Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Another of BN iMPs issuing diotic statements


Fuss over Langkawi MP’s comments on who pays his salary

 | June 7, 2016
Angry netizens share Nawawi Ahmad’s comments on Facebook.
PETALING JAYA: Does the salary a Member of Parliament is paid come from the people or the government?
Langkawi MP Nawawi Ahmad claims his salary is not paid by the people but is from the government.
For that comment on Facebook, netizens have been reproducing Nawawi’s quote and posting nasty remarks about him.
“The salaries of MPs are not paid by the people but the government, and the government’s money is not the people’s money.
“Once money has passed on to another quarter, it is no longer our money.
“If the government’s money is really the people’s money, let us attack all government departments to take back our money,” he said in a Facebook comment.
Malaysiakini reported that the MP made this comment when talking about taxes and he mentioned that Denmark could offer free education and healthcare as the income tax there was 40% and sales tax was 25%.
A reader criticised him and reminded him that his salary was paid for by the people.
“This is the reality, not stupidity. How can the government’s money be our money? Nonsense,” said Nawawi.
“The government’s money is the government’s money and our money is our own money.”
Nawawi was also in the news in 2014 when DAP Chairman Karpal Singh died in a car crash. He posted a gruesome picture of Karpal after the accident, attaching Karpal’s “an Islamic state can only happen ‘over my dead body'” newspaper article in Bahasa Malaysia.
He posted a comment: “Who wants to challenge Karpal Singh? Please submit your name.”
He later removed the post and issued an apology, stating it was a careless posting which ignored the sensitivities of Karpal’s family and his supporters.
Another of BN idiotic MPs, issuing such statements - Are they at all educated??? If it is govt. money so that's why the PM and other leaders can take as much as they like since they are the govt. and control the govt. Is this the RULE of the day?

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