Sunday, May 1, 2016

Azmin’s choice of words against S’wak CM is on the DOT!

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Azmin’s choice of words against S’wak CM ‘shocking’

 | May 2, 2016
“This is not your father’s state” remarks are unbecoming of a menteri besar and have done a disservice to Selangor, says PBB’s Supreme Council member Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

PETALING JAYA: Selangor Menteri Be
sar Mohamed Azmin Ali has done a disservice to Selangor and its people with his tirade against Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem, says PBB’s Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.
In commenting on Azmin’s controversial “this is not your father’s state” remark, Karim said it was unbecoming of a menteri besar to resort to uncouth remarks and personal insults.
The Asajaya assemblyman told FMT that he was shocked with Azmin’s choice of words at the latter’s ceramah in Siburan, Sarawak, over the weekend.
“I really did not expect that from a menteri besar. His lack of manners and tact reflect badly on himself and Selangor.
“He is no more just a PKR leader but a state leader as well.
“What kind of example is he setting?”
Karim said Azmin should base his ceramah on ideas and policies rather than personal attacks.
The state assistant youth development and housing minister said Azmin had exhibited the kind of politics which was not welcome in Sarawak.
Karim, a PBB Supreme Council member, also said Azmin’s arrogance in not wanting to appeal over the five-day entry pass showed the latter’s disregard for Sarawak’s autonomy in immigration laws.
Azmin's “This is not your father’s state” remarks is on the DOT! Who does Adenan thinks he is? His father owns the state of Sarawak that he can ban so,so many Opposition people, many are not even involved in extremism. Azmin has voiced out what may M'sians feel about the ban of people. As M'sians - we have the right to visit other states belonging to M'sia. Let the Adenan folly fall on his own head that he believes that BN can win big by restricting Opposition people. Let the Sarawakians vote for Opposition to teach such dictator-like personality a LESSON! The BN is already committing EC offenses like Zahid telling the people that once BN wins the schools get cash allocations - Isn't this bribery/blackmail - WHAT is the EC chief going to do about this? May God deal with him if he does not act against this and other unethical deeds like BRIBERY with cash, BLACMAIL, COERCION, PRESSURE by civil servants upon Indigenous people, etc..... So this Karim, a PBB Supreme Council member, should not lick Adenan' boots!

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