and “Airplane” mode as often as possible.airtube headset
2.) Replace your cordless phone with a basic wired version like this phone. Be sure to get along phone cord so you can move around in your home if needed. If you must have a cordless phone, this Siemens Gigaset phone does not radiate 24/7 like your current cordless phone (if you put it on “Eco-DECT-Plus” mode). You could even get an ultra-low-EMF phone.
3.) Easily turn your WiFi router off every night with a basic Christmas light timer. I encourage you to move away from using WiFi, but be sure to at least sleep with everything off (this is when your body to restores itself). This Netgear Router has an easy On/Off switch and you can call AT&T or Comcast to have them disable the WiFi on your router. You can also put basic aluminum foil around your router or use a Router Guard for the time being to reduce your microwave exposure during the day.
EMF Wired Laptop4.) Run an Ethernet cable to your laptop from your modem/router. Choose a cable length of 25 feet, 50 feet or 100 feet. I have recommended the Cat-7 cables for better performance and shielding capability. The safest (and fastest) option is fiber optic cable. You will need special adapters though, like this one. The best optical fiber cable (like this one) does not have any copper within it, so it will not act as an antenna and radiate various frequencies into your living environment (like ethernet will). Be sure to turn off the WiFi / Airport functions on your laptop when you use it. I also recommend that you use a wired external keyboard and mouse so you are not directly touching your laptop all day.
5.) If you have a wireless “smart” meter, contact your utility to opt-out. They will replace your meter within a week for a small fee. Encourage your neighbors to do the same. You will be helping your entire community become healthier. If there is no “opt-out” in your area, get a Smart Meter Guard.
6.) Don’t use a wireless DECT baby monitor. If you need a baby monitor, try these safer solutions instead.
7.) If possible, move your bed away from any major electrical boxes or wires in the wall. Also unplug everything in your bedroom at night and – for bonus points – experiment with turning off the circuit breaker to your bedroom at night. Watch how your sleep deepens and your dreams become more vivid. For the best peace of mind, have your home measured by a professional. I explain how to have this donehere.
Blue Light Glasses8.) For extra bonus points and better sleep – try wearing these glasses after sunset. Blue light, which is emitted from all artificial sources such as computer screens and light bulbs, inhibits melatonin production. If you start wearing them around sunset, you will get 2-4 additional hours of melatonin production. This will help you sleep and create a healthy circadian rhythm. Melatonin also rids your body of cancer-causing cells all night. You may not look the best, but you should sleep better! Try this pair if you wear glasses and this pair if you don’t. I also highly recommend that you download the free f.lux software onto your devices. This will also reduce the blue light exposure in the evening hours.
Many people notice that their health improves when they take these steps. Every cell in your body is electromagnetic, so becoming aware of your artificial electromagnetic exposure is one of the most important things you can do. With these steps taken, you can move on to a more comprehensive home EMF consultation.
One of the simplest and most important things you can do is to never again put a cell phone directly to your head.  Three years ago the lawyers of every cell phone company put into their owner’s manual that cell phones should never be within 1/2 inch of your body. What do they know that they are not telling us?

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