Friday, June 24, 2016

An incompetent ex CEO wants Mueller sacked

Sack Mueller, says former MAS CEO

 | June 24, 2016
Saying Mueller’s MAB staff sleeping claim is due to too much power given to him, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman also demands resignation of MAB board of directors.
Malaysia-Airlines-CEO-Abdul-Aziz-Abdul-RahmanKUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) CEO Christoph Mueller’s outspoken claim that MAB staff are lazy and are always sleeping is the direct effect of excessive executive power granted to him by the MAB board of directors.
“As citizens of this country, we, especially the Bumiputeras, are extremely insulted by the rude remarks made by a CEO who happens to be an expatriate who is paid a salary and allowances amounting to millions of Malaysian ringgit by MAB,” said former Malaysia Airlines (MAS) CEO Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman at a press conference here today.
Aziz, who is the director of Malay Consultative Council (MPM) special committee to save MAS, therefore, wants the MAS board of directors to fire Mueller.. His committee also wants the board members to resign.
He said among the excessive powers Mueller was granted was being able to hire 15 other expatriates to hold important positions in MAB, including Human Resource director.
He added that Mueller had taken no local experts into his senior management team to prove that he had a succession plan in place when his contract expires.
“Having Malaysians working in a government-linked company is important because they have in them the spirit of national development, not just the spirit to make money. And since this is a national organisation, nationals will have more interest in seeing it prosper.”
Aziz also did not spare the MAB board of directors appointed by Khazanah Nasional Berhad (Khazanah).
“The special committee’s view is that Mueller’s rudeness and outspokenness is due to the fact that the MAB board of directors consists of incompetents, the majority of whom had led MAS previously and during their leadership MAS’ performance continued tumbling.”
The special committee is demanding that the board of directors immediately fire Mueller from his post, review the appointment of expatriates and have each of them acquire compulsory approval from the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit.
It also wants all existing MAB board of directors to resign with dignity. If they don’t, the committee intends to send a letter of protest to Khazanah next week.
An incompetent ex CEO of MAS seeking for a competent CEO to be sacked is sick. Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman should shut up as he has failed in his capacity as the man in charge of MAS. Being protective of incompetent or over-staffed workforce is taxing the funds. Overpricing of products and services just so the management people can profit is another blunder - the MACC should look into! With  CEO like that no wonder the GLCs are suffering loss like Proton, Bernas, etc.

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